Cryptocurrencies are the matter of talk now in the digital world. Every day the value of cryptocurrency changes some falls and some multiply its value. So predicting the market value of a particular cryptocurrency is difficult. But still, in this volatile market, some digital currencies are performing consistently well.

Here is the list of those currencies.

  1. Bitcoin

The coin emerged in 2008 in the digital world and is one of valuable in the market. presently there are 16.8 Bitcoin tokens are in circulation. Presently the value of bitcoin is estimated to be 191 billion dollars.

  1. Ethereum

It is second in the row and is one of the popular in the crypto world and is Bitcoins biggest rival. Here miners works to earn ether to run the network. Presently the value of Ethereum is estimated to be 116 billion dollars.

  1. Ripple

It emerged towards the end of 2017, it is just a new one but has already crawled up to the third position in the cryptocurrency ranking. This baby cryptocurrency is constantly growing its present value is 52 billion dollar.

  1. Bitcoin cash

This cryptocurrency was brought into the market to compete with bitcoin but could not overcome the bitcoin popularity. Its present value is 28 billion dollar.

  1. Cardano ADA

This platform employees the technology of ADA to transfer digital money. It has similarity with Ethereum in terms of technology used. It is managed by a group of scientists and Academic specialist. Presently the value of Cardano is 16billion dollar.

  1. Stellar

This is the younger brother of Ripple and was launched by the co-founder of Ripple in 2014. It is a transaction network for fast and efficient money transfer. Its present market value is 10.5 billion dollar.

  1. NEO

It is a emerging new digital currency, it uses smart contracts and assets on the block. It shares  the same goal and objective as Ethereum. Its present market value is 10.4 million dollars.

  1. Litecoin

It is also referred as little brother of bitcoin and uses peer to peer technology. Litecoin has 84 million token limit and it is much faster than bitcoin from transaction point of view. Today litecoins value is little above 10 million dollars.

  1. EOS

This is another blockchain application brought to the market to overthrow Ethereum from its position. EOS can conduct 50,000 transaction in a second. Its present market value is million dollars.

  1. NEX XEM

It uses distributed blockchain technology. Its present market value is 8 million dollar. click here now to know about it.