Is Mike Pence Honestly Stupid, Stupidly Honest or Just Stupid?

The one time talk radio host “Rush Limbaugh on decaf” who chats his way to the Governorship, the guy who blew his Presidential aspirations over his cock up in his handling of Indiana’s Orwellian named religious liberty law, the guy who evidently Trumped regretted picking as his VP even before Trump officially picked him as his VP—”CNN’s Dana Bash and NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell both reported that Trump got cold feet Thursday night over his apparent veep choice, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. According to Bash, Trump was “so unsure” about his offer to Pence that “around midnight last night, he asked aides if he could get out of it.” O’Donnell tweeted that the real estate mogul was on the phone late into the evening on Thursday, “asking if he could change course on VP pick.” It is not like the negative feeling is not mutual -no it is much worse than that – The National Review’s Tim Alberta reported in April that longtime friends of Pence’s said the governor “loathes” Trump. Alberta stood by that reporting on Friday. A match made in hell then. Yes meet the StupidParty of 2016, a year when every day is Christmas day…

Meet Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana…
Stupidity is now a religion in Indiana. Thanks Mike.

Mike Pence struggles with the simple stuff:


Evolution                          fail

Global warming               fail

Was World Created in Seven days            fail

Too Stupid to Understand that Campaign  donations are not a personal piggy bank

The Washington Post reported: “Mike Pence was a young lawyer on the rise, challenging a longtime Democratic congressman in a Republican-leaning Indiana district. And then, scandal. Campaign finance records from the 1990 effort showed that Pence, then 31, had been using political donations to pay the mortgage on his house, his personal credit card bill, groceries, golf tournament fees and car payments for his wife.” But I guess that such stupidity had never surfaced before —”Experts say that subsequent rules passed by the Federal Election Commission barring the use of campaign funds for personal needs were the direct result of ethics concerns raised by Pence’s actions.”

Mike Pence wanted his own Taxpayer funded News Service. On becoming Governor his first brilliant idea had the country rolling on the floor in laughter: Like the any little dictator (perfect for Trump)  his failed plan to make a taxpayer-funded state-run news service that would produce content for Indiana papers about the Pence administration, along with other miscellaneous stories. I am sure that Trump will rekindle this great idea, as he remolds the country’s news services.

Ethics Fail

Self Awareness  Fail

Mike Pence wants more Religious Freedoms: All these values are pseudo Christian values.


Abortions: He has decimated access to abortion: In March 2016, Gov. Pence signed a measure prohibiting women from obtaining an abortion because of the race, gender, or disability of the fetus, making Indiana only the second state in the nation to do this. He slashed funding for planned parenthood – an organization that uses Zero taxpayer money for abortions. Going after planned parenthood, restricting access to abortions, means that numerous women will die, or get consigned to poverty. It is an act of misogynist manslaughter which I prove here. Replacing planned parenthood centers with  religious based scam health centers is also deadly—which I prove here.

StupidParty is Deadly

Abstinence Education – simply does not work, but Mike Pence is simply too simple to worry about life saving, abortion reducing, facts:

Mike Pence announced he was awarding a $3.5 million contract to Pennsylvania-based Real Alternatives, which had already received $1 million for a pilot project in Indiana.

Mike Pence is at pains to state that he is not a bigot, yet this is what his website stated when he ran for Congress:

The “Pence Agenda” supported “an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus,” and went further to say resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” Under the headline “The Pence Agenda: A Guide To Renewing the America Dream,” he said, “Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexuals as a ‘discreet and insular minority’ entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws similar to those extended to women and ethnic minorities.”

So how could this be deadly?

INDIANAPOLIS — A team of high-ranking federal officials will visit Indiana on Tuesday to get a firsthand look at the response to an HIV outbreak of more than 140 cases, one of the largest in recent years, in the hope of learning ways to prevent similar occurrences.”This is one of the worst documented outbreaks of HIV among IV users in the past two decades,” said Dr. Jonathan Mermin, director of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. “It’s of import to the CDC as well as the people of Indiana.”

Gov. Pence then declared an HIV epidemic in south east Indiana, an epidemic that he caused because of his attitudes toward homosexuality (being curable etc), sex education, abstinence and doing away with the needle exchange program.This declaration was in response to 79 new cases, all linked to IV drug use. He also gave authorities the OK to begin a 30-day needle exchange program. So seeing his errorhe re-instigates the needle exchange program for just 30 days—so what is the point of that?

Needle Exchange Programs

Needle Exchange programs are massively effective. It is estimated that NEPs across the country have reduced HIV transmission rates by two-fifths to one-third overall. Such a program would cost Indiana about $160,000 a year, but treating an AIDS patient costs $120,000 – one does not need to be a math major to do a cost benefit analysis. But that Math is too complex for Mike Pence. However he does feel a tad guilty about the epidemic he has unleashed- so what does he do? He re-introduces the program for 30 days—brilliant, just enough time for his short horizon intellect and midget conscience to run it’s naturally myopic course.  Additionally, addicts who use NEP programs are five times more likely to go to rehab than those who don’t. A lot of the time, these programs can be used to help get people into treatment. So if it is not about money -then mathematically it must surely be about hate?

Help prevent HIV. Don't abuse needles.


Abortion  Fail

Abstinence Education Fail

Women’s healthcare Fail

AIDS Epidemic  Fail

Needle Exchange  Program  Fail

Bigotry   Fail


Economics  Fail

Competency Fail

As Andy Horowitz satirically wrote in The New Yorker

In a history-making decision, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana has signed into law a bill that officially recognizes stupidity as a religion. Pence said that he hoped the law would protect millions of state residents “who, like me, have been practicing this religion passionately for years.”The bill would grant politicians like Pence the right to observe their faith freely, even if their practice of stupidity costs the state billions of dollars…

 (and costs countless lives)

So what was the inspiration for this outburst? Well as Governor Mile Pence passes a religious liberty law that apparently allows business’s in Indiana to have the liberty to discriminate against gays. He denies that he or the law is prejudiced, which does not quite fit this picture:

Mike Pence signs into law SB101

Mike Pence refused to identify the bigots in the photo -I guess he figured that professional Journalists would just not be able to figure it out. Mike Pence then defends the bill by saying it is like other states and similar to federal law -statements that are just not true:

Here’s the easily substantiated truth behind the bill. Its supporters explicitly intended it to legalize discrimination against gay people—especially gay couples, who, lately, have faced discrimination from florists, bakers, and photographers who refuse to serve them. To ensure the law achieved this goal, its drafter inserted two monumentally important provisions, neither of which is found in the federal religious freedom law signed by President Bill Clinton. First, the bill explicitly permits for-profit businesses to exercise their religious beliefs, rather than limiting its effects to regular human beings. Second, the bill protects businesses against private lawsuits in addition to state suits.

But it’s really the next provision that gives the Indiana law its startling and unique breadth. The federal religious freedom law was designed to protect individuals from government overreach, like a state law barring ritual drug use by American Indians. Indiana’s law, on the other hand, lets people (and businesses) cite their religious freedom as a defense in private lawsuits, even when they’re accused of violating a civil rights law. In practice, that means a baker who is required by a nondiscrimination ordinance to serve all customers may cite her religious opposition to homosexuality in order to refuse service to a gay couple. Here, then, is the true license to discriminate: A secular baker is still bound by the law; a Christian baker has a special religious right to kick out customers she dislikes due to her religion.
This law can hardly be good for business with Indiana generating a massive amount of bad press and business’s refusing to do business in Indiana.

Salesforce: The largest tech employer in Indiana has canceled all corporate events in the state. Indiana’s governor has halfheartedly attempted to walk back from the law’s discriminatory potential, but Benioff is not swayed.

Angie’s List: The local business review website Angie’s List put an expansion of its Indianapolis headquarters on hold while it waits to see how the law hashes out. It is actively looking for different locations.

Wilco: The rock band Wilco has canceled upcoming concerts in Indiana.

Nick Offerman: The comedian and Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman has canceled a scheduled performance in Indiana.

AFSCME Women’s Conference: The public services employees union is moving its annual women’s conference out of Indiana for good.

A Judge’s Message to the Mike Pence the Xenophobe:

A federal district judge in Indianapolis punctured this fiction (that terrorists could infiltrate the United States as refugees despite a resettlement process that is one of the strictest in the world) last week in blocking the attempt by Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana to cut off federal resettlement funds for Syrian refugees who had passed a vetting process that took up to two years. Mr. Pence’s order was unconstitutional and “clearly discriminates” against Syrians compared with other refugees, Judge Tanya Walton Pratt ruled in a suit brought by a nonprofit resettlement agency. The judge found that Mr. Pence’s move to withhold resettlement funds was “in no way” justified by his claim that his main concern was the safety of Indiana residents.

America already has the highest Incarceration rates in the world.Picture

The far right (half the country evidently) love high incarceration rates as this is a tool for voter suppression, intimidating minorities, creating jobs (prison guard and prison construction jobs in local communities),  getting funds from For Profit Prisons, and best of all, virtual slave prison labor for large corporations. One reason why so many large American companies loved Hitler between circa 1924-1945 was lack of regulations, lack of Democracy, no independent Judicial oversight and most importantly, by the end of the second World War 25% of the labor force was Slave labor. I discuss this issue in depth here.

But being number 1 is just not good enough for Mike Pence, plus For Profit Prisons contribute to Indiana StupidParty politicians, including Mike Pence and that is why Indiana StupidParty politicians like Brian Bosma, the Indiana State House Speaker who has been quoted as saying:

“As an entry drug, I think marijuana is more powerful than it’s given credit for,” he said. “I know some states have taken that step (to legalize it), but I don’t find it advisable at this point.”

As Media Matters reports:

Pence Signed Legislation Enacting Harsh Sentencing For Drug Offenses Opposed By Indiana Legal Groups. In the spring, Pence signed into law an Indiana House bill imposing 10-year mandatory minimum prison terms for people convicted of second offenses for crimes involving methamphetamine or heroin. The legislation was opposed by the Indiana State Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section, the Indiana Judicial Conference, and the Indiana Public Defender Council, which all argued that legislation to combat drug use should focus on treatment rather than harsher punishment. [The Times of Northwest Indiana, 3/21/16;, 3/21/16] Pence, A Supposed Criminal Justice Reform Candidate, Has Actually Passed Numerous Measures That Support Mass Incarceration. In a review of the legislative moves of several lawmakers backed by the nominally pro-criminal-justice-reform Koch brothers, ThinkProgress pointed out that the oil billionaires have “thrown their financial weight behind candidates who have a record of putting more people in prison, keeping them there for longer and spending more money on mass incarceration,” including Pence. The article explained that, while Pence signed a broad criminal justice reform bill after he took office, his budgets have reflected a commitment to expanding and protecting the prison-industrial complex.

Does Mike Pence actually give a dam about the People of Indiana?

As reported by Mother Jones

He has made life harder for low-income families: Between 2006 and 2009, Pence voted against raising the minimum wage, expanding health coverage for low-income kids, and providing additional funding for Section 8 vouchers, which help low-income families pay rent.

He refused to comply with Obama administration rules aimed at reducing prison rape: In 2014, Gov. Pence wrote to the Department of Justice to argue that the new rules “work only to bind the states, and hinder the evolution of even better and safer practices.” He said Indiana would not follow them.

He has supported deporting undocumented children and sick people and favors building a fence on the border (sound familiar?): In 2009, Rep. Pence co-sponsored a bill that would have eliminated automatic citizenship for children born on US soil to undocumented parents. A few years earlier, he voted in favor of bills that would have allowed for the detention of undocumented immigrants seeking hospital treatment. He also voted yes on a bill—foreshadowing Trump’s current platform—to build a fence on the Mexico border.

Mike Pence is Honestly Stupid:

Privatizing Social Security: It is not simply that Mike Pence supports privatizing Social Security  – I explain why this is a deadly stupid idea here –but it is his explanation as to why people would be financially safer with his reform that is just totally moronic –so moronic that it actually makes standard conservative orthodoxy on the subject seem quite brilliant by comparison.

At the time, one of the big liberal objections to privatization was that private accounts were far riskier than conventional Social Security — and retirees could be left in the lurch if their investments went south.

In his talk, Pence had a strange answer to this: He argued that the average rate of return on investments in the stock market would be so much larger than the average Social Security benefit that it would be simple for the government to guarantee nobody would end up with less money in the new private system than they would have been entitled to under the old system. After all, most people would do so much better under the new system that the government would only need to pay up to make the guarantee work for a small number of people.

I raised what I thought was an obvious objection to this: moral hazard. If you promise people they’ll get a bailout if their private investments go south, you encourage excessive risk taking and bigger losses in the future.

My expectation was that Pence would have some kind of answer to this: a technical solution or a plan for a regulatory fix or a promise to think about it harder or something. But he had nothing. He seemed to just not understand at all what the problem was. The idea that a government guarantee could change behavior appeared to be totally unfamiliar to him, even though in most cases it’s a bedrock of conservative economic policy thinking.