How to Destroy Every Single Deplorable Trumpeteer Argument (For They Have Nothing)!

101+ blatant GOP myths irrefutably exposed

This is no typically simple list of 101 eye candy slogans designed as click-bait!

This tool, that I am very happy to provide, to any and all, actually represents a mammoth effort, that highlights two solid years of research.

I had written a surprisingly well-received book that successfully debunked the main tenets of the StupidParty, plus explaining quite precisely and presciently how we got to today (to Trump and his Trumpeteers).

Not a single reviewer was able to find a valid factual error in a book that discusses thousands of facts, stringing such facts into a narrative. But having completed that project, I realized that in my effort to keep it relatively short and concise (it was still a rather massive book), there was so much detail I had had to leave out many vital topics that I had either glossed over or not addressed at all.

As I interacted with StupidParty disciples on my Website, Facebook page, and Twitter account, I was stunned to learn that my opponents just had no retort to the facts that I was posting. Ninety-nine percent of their retorts had no substance, no intellect, no nothing. I know that this failure on their part was not the result of my brilliance—I am perfectly aware that there are plenty of people out there who are smarter than me. But knowledge, solid research, intellectual honesty and sticking ruthlessly to facts (avoiding opinion) has so far proven to be a mountain too high for StupidParty disciples (even the smart ones). My other key weapon is that since I can not be easily labelled—it becomes very difficult to shoot the messenger. I honestly do not know how to label myself, and I realize that many of my opinions, prejudices, religious beliefs are irrelevant—so I avoid mentioning them. Do I personally practice everything that I preach? No. Can I be a bit of a hypocrite? Yes. Do I sin? Yes (I am willing to own up to the fact that I eat bacon, and I feel genuinely bad about that). I am not sure that I want to volunteer much more than that.

Facts are not propoganda

Nothing makes me happier than when I am called a self-loathing “homosexual libtard” living in my mother’s basement, because at that point, I know for sure that I have won the argument—for my opponent has revealed their stripes and clearly has exceeded their intellectual horizon; a horizon that usually extends out about as far as the end of their nose.

I am so happy that Trump is the nominee.

The reason he became the nominee is bloody obvious yet no one else is willing to discuss it because facts hurt (facts can be insulting). But I do not care. We predicted Trump would win the nomination back in August of 2015. The reason why I am so happy is that now no one has anywhere to hide. If you are a Trump supporter we know quite precisely who you are, but I suspect quite a few of you, when you look at yourselves in the mirror, will eventually pull back from your basest self.  If you dislike Hillary so much that you will not vote for her then we know precisely what you are (see below). If you sit back and blame both parties, we also know your shortcomings.

I am so excited because today we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to cure StupidParty.

On the other hand, if Trump wins—we will know precisely what America has become. I am excited because I am just so fed up with the enemy hiding amongst us, acting as if all is copacetic. No, it never was. Will this be the end of days or the dawning of a new age? I happen to be optimistic, not just because of Trump but because mankind is on the cusp of being able to save itself from its own myopia via technology. I see the end days for oil (the root of America’s problems), the end days for ISIS, and the end days for StupidParty.

I am banking on the American people.

So please use this tool, please share, please copy and paste and link to your desktop, to your smartphone, email list. Please do not waste your vital time in futile soundbite debates with StupidParty disciples. Now you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Use this freed up time for finding other ways to take down Trump and the StupidParty. The only way we lose is if we sink down to Trump’s level (take note “Bernie of Bust” fanatics), if we are too lazy to understand the facts, if we fall for false equivalence, if we do nothing, if we let slide utter nonsense, if we do not vote. Please find below all the ammunition you will need—now go out and use it and help to save your democracy.

The following Myths are herein comprehensively debunked.

  1. Everyone is entitled to all their opinions:
  2. Figuring out how solve America’s biggest problems is just so complex:
  3. Both Hillary and Trump are equally bad: The mathematics of Stupidity
  4. Both parties are as bad as each other:
  5. But Dems get big money from George Soros, who is just like Sheldon Adelson, Koch and others
  6. Donald Trump is a good man and knows how to keep America safe from such threats as Ebola:
  7. The Stupidparty is not guilty over lack of funding for Zika virus
  8. Mike Pence is a great guy:
  9. The Obama administration is corrupt:
  10. The Clinton Foundation is a racket
  11. Hillary Clinton is dishonest
  12. Hillary Clinton must be bad because these two rocket scientists are says so
  13. Hillary Clinton has an email problem:
  14. Hillary Clinton has a Benghazi problem:  Ann Stevens (Sister of Ambassador Stevens)
  15. Donald Trump understands foreign policy:                                                                                                                                                                                                           Trump deals with EBOLA, as if he too isn't an infectious disease
  16. The Founding Fathers would have supported the StupidParty:
  17. America is not an oligarchy:  American democracy is ill
  18. Obama has been a failure:
  19. The GOP Presidential aspirants had something intelligent to say:
  20. It is hyperbolic to link Trump to fascism:   plus
  21. It is difficult to envision what America would look like with a StupidParty president:
  22. The GOP congress is not bought and paid: for:
  23. Money in politics helps democracy:   The red families provided half the monies
  24. StupidParty has credible economic policies:
  25. Present trickle down economic policies are sustainable:
  26. Food stamps are for moochers:
  27. Higher minimum wages will be a drag on the economy:
  28. Nobel Prize winning economists are always brilliant:
  29. The government is bad for the economy:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Budget deficit over the years (adjusted for 2014 dollars)
  30. Publicly funded major league sporting stadiums is not simply about lining the pockets of a few billionaires:
  31. America need not fear Nazi Germany’s love of slave labor returning here:
  32. Privatizing Social Security is an acceptable idea:
  33. Americans voters respect cowards more than idiots:
  34. Putin plays chess while Obama plays checkers:
  35. Obama foreign policy is weak and dangerous:
  36. Obama weak policies created ISIS:
  37. GOP ISIS policies will be bad for ISIS:
  38. We should all be very fearful of ISIS:
  39. There is no link between Trump and the Russians, and patriots would vote for Trump
  40. The 47 Senators did not commit treason over the Iran deal:
  41. The Bush family is not responsible for the mess that is 2016  (five part series)
  42. More guns leads to more safety.    Top selling book by a discredited economist
  43. Gundamentalists know what they are talking and have statistics to prove it:  DEBUNKED MYTH - Gundamentalists know what they are talking and have statistics to prove
  44. The NRA is an acceptable gun advocacy group:
  45. The NRA is not like the Mafia:.
  46. The Second Amendment is being undermined: MYTH DEBUNKED - The Second Amendment is being undermined
  47. The USA healthcare system is rational:
  48. Election fraud by the voter is an issue that needs to be addressed:
  49. Obama has destroyed America:
  50. Fox News educates its viewers:
  51. Right wing journalists are totally credible and their rising profile is purely organic and not connected:
  52. American exceptionalism:
  53. Trump won the nomination because of anger over the economy:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               If it's not the bailout, jobs, US economy... that leaves the 67% STUPIDSEPT. 13, 2016—The U.S. Census Bureau announced today: that real median household income increased by 5.2 percent between 2014 and 2015 while the official poverty rate decreased 1.2 percentage points. At the same time, the percentage of people without health insurance coverage decreased by 45% to 9.6% from 15.7%                           
  54. Domestic terror–blame the foreigners:
  55. Pro–Lifers are Pro-life:
  56. The GOP is the values parties:  and                                                        StupidParty values - "do as I say, not as I do."
  57. StupidParty Disciples will mature with age:
  58. America is a Christian nation:
  59. We have done enough to separate church and state:
  60. Christians should vote for StupidParty: 
  61. Trumpeteers are Christians
  62. Noah’s worldwide flood was real:
  63. The Pope is OK with homophobia:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       MYTH DEBUNKED - The Pope is OK with Homophobia
  64. Liberty University is a place of learning:
  65. The GOP is not a bigoted party:
  66. Joe Scarborough is not a misogynist:
  67. Misogyny is not a problem in America;
  68. Race is not a problem in America:
  69. You cannot compare the America’s relationship with segments of the African American population the Israeli–Palestine conflict:
  70. The Supreme Court understands race:
  71. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts understands racial issues:
  72. White people understand race:                                     Are you complicit with your actions America?
  73. StupidParty loves education and knowledge:
  74. StupidParty Disciples are not stupid:
  75. StupidParty Disciples understand the facts:              StupidParty's stupidity by the numbers
  76. The Flint Water problem was caused by the federal government:
  77. The Conservative brain works better:
  78. The StupidParty brain is not like a trees brain:
  79. The StupidParty disciple is not getting dumber:
  80. Freedom fighters love to make everyone freer:
  81. Global warming is a hoax:
  82. We should get excited by the youth vote:
  83. Republicans can be funny too:
  84. Republicans can be musicians too:
  85. Republicans can make movies supporting their world view
  86. The best and brightest StupidParty leaders are very bright:
  87. George Bush Sr. is a great American:
  88. Ted Cruz and his followers are Christians:
  89. Mike Huckabee is a Christian:
  90. We should treat Ben Carson as viable a public figure: and     Fall on your sword of Stupid
  91. Coal mining owners can be trusted:
  92. Jeb Bush–just a moderate conservative type of guy:
  93. Romney was not a serial lying asset stripping misogynistic Mormon:
  94. Trump does not see Jill Stein as an ally, and would hate it if you voter for her.
  95. Texas is the greatest state in the Union:
  96. Mississippi is not the worst the state in the Union:
  97. Kansas is the economic role model proving the benefits of trickle-down economics:
  98. Vermont is not the smartest state in the Union:
    Vermont 500% "smarter" than Mississippi

    (The lower the score the better)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  99. You cannot blame slavery for the American Civil War:
  100. The majority of StupidParty voters are rational:
  101. Patriotic Freedom Fighting Confederate Flag waving dudes are rational human beings:
  102. Liberals are the moochers:
  103. We need to drill baby drill: and
  104. Palm Beach Florida is the best place to live in the country:
  105. Florida is a good long term real estate investment:
  106. American Voters and Presidential contenders should not be forced to take a simple IQ Test:
  107. ALEC is an acceptable American institution:
  108. The Trump nomination is bad news:
  109. Trump scandals compared to Clinton scandals:

Donald Trump's scandals--the abridged list VS Hillary Clinton's scandals

Why all this effort? Why is all this so important?

Because Stupidparty is Deadly:

Why is all this so important? Because Stupidparty IS DEADLY

Additional one paragraph takedowns: Benghazi Nonsense

Paul Begala explains and Trumpeteers fall flat

Founding Fathers were not stupid

Were the Founding Fathers any kind of StupidParty? What do YOU think?

I do not need to vote. Both parties are the same: