Dear Green Party

Plus it is nothing but a tool for fools, who would rather help Trump than actually think. But the bigger question is can they ever be relevant? I do hope they can. A breakthrough in it’s thinking could well make them relevant, but only in the event of the demise of the Stupidparty (an event that we happen to be strikingly close to). I have already spelled out what is a crystal clear case against voting for Jill Stein here. Of course there are some holdouts and I am confident that most of those holdouts will do the right thing before election day. But until that that day every word spoken against Hillary Clinton (usually totally invented claptrap, assertions that I have disproven on this website—see end of the article) is just an orgasmic delight to the Ann Coulter’s, Hannity’s and Giuliani’s of this world—all determined to facilitate a fascist securing the levers of power, allowing this once in a lifetime opportunity to destroy the Stupidparty to slip, perhaps for ever, through our hands.

I will now allow my friend Karl to try a different tack in reaching the ears of the Jill Stein diehards:

Dear Green Party,

When Jill said her hero was Martin Luther King,

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on 15th January 1929 in Atlanta, United States. He was a Baptist minister and an activist. He was the most visible spokesperson of civil rights movement. He was assassinated on 4th April 1968 at Memphis. He won the noble prize in 1964 to fight for racial inequality in a nonviolent way. Click her latest blog to know about him.

she could have connected one of his prime concepts that King wanted to implement for the black community. Dr. King called it the guaranteed income. You can find the concept in the study of his words, which have fallen to the waste side of history for obvious reasons. Jill should have known that and used that concept. Why did Dr. King believe in a guaranteed income, because he understood that the money environment dictates human behavior, even though he did not word it as such. But the premise is this: Put money into the environment and crime would dramatically disappear, because humans are not fighting over money.

If the Green Party is to be a serious force that wants to change the world, it would be best to cite the latest science on human behavior. The science states that human behavior is dictated by the environment. We all live in a system of money and scarcity, so we hurt each other to get ahead. This would have expanded the oppression concept your VP stated, and would have opened a whole new world of discussion that is more accurate than what the party presented. Bottom Line: The Green Party fell into standard thinking that will not change the world.

Here is the brutal truth. Your party will not grow unless it adopts the latest advancements of thought that can actually fix Earth. If the party does not stretch its ideas, then you are contributing to Earth’s demise. Let me put it this way. Bernie Sanders had great ideas, but they were obsolete in flash of a moment due to the conditions of Earth. The Green Party must move ahead of the curve and present information that the political structure is not willing to present. It is a basic business philosophy, offer something that no one has or have thought of. This will open ears and you will get noticed, especially if you tie into the other movements like Zeitgeist, or at least the Positive Money movement of returning money back to the control of government so they may spend money on the correct infrastructure that saves Earth.

How credible can the Green Party be, if not willing to transform the Federal Reserve? There are conservatives who understand this principle. Your CNN debut missed every opportunity on how to save civilization. I urge you to thoroughly investigate the education of Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement.

Let me be very clear: the only way to save Earth is by dismantling the concept of money. If money is not dismantled, civilization will self-destruct. A resource-based economy is the only lifestyle that can save the human race. Please get with the program of survival.

Your ideas do not fully embrace survival. They are destructive offshoots of a system that will destroy us all.

Here is a quick video about human behavior that may help the Party to really investigate the correct solutions that can redesign Earth, and save Earth.

Stop Blaming Humans II

It really is an educational problem for the entire human race. I know I would like to help the Green Party. And I assume from an logical deduction, though I do not know Peter, he would too. His energy of free education sets a precedent that he would not deny you. The Green Party really needs advance thought. What is the point of trying to modify a system that will kill us?

Always Wishing You the Best – Karl Gary.

The Compassionate World

As promised, to any “Steinbacks” still standing, I presume that you have noticed that we are all making some very serious charges against your character. If anyone of you are spouting right wing conspiracy type theories against Hillary Clinton, well you are morally bound to ensure that you are not committing slander in the name of bigotry and ignorance. Your are duty-bound to discover the actual facts and try and rebut them if you can. The ball is now back in your court:

To Hillary haters and lost environmentalists, many of us are not really interested in opinions we are interested in facts. Some of us work hours to figure out what is actually happening so that when we say something, we have a hell of a lot of facts to back up our statements. Out statements are more than just opinions, the stakes are just too high to go around spouting fatuous opinions. What you need are facts:

No Hillary is not dishonest:

No both parties are not the same

No the foundation is not corrupt

Here is more perspective about he foundation

Actually the USA has made great strides on the environment, under Obama so do not screw it up–I mean, you are “Greenies” aren’t you?

No Hillary did not do anything wrong regarding Benghazi

If you enable Trump you are also a traitor

The Obama Administration is miraculously NOT corrupt

Hating Hillary puts you on a par with these two idiots

No Bernie or Busters–you do not have totally clean hands to get over yourselves

To all “Steinback” hold outs

Finally if you actually care about the planet–well so do I!

And I have figured out some stuff that I can pretty much guarantee that you are not fully up to speed on. Here is the part one of a five-part series looking at the problem by explaining how the problem was born (out of the worst American in living History) and how it will be solved (by the best American in living History)