The Greatest and now the Worstest American (Final) Part 5

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Bush Sr. had earlier flown out to Nixon’s vacation home in California to try and save the day on this issue. Oil-import Quotas— Ending the oil-import quota system would have had huge implications for various powerful people, and when Nixon’s Task Force filed its report in 1970 there was no strong consensus, with splits within splits. Most people felt these quotas should be lifted (they had been designed to foster US energy independence) in order to reduce prices and gain greater control over foreign production. One group was dead set against it, the Rockefeller’s (Exxon), who were able to Picturecontrol both domestic oil supplies and pricing around the globe. Rockefeller-linked environmentalists were recruited to the Rockefeller cause (oh— dear, that would have been me if I had been old enough). Simply lifting import quotas while empowering European government efforts to free themselves from Rockefeller-controlled oil would have had massive implications to key Skull and Bonesmen. Nixon faced a lose/ lose choice: act on the majority part of his Cabinet Task Force’s recommendation to reduce the quotas and probably forfeit one or two senate seats, including Poppy Bush’s, or do as the rest of the Task Force and some of Big Oil wanted. So Nixon fudged and fiddled. All the while, the Watergate scandal was brewing. Also, he was facing the 1973 oil embargo by the oil-producing countries of the OAPEC (Arab members of OPEC plus Syria and Egypt), in retaliation for US involvement in the Yom Kippur War. He knew he needed to lift the quotas. Hence, he set up the ambitious Project Independence, which offset the reductions with massive tax credits to appease the Rockefeller’s— but this would not be enough to save Nixon. For more on how Nixon got trapped go here..Appendix 3.

Regarding Watergate, an event we know he was, on the contrary, knee deep involved in. Reviewing a revised version of My Life in Letters, reissued during the heat of Poppy’s son’s 2004 battle with John Kerry, Ken Gormley wrote in the Washington Post, “He expresses deep dismay that Democrats are calling his son a ‘liar’ and that “hatred filled the airwaves and oozed into the print media, too… The whole atmosphere is horrible and for this loving Dad it is impossible.”

Really— for a man who must have understood the swift boating issues and all the cover-ups regarding his son’s military record, the lies that allowed America to invade Iraq. Kirkus reviews wrote: “Like many collections of letters, this one is not uniformly interesting. Some of the scores of letters are dull, some superfluous, others patently self-serving.”

George Bush Sr. war heroism has been questioned by his fellow pilots. However it is clear that Bush was anxious to go into combat in a desperate to salvage his families decimated reputation (his dad had been caught aiding and abetting the Nazi’s, install fascism in the US.) Find another Bush clan member who has faced combat.


Bill Clinton, defending his wife Hillary from what will be the perpetual “e-mail non-scandal,” stated in a CNN interview with Fareed Zakaria at the end of September 2015: “Ever since Watergate, something like this happens.” Whitewater, he said, “began only after he received a call from an aide to President George Bush [Poppy] warning him [Bill] not to challenge the sitting president.” Poppy and his new BFF (Best Friend Forever), Bill Clinton Clinton elaborated. The aide said, “We’ve looked at the field; you are the only one that can win, the press has to have someone every election. We’re going to give them you. You’d better not run.”

So now if you take some time to look at the players that leaked the story, those who tried to give the accusations some appearance of legal weight— if you dig deep enough— likely connections emerge to a Rockefeller Yale alumnus within Arkansas Republican circles. Particularly troubling was the role of Texas-born L. Jean Lewis, a crank investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation— looking into failed-savings-and-loans scandals: “FBI investigators refused to pursue Lewis’s work, calling it sloppy, biased, and incompetent. Lewis repeatedly lied under oath during the Whitewater investigation before bringing the questioning to a halt by suddenly ‘fainting.’”

No, Hillary was not being hyperbolic. Not being paranoid. She was stating a fact and stating it in very moderate terms. Poppy Bush— his whole life was about promoting his alter ego, a public version of himself that was not only palatable but endearing. But even then his alter ego would slip up on occasion:

On Atheists When George H. Bush was campaigning for the presidency, as incumbent vice-president, one of his stops was in Chicago, Illinois, on August 27, 1987. At O’Hare Airport he held a formal outdoor news conference. There Robert I. Sherman, a reporter for the American Atheist news journal, fully accredited by the state of Illinois and by invitation a participating member of the press corps covering the national candidates, had the following exchange with then vice president Bush.

Sherman: Surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists?

Bush: No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

Why did Lockerbie happen? Bush stated, “I will never apologize for the United States— I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.” He made the above statement as vice president “during a presidential campaign function (2 Aug 1988),” commenting on the navy warship USS Vincennes having shot down Iran Air Flight 655 in a commercial air corridor on July 3, killing 290 civilians. The governments of Iran, Libya, and Saudi Arabia would beg to differ— hence, their retaliation by bringing down the Lockerbie jet.


On the 99% In a speech in Washington DC, May 4, 1988: “My view is, let Mike Dukakis go around there and talk about pink slips, despair, pessimism in the United States. I’ll be the guy out there talking about hope and opportunity and challenge, and the fact that the United States is the best, the fairest, the most decent nation on the face of the earth. Let them apologize for America, and let me lead her to new greatness.”

But since this time frame America has, by international comparisons, continued its downward trajectory on virtual all economic benchmarks, such as poverty, health, and crime, with the exception being for the military. Finally, regarding H. W.’ s letters, David Brooks, a (sadly beguiled) conservative Op-Ed columnist and journalist, wrote for the New York Times:

“From these early letters, and right up to very recent ones, the Bush voice is the same: decent, friendly, earnest, guileless. If you grew up the son of George Bush [41], you wouldn’t decide the society was sick and needed overhauling. You’d see a country that rewarded your goodhearted father with a glittering career. You’d want to preserve that basic goodness and embrace your legacy. There’s little introspection in the elder Bush’s letters, and, while bright, he doesn’t have an intellectual bone in his body.”

Why would an alter ego have an intellectual bone in its body? That would make the façade so much more complex. The above quote is particularly disturbing in that even through his alter ego, the perfect guy, Bush H. W., just could not manufacture any indication that he has the slightest understanding that American society is unraveling and this clearly self-serving book, when read literally, works fine, but when viewed through the lens of having knowledge about the real Bush H. W., about his real activities, then the book becomes deeply disturbing, just an elaborate deception— having one’s cake and eating it, coming off as a decent guy yet still focused on establishing the false narrative of his life.

By publishing these letters, he gets to pollute history, without being held accountable. But, hey, compared to today’s generation, he supposedly writes great letters and his life is certainly never dull.

History is always written by winners and that shows them in a better light and is one-sided. On the other hand, financial websites need to be transparent and honest and unbiased. Then only they can guide people in the right direction. You can find this amazing and excellent details about the online trading systems by following the link given here, Going back to the original story,

If one can just take a moment to step back and reflect, the life of Poppy Bush absolutely must remain an enigma, his writings forever bland and deceptive. More hole than whole. From the moment he became self-aware, he would have realized that his family and mentors were knee deep in traitorous and vile conduct.

Escaping the family scandals, he finds himself precisely where he wants to be (remember, Bush babies can get whatever their hearts desire). Escaping with his life in the war, having possibly acted irresponsibly in an incident that was likely covered up, he goes to Yale and joins a society that is so secret nothing can be written down; you can never say anything about it— this is a lifelong pledge— and throughout his life he surrounds himself with fellow members and their respective friends and network.

While in Yale he is also recruited by another secret society (CIA), which is so secret that nothing can be written down; you can never say anything about it— this is a lifelong pledge— and throughout his life he surrounds himself with fellow members and their respective friends and network. As a result of being part of the royalty of both these massive secret societies, he finds himself centrally placed at all the key crises/ scandals in American history since 1950: CIA assassinations, regime changes, the Bay of Pigs, the JFK assassination, Watergate, Whitewater, the Carter hostage crisis, the Iran-Contra affair, the Reagan assassination attempt, the birth and growth of Al-Qaeda, Islamic radicalization, Pakistan acquiring the bomb, establishing the Saudi Royal family, Lockerbie, the cover-ups for his son (s), the suspect elections of 2000 and 2004.

Now, surely that would be an autobiography that could compare with that of Genghis Khan or Chairman Mao. But since virtually everything interesting about his life can never be spoken about, what remains is an empty shell. Poppy Bush is a wraith— a person who has sold his soul. Not once, but every day of his life since being doubly recruited at Yale.

The Bush family— more than any other— has been a friend of Big Oil. And American foreign policy has been dictated by oil interests ever since 1953 at the latest. JFK, trying to stop the Yalies from running the CIA, unceremoniously fired the head of the CIA— only later to be taken out by an individual who had been “minded” by several CIA operatives over a long period of time. I strongly suspect that only one group of individuals had the financing and sophisticated set of tools to pull off such a brilliantly planned and executed event and all the subsequent, elaborate red herrings.

George Herbert Bush Sr. (Bush H.) had already built up a massive network of influence as a CIA operative since the 1950s (or earlier), and his closeness to the adversaries of JFK, his fickle and fake loyalty to Nixon, meant he was always going to have the inside track to the presidency. The whole ethos of the Yale Skull and Bones Illuminati— and their vast network of connected business and media buddies*— was to scratch each other’s back.

Just a sample of Skull and Bones Alumni. Note that the Harriman’s. Rockefeller’s and Bush’s were supportive of Hitlers fascist libertarian agenda and instrumental in early American intelligence activities,  – leading to the formation of the CIA, who recruited heavily from Yale -a University run by the Skull and Bones Alumni


(* including the Washington Post and Bob Woodward) *Though Bob Woodward was not in the Skull and Bones, he was in a lower-level group called the Book and Snake. After leaving Yale, Woodward spent five years in the navy. He had top-secret clearance while serving on the USS Wright, where he specialized in communication, including with the White House. Woodward has denied any intelligence connections, but there are audio tapes of various members of the top military brass speaking of his “White House service.”


Woodward frequented the White House. Eventually the Washington Post hired him, based on strong recommendation from the intelligence community. The owners of the Washington Post, the Graham family, were good friends with top spies and of Prescott Bush, Bush H.’ s dad. Prescott was himself an intelligence officer. The famous editor of the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee, had spent time in Naval Intelligence during World War II. Woodward soon became invaluable to the Washington Post as a result of tips on the Watergate break-in he was getting from “a friend.” So the White House recommended Woodward— only to be brought down later, in large part by Woodward. The CIA was very uncooperative when journalists started asking questions as to whether Woodward was a CIA operative.

In future writings about the CIA, Woodward used a key deathbed source, which could never be corroborated, and assiduously never mentioned the Bush family. When Bush H. became president, he allowed Woodward unique access, while cold shouldering the country’s top newspaper, the New York Times. Later still, Woodward knew, perhaps before anyone else, the status of CIA undercover operative Valerie Plame, but only belatedly told his boss— despite a media frenzy. Woodward, caught with his pants down, apologized to the Post for withholding information for two years. Virtually all today’s foreign policy problems and the threat to the global environment have a root in the Bush family mini-oligarchy within its secret self.

By totally ignoring the advice of Jimmy Carter (see his 1979 energy warning speech)— to reduce the US’s dependence on oil by promoting easily achievable fuel-efficiency improvements, simple tax strategies designed to motivate conservation (as adopted by other countries), and alternative-energy innovation— the US allowed oil interests to dictate energy policy. Therefore, oil prices unnecessarily surged, enriching the oil-producing countries of the Middle East, whilst also forfeiting the USA’s moral authority when discussing global energy issues with countries like India and China

The Bush family have Oil for Blood, and more than any other family are responsible for this catastrophic negligence: for the two Iraq Wars, the Oil wealth of our Middle Eastern enemies, the consequent radicalization of Islam; the intellectual hijacking of the US population into financing both sides of the unnecessary Oil Wars we fight (by not demanding an intelligent energy policy, the hijacked electorate effectually enrich our oil-producing enemies, who now have the financial means to invest in armed forces and the intellectual rationale for investing in religious dogma); the refusal to acknowledge global warming; the denial of such, being funded and lobbied by those very same oil interests— Bush clan interests. The misdeeds of Bush Sr. and his Skull and Bones CIA buddies, and their connections to the Bay of Pigs fiasco— likely leading to the JFK assassination— were to reemerge thirty years later and have an impact on Jeb!!!’ s disastrous business activities, and his pitiful run for the Presidency. But here are plenty more Bush’s in the pipeline.

So we can hope now -that the greatest American in living History Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and his band of likewise thinking brothers can begin to clean up the odious mess left behind the the Worstest George Herbert Bush.

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