Oh Deare John –You are the Logical End Game of a Stupidparty Disciple


Now that the story is crystallizing –they are going to say that you are mentally ill. Yes they might have a point – but who are they to throw stones at you, when you are one of them, born and bred out of them. So somewhat crazy people will now call you crazy, try and create a distance, try and pretend that they are not guilty of being part of the same collective consciousness.

They will try and lie, Fox will deny, deny, deny –they will claim the shooting was at a Chase bank. These Roger Ailes bloodhounds, these pseudo journalists will spin so fast that nothing will fall into focus.

For many you are a hero. Others will quietly offer up a prayer of thanks—but most stupidparty disciples will now enter into denial. For what did you do but carry out the agenda of a typical stupidparty disciple. Here they are-out in all their glory. First  they tweet:


Then  they meet  -where else, but on the Fox news website:


You have it all – an aging white cover to cover bible believing, gun toting, troglodyte guy, spiraling ever further down into an intellectual and spiritual death cycle. Everything you believe in has no validity. You are the journey, the future that confronts so many others –who have zero substance or intellect to support their views, thus they must devolve in ever greater isolation, fear, and hate. It is not simply that you hate virtually everyone (who is not precisely as crazy as you) but that you hate yourself –because your whole world view has led to a brick wall, an end of times for you and anyone who happens to get in your way.

You bought guns for security, but they only made you and others  less safe, you read the bible cover to cover, not realizing that much of it is the polar opposite to Christianity, you listen to hate radio ( I assume) you conclude that Obama is ruining the Country (the exact opposite of reality) and by listening to Pro-lifers you became a pro-deather –never realizing that pro-life is in fact pro-death. Perhaps you heard the great leaders of your party, Jeb, Rubio, Huckabee, Fiorina, Carson—  well all of them actually, spreading lies about abortion, about guns, about Obama about planned parenthood. Boy, listening to these solid politicians must make you even madder.

Now you have moved into a community where Planned Parenthood operates, where angels sing. The voices just must be real. They must be selling off baby parts, just like a butcher might sell off unwanted livers, hearts and bones to local pet owners. No women’s lives are being saved, why should they be saved if they enter a planned parenthood clinic for a pap test, breast cancer screening –these must be the devils spawn –for they cannot hear your voices, the voices yelling in plain sight, the very fabric of the Stupidparty noise machine.

How can you sit there doing nothing, with so many voices in your head. Virtually every stupidparty party leader claims that God is speaking to them, so logically he must be speaking to you also. All these voices, Limbaugh, God, Carson, God, Guns, Guns, God, Cruz, Huckabee, God –Stupidparty, Fox, Hannity, Jeb and  God, God, God, must act now, end of times—what is there to lose, all I have is hateful me, my hateful God and the hateful stupidparty band of brothers.


A quote from some one at Liberaliscous – further explains the natural devolution of Stupidparty disciples

Anatomy of a reich-wing killer – A billionaire funds dark groups to create fake videos and lies to spread to their followers on fake news outlets they own. Their economic victims, usually alone losers unhappy with their lives, watch and come to believe others are to blame for their lot in life. Their church and TV tell them to hate those not like them and for security they horde guns, becoming more angry and afraid. Because they are so fearful and confused they might turn to a doctor that pumps drugs into them making them more unstable. The cycle continues, more propaganda, more hate and more drugs causing deeper mental issues until the loser snaps on others instead of taking his own life. The NRA provides the means, the politicians and media provide the hate and fear, and the combination of mind altering drugs provides the lack of control that sets these killers off. Germany used to remove boys from their mothers at an early age to mold them into killing machines using many of these same techniques. Whenever one of these GOP time-bombs goes off in our country, the dots are never connected, it’s swept under the rug and so it continues. When history repeats itself we must be vigilant to stop it early. Notice the signs, many are trolling liberal pages now spewing hate and lies, growing more and more unstable everyday. I have seen them up close and personal. This is why I have never revealed myself on this site and ban often, the lunatic fringe is out there and the GOP did build this even if they don’t want the credit!