Billionaires 300 hijacking democracy

With the emerge of cryptocurrency the financial and the internet world has changed, it has literally shaken everything out there. The decimation of cryptocurrency major cryptocurrency has added to it. after the market volatility of 2017, some of the cryptocurrency has managed well to hold their value and multiply it once more.
After the rollercoaster of 2017 bitcoin still holds the numero uno position in the cryptomarket, not only that it has almost doubled its market value. Ethereum and Ripple hold their position tightly just after Bitcoin in the market.
All three tokens share the same backbone that makes them stable and secure on the network, it is nothing other than “blockchain”. Ripple works slightly different from the other two i.e, it is a transaction protocol.
Today the market capitalization value of Bitcoin is 127 million dollars and its trade exchange rate is 7422 dollars. Similarly, Ethereum’s market capitalization value is 58 million dollars and trade exchange rate is 584 dollars. Value of a single ripple is 0.64 dollars in the market and its market capitalization value is 25 billion dollars.
The fourth most valued cryptocurrency is Bitcoin cash which is a fork of Bitcoin, it is presently experiencing 18 million dollars market cap. EOS a newly launched cryptocurrency is taking its baby steps to make its mark in the crypto world, it is also built with blockchain technology. It has already reached the fifth position in the list and its market capitalization value is 11.8 million dollars.
The momentum begins with Litecoin in the second half of the list, it holds the sixth position based on its value in the crypto world. The market capitalization value of this peer to peer cryptocurrency is 6.6 million dollars.
Cardano and stellar follows Litecoin in the list according to their market capitalization value. Cardano is a blockchain platform and stellar is a payment network. To complete the list IOTA and TRON take a ninth and tenth position in the list based on their market cap value. TRON is used by the digital entertainment industry to distribute the contents and its value is 3.78 million dollars.
Many countries are planning to adopt these cryptocurrencies, seeing their market cap value the brokers of the stock exchanges are dying to invest in them. The link see this here will give much more information about these currencies. Although these are emerging currencies but has already made their presence felt among the traders of the market.