Mid Term Elections: Stupidity Trumps Cowardice. 12/29/2014

By Patrick Andendall
PictureThe Winner is…Well at least he’s not a Coward
There is no middle ground between Math and Myth.
So the Democrats lost. I stopped paying close attention to the details of the 2014 midterm election months ago. I am not that motivated to contribute to a loser mentality. But I am going to fight back—with a vengeance. Here is the midterm election problem in a nutshell: Less voter turnout. The Stupidparty disciples are largely aging white guys or evangelicals, most of whom apparently have a confused concept of the teachings of Jesus Christ. These two groups are the most ardent voters and they are evidently not willing or not able to think critically. Cowardly Democrat leaders can run from the President, but they have nowhere to go.

The stupidparty is lacked modern concepts and is not ready to learn and live according to modern value and thinking, they are aging but still have no knowledge about Jesus teaching and keeps reaping wrong thoughts among the young minds. The new generations people are unable to match with old thoughts so fewer voters turn out for voting. Click here Blazing Trader to read more.

What Makes this Cowardice even more egregious is why would you want to run away from a track record that has reduced unemployment in two years rather than four, as Romney planned if he won the 2012 election? Real GDP has increased by almost 30% since February 2009, stocks have risen by over 130% since 2009, the annual deficit has more than halved since 2009, with consumer confidence up over 350%, troops deployed reduced by 83%, and, oh yes, housing has recovered, people’s retirement savings were salvaged, America still has an Auto Industry, and lives and livelihoods are being salvaged as a result of Obamacare. What type of coward would run from that? People who are happy to be bullied—people who will not stand up and be counted. What these cowards can never quite grasp is that contempt for cowardly behavior crosses party lines—it is bipartisan contempt.

We must stop being cowards and stand up to these Stupidparty bullies. It is really easy to do because you are not attacking the Republican Party—that party has been usurped—you are attacking the Stupidparty. They came up with the concept; now we must run with it. What makes this so easy is that we have all the facts, the Math and Integrity to take on this challenge. In fact, I demonstrate that approximately 67% of Stupidparty disciples are no longer thinking critically. I do this with a ton of evidence: Here is a small sample:
1) 49% Believe Acorn stole the 2012 election. PPP 2012. (With no funding, Acorn dissolved in 2010)
2) 65% Believe higher taxes (on people earning >$400,000) impact them. (Pew Jan. 8, ’08)
3) 58% (creationists) Believe the planet to be less than, say, 10,000 years old. (Gallup)
4) 69% (between 2009 and 2011) Refused to believe Global Warming had begun.* (Gallup)

I guess the defining moment for me was when during the Stupidparty 2008 primary debates, a sorry group of mainly unqualified candidates were asked if they believed in evolution.

As I remember it, McCain tentatively held up his hand, saw that no one else was joining in, and resorted to some type of pseudo-, nonscience-based babbling. The fact is, I calculate that only 20% of Stupidparty voters in Red States believe in Evolution. That makes this group twice as absurd as Turkey, which in itself is the only country with a worse track record than the USA on this issue.
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b5/Views_on_Evolution.jpg 2005 Pew Research Center poll

PictureJesus has a chat with Bain Capital
But this is just the tip of the iceberg—how to deal with climate deniers? Perhaps one could simply point out that the only people who really get to have an opinion on this subject are climatologists. Regarding the shrinking tips of icebergs one could ask how is it Mathematically possible all 31 Stupidparty members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce deny the fact climate change exists? More ironically, —how the hell did Michele Bachmann end up on the House Intelligence Committee?

Evangelicals—did Jesus really support guns, war, the 1%, homophobia, racism, misogyny, destruction of the environment? If such a religion must attach itself to politics (80% vote Stupidparty), then they must be judged accordingly—and these faux Christians have as much chance of getting into heaven as a camel passing through the proverbial eye of the needle. The fact of the matter is that Jesus had no interest in meeting the expectation that confronted him—that since he was descended from the royal line of King David, his destiny was thought by many to forcibly overturn the Roman occupation. Clearly, Jesus was closer to Gandhi than Dick Cheney.

In respect to the environment let’s hear what the Pope has to say:
“When we exploit Creation, we destroy the sign of God’s love for us. In destroying Creation, we are saying to God, `I don’t like it! This is not good!’ `So what do you like?’ `I like myself!’ Here, this is sin. Do you see?”
Did anyone actually bother to analyze Romney’s 2012 convention speech in regards to the economy—he had a 5- or was it a 7-point plan that took up a mere 221 vacuous words (out of 4,094) in a remarkably fact-deprived outing. Each one of those plans could have been torn to shreds by a seventh grader from a good school district. But did we attack it for what it was—do we compare it with reality, do we compare it with what has actually been achieved since that speech? Do we even remind the electorate that Romney would have happily destroyed the US Auto Industry, especially so if he and his asset-stripping Gordon Gekko wannabes could strip away worker benefits whilst pocketing the supposed savings. In one short trip to the UK just before the Olympics he successfully united the British public into full-blown hostility towards his imbecilic efforts at diplomacy and stirred the unprecedented on the public record wrath of each leader of the three main parties.

So the Democratic leadership has an almost infinite list of easy targets. Here is a tip: “Never mind the maneuvers, go right at them,” as Lord Nelson would say. Would you like to see how it is done? Well, see this linked video of Al Franken doing the job he was elected to do back in 2009. How many moments like that did you witness during the run-up to the midterms? Well, I was too irritated to watch the train wreck, so I will leave it to you to figure out how many times you witnessed a Democrat take the bull by the horns when it really mattered.

I was recently interviewed on the radio by the host of Jim Brown’s Common Sense. I do not know much about the show, but Brown is billed as “a voice of reason on the national scene.” I believe his shtick is to be a moderate guy holding forth somewhere in the middle—and bravely attempting to do this in the South. It is refreshing to know that some non-hate talk radio might be gaining traction—but it was also awful to note his false equivalence and lack of economic grounding. This is a complaint I would throw at many so-called independents and even progressives. He wanted me to join him in his sycophantic pilgrimage to pay homage to Stupidparty sensibilities, to be seen to be attacking Obama by positing inflammatory theories about the banks, bailouts and bonuses. This is subject I am keen to unload on. And did.
First, the term bailout is inflammatory, as there are better descriptions: the simple fact is that these were loans; in many cases the taxpayers took huge ownership positions in companies in question. In some cases it could be argued the price the government demanded was too high—my suspicion is that Hank Greenberg (of AIG fame) may have some success in his ongoing rather massive lawsuit against the government. Regardless, what never seems to be mentioned is that the taxpayers made out like bandits. Evidently the taxpayers profited by $52 billion.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. I have already noted something that seems to have become invisible—that America still has a viable and in fact robust Auto Industry, plus all the associated businesses, and by the way the economy is improving far faster than in Europe, because the US Government had a better handle on basic Keynesian economics whilst the Germans cling onto the outdated notion of austerity during inflation. Yes, I totally understand that there should be consequences for the institutions that caused the mayhem—but you’ve got to stop saying stupid stuff, because when you do, the slippery fish escape the net. It is stupid to talk about capping or even taxing bonuses. What you have to recognize is that a bonus is simply a part of one’s taxable income. If people are getting outrageous bonuses (which I happen to believe some are), then you deal with that by closing tax loopholes and having an additional tax bracket. One could also look at capital gains and inheritance tax brackets. Maybe if the additional bracket was at $5m (just pulling a number out of thin air), then just maybe we could nullify the following absurd Stupidparty-disciple notion:

65% Believe higher taxes (on people earning >$400,000) impact them. (Pew Jan. 8, ’08)

Back when this question was asked, I estimated that perhaps 0.2% of households would be impacted.

Would it be too much to ask for the Democratic leadership to have some balls? How is this across-the-board ignorance tolerated? I have just touched on a few issues that I discuss in my book.

So in his radio program Jim Brown, and other journalists and centrists who are guilty of spreading this misinformation, this false equivalence—it has only led to more Stupidparty. These supposed centrists, by making such assertions, are only helping one party—the party that cannot stand up in the face of an attack from overwhelming facts. False equivalence, compromising on facts, only helps the Stupidparty. The media and the leaders of the Democratic Party need to understand there no middle ground between Math and Myth. Choose one and be judged accordingly. For by pretending there is a middle ground, you are displaying cowardice.