Don’t Blame Just Trump for all the Blossoming Bigotry

Am I being Hyperbolic? Am I being opinionated? I plan to steer clear of that.

Kris Kobach thinks being black is a get-out-of-jail-free card while Obama is president

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Bigotry is all around me
And so the feeling growsKris Kobach is Secretary of State of Kansas, and as such he is a Pillar of the Stupidparty. He is also considered one of the driving forces behind ALEC written legislation. His demeanor in consoling a caller who implies laws may be suspended for African Americans continues the race baiting policies that have epitomized his time in Kansas.Somewhere over the rainbow
lies are none too few
And the hate that you fear is our fate
Really is coming true

By Patrick Andendall and comments for Stupidparty...first question: Why do you exist?

“I have to tell you, eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough.”

NRA Wayne Pierre thinks there should only be ONE Token Minority President

The NRA is a pillar of the Stupidparty. While most NRA members are open to sensible conversation, they are largely unaware of the fact that the NRA is not a democracy. Little do these members know that they are in fact treated like sheep, oblivious that their views are barely relevant since the NRA agenda is effectively driven by the nine-person nominating committee, and that is how the the NRA has become such an odious organization. It has been hijacked by extremists. But of course Stupidparty disciples don’t care, and neither does the Stupidparty itself–because the NRA calls the shots. You think I’m being hyperbolic? Opinionated? We never need opinions to eviscerate the Stupidparty–the facts are simply too abundant.First let me quote the ever so Conservative Forbes magazine  “If you’re looking for a sure-fire recipe to boost gun sales, there’s nothing like putting a heavy dose of paranoia (along with a large dollop of racist fear mongering) into the atmosphere to get the job done—and NRA honcho Wayne LaPierre has certainly done his part. In an op-ed published Wednesday by The Daily Caller , LaPierre twisted more than a few facts while arguing that the world is hell and attempting to navigate your way through it without a semi-automatic weapon at your side can only be perceived as sheer madness.”

Now before we get to the next statements consider the following fact:

Since Obama was elected, zero guns have been removed–there are now more guns! This in spite of ever mounting school shootings (1700% more likely than in European schools), rising incidents of fatal, obscene and racist police shooting fatalities, rising gun fatalities (France has 98% less–adjusted for population). Nothing has been done and most disturbingly of all—nothing will be done. It is as simple that. It is so simple that Stupidparty disciples remain totally clueless–and we know this because Wayne La Pierre gets roaring approval when he states the following at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention:

La Pierre told Americans (more recently) “…not to vote for someone like President Obama or Hillary Clinton–and not because of the content of their character. In a surprising turn of events, LaPierre managed to out-racist Ted Nugent and out-crazy Sarah Palin, both speakers who work hard for those distinctions during their own talks during each year’s convention.

During LaPierre’s talk, fear-mongering and hyperbole were on full display. According to LaPierre’s view, the next 650 days are “the most dangerous days in history for the Second Amendment…”

Is he insane? Nothing can happen in the next 650 days! No, he is not insane, he is a liar, and the Stupidparty base loves liars. They hate the truth and they hate the facts. Am I being hyperbolic? Absolutely not, because calling LaPierre a liar is really just a courtesy. Consider the following statement that he made:

“I have to tell you, eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough.”

This is from a man–an aging white man, who has a long history of racism. But this statement is not simply racist, it is misogynistic. How much ignorance and hate can you pack into so few words? How come this guy is a pillar of the Stupidparty–a hero the Stupidparty base?

Of course, Stupidparty is so absurd that they fail to recognize that this bigoted statement applies to about 75% of the US population.

Donald Trump is a pillar of the Stupidparty. He may well initiate a Presidential Campaign. If he ran he would probably secure about 45-47% of the national vote. I have been told (hearsay) that when Donald Trump enters a room full of high society types, charity functions etc., that no one wants anything to do with him. He is universally loathed by people who sort of know how the game is played. I wonder why? Let’s start with the recent Ebola scare:

Donald Trump thinks Ebola volunteers should not be allowed re-entry into the U.S.

Seven Pillars of Stupidparty Hate as captured by Vintage Lawrence

A Stupidparty mind would not recognize how loathsome and stupid that statement was. How the hell does he (and his support group) think Ebola spreads, and how do they think Ebola is contained? Ebola spreads by fear and panic, it spreads by believing in myth–cultural or religious claptrap. Yes, it’s is scary and fairly contagious, but the bigger the threat the more you need to follow the advice of public health experts–of scientists.Am I being Hyperbolic? Am I being opinionated? No–get a grip and ask the following questions

a) how was Ebola contained and

b) how was the USA protected from a significant outbreak?

It was contained by experts going to the source, putting their lives at risk and treating and educating the impacted populations. A dear friend and wonderful young lady went to Guinea to be part of that effort–you can find out about her experiences here, here and here.

If you are even remotely familiar with the facts, you would understand how vile the above tweet was. The two American missionaries Trump was tweeting about would probably have died. If brave caring people were not prepared to go to “far away places”, maybe millions would have died in Africa alone. If all of America thought like Trump and his fans, maybe millions of Americans would have died.

Hateful, ignorant, tribal bigotry costs lives. How does he think diseases spread—how does he think civil strife, tribal genocide and wars occur? While Trump was propagating hate, my friend in Guinea was having dinner in some dive in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, with a couple of co workers. One of them received a call. This turned out to be a call from President Obama, thanking that person for the what they were doing. They were not even Americans, but Obama was offering support and encouragement to the people on the front lines.–the same people that Trump would leave to die if they got sick.

Will Birthers vote for Canadian born Cruz?

But Trump’s bigotry and buffoonery do not stop there. Donald Trump is a “birther”, and birthers are people who choose to believe Obama was born in Kenya. Birthers are either ignorant or racist. In Trumps case we can rule out the former because Trump has the resources to understand the facts. Trump had the resources to send investigators to Hawaii. But he never cared about the facts.
How do I know?
Well what the media has failed to dwell on is that Trump revealed his true colors during a CNN interview with Suzanne Malveau, when Trump cited a (mis) quote from the president’s grandmother that said Obama was born in Kenya. In fact, the recording to which he refers shows Sarah Obama repeatedly saying through a translator, “He was born in America.” You can listen to the actual tape yourself—something that this sorry excuse for a . . . (controlling myself) . . . clearly refused to do. CNN pointed out that they had the actual tape, with the correct translation. Donald Trump refused to listen, had zero interest in the facts, and just plowed on spewing his bile. But Stupidparty Disciples don’t care.

Trump angry because a Mexican won an Oscar

Now to be fair some very objective observers will argue that Trump is not so much of racist as he is a Jackass.
Nobody in their right mind could deny the latter.

Perhaps in a different context, I could give him some benefit of the doubt. But the problem is that 51% of the Stupidparty base are “Birthers” and they are not all narcissistic jackass’s but they are either ignorant or racist (or both). So if Donald trump is merely a jackass, he is willfully inflaming racism. Personally, I struggle to see the difference. But there is more. A racist might look at high rates of crime in the Black community and conclude that by being Black you are likely to be a criminal. A non-racist might look at the same numbers and see a socioeconomic problem. The problem with former approach is that it not only creates an intellectual dead-end to an evident problem, but by marginalizing a minority with the use of inflammatory language, the problem will not only be self-perpetuating, but will continue to get worse. Trump is also guilty of this latter approach.Donald Trump gets quite agitated when a Mexican director wins Best Movie at the 2015 Oscars. No such agitation has been apparent when White foreigners have walked away with such honors countless times. What is it about Trump and Mexicans? Announcing his Presidential campaign, in what must have been a carefully crafted speech, we see not Trump the Statesman but Trump the “Hatesman”:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” Trump said. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

“And some I assume are good people,” he added.

Donald TrumpWhat is up with Trump's apparent racism? said he would force the people of Mexico to build his vowed border wall to keep immigrants out of the United States, warning that if his order was not fulfilled, he would do something “severe.”

When asked how he might force the country to build this wall, Trump said in an interview that aired on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, “you force them because we give them a fortune. Mexico makes a fortune because of us. A wall is a tiny little peanut compared to that. I would do something very severe unless they contributed or gave us the money to build the wall.”

The 2016 presidential candidate added, “I’d build it. I’d build it very nicely. I’m very good at building things.

Trump has since been fired by NBC, but the Stupidparty base are not deterred because they have been stirred, Trump’s poll ratings have surged as the slaughter of basic decency has occurred.

For that is Stupidparty.

51% of Stupidparty Disciples Are “birthers.”

If we were in the period of Christ’s life, a time when deities were a dime a dozen, the Roman Emperor Caligula Trump would not only demand to be worshiped as a god but he would truly believe that he was a god. The only difference being that Donald Trump does not have the excuse of having drunk water through lead-laden pipes. Here’s the thing, Donald Trump loves himself so much–an aging white dishonest entitled wealthy narcissistic—that by comparison he can only hate the opposite.

Donald Trump is a racist.

Joni Ernst is a pillar of the Stupidparty

Joni Ernst is a pillar of the Stupidparty, as one of the best and brightest Stupidparty shooting stars (I call them shooting stars because their shine can never outlast the light of day), she was chosen to give the Stupidparty rebuttal to the Obama 2015 State of the Union speech. As an aside, I have already written about each of these “responders” since Obama became President and demonstrated how rotten to the the core all but one are. But our women Joni is something special as she tries to turn Jesus Christ into a hateful bigot. Evidently Jesus would not want people to get healthcare. According to Joni Ernst, Jesus had contempt for the poor. Us “liberals” want you to believe that Jesus was a caring individual. If you are remotely confused about who Jesus was–if you even suspect Jesus of being a bigot, of being a Misogynist, of disliking foreigners of liking guns etc etc, I have put all that into perspective. So what type of person would proactively try and turn a good man into a toad? Well, that would be a hateful person with a long list of perverted notions.

How bad are the views of Joni Ernst:

Puzzle–Find a single value that can be identified with Jesus.

  1. She supports a “personhood” amendment that could make all abortions illegal and endanger birth control and in-vitro fertilization.
  2. She has called for President Barack Obama’s impeachment.
  3. She thinks states should be free to nullify federal laws.
  4. She has vowed to vote for a federal constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
  5. Ernst has proposed eliminating the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Education, and the Environmental Protection Agency as a means of cutting federal spending.
  6. Ernst has expressed her support for allowing law-abiding citizens to “freely carry” weapons
  7. She carries a “beautiful little Smith & Wesson, 9 millimeter,” in her purse in part to protect her “from the government, should they decide that my rights are no longer important.”
  8. She buys into the conspiracy theory that the United Nations’ “Agenda 21” is a secret plan to usurp democracy.
  9. She suggested that an international cabal would relocate her constituents to Des Moines.
  10. She told the Des Moines Register editorial board in May that the United States really did find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  11. She would support legislation that would allow “local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement” Obamacare.
  12. She has spoken in favor of privatizing Social Security and waxed nostalgic about the time, before food stamps, when “wonderful food pantries” took care of the poor.
  13. She is opposed to a federal minimum wage and has said that $7.25 an hour suffices for Iowans.
  14. On the subject of global warming, Ernst has stated: “I don’t know the science behind climate change  (this is Koch code designed to hinder any actions on the issue).
  15. She co-sponsored a failed bill to amend the Iowa constitution to have marriage legally defined as between one man and one woman.[23][87] She opposes same-sex marriage.[88]
  16. She had been active with one of the most nefarious groups in the USA–the highly secretive and Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council. Understanding how utterly repulsive ALEC – is a vital responsibility for every Citizen that is remotely interested in salvaging their emaciated Democracy.
  17. Despite her clear history of close association with the Koch brothers, Joni Ernst claims she doesn’t have any contact with outside groups running ads in her race.
  18. She is Koch puppet–(The Hill). The Koch’s took a “particular interest in helping her campaign.” Ernst was the first candidate in an open 2014 Senate race to benefit from “maxed out” personal contributions by the Koch’s. And Koch-backed groups such as Americans for Prosperity and the Freedom Partners Action Fund poured millions of dollars into Iowa, where Ernst enjoyed a $14 million outside-spending advantage over Braley.
  19. Koch Puppet: Last June, Ernst told attendees at a secret Koch donor summit in Dana Point, California that, although she started as “a little-known state senator from a very rural part of Iowa,” it was “the exposure to this group and to this network and the opportunity to meet so many of you, that really started my trajectory.”
  20. Ernst told business leaders in Des Moines complaining about negative ads run Koch groups “that she doesn’t  have any contact with outside groups running ads in her race” This is a lie— listen to the below audio.
  21. The report pointed out that Ernst frequently reminded voters and now constituents of her combat veteran status, and she has not corrected others when they suggest she led troops into battle. Ernst did not lead her troops into combat as one of the ads supporting her claims. Her troops were not combat personnel, and their mission was not combat. Essentially, she was in charge of a group of truck drivers. I am sure that the mission of supply delivery had many potential hazards, but driving trucks from one secure area to another secure area is not combat even if personnel were armed with M-16s.

Throughout the world–far right parties have a reputation for being antisemitic. How does a far right party suddenly fall in love with Israel?“An upcoming Republican National Committee trip to Israel is being fully funded by a hate group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an American civil rights organization.

The trip, which will take 60 RNC members to Israel for nine days beginning Saturday, is being paid for by a subsidiary of the American Family Association, which the law center  in a news release last week called a “hate group” known for its “extremism and its demonizing attacks on minorities.”

Jewish and Arab children want peace-David Avocado Wolfe

The 47 Senators who are the literal Pillars of the Stupidparty. Does it not strike you as odd that suddenly the Stupidparty is showing an unadulterated love for Israel? What other far right (hate) Group on the planet loves Israel? Do you really believe that Sarah Palin’s church in Alaska was never antisemitic, that evangelicals who all believe that Jews are going to hell (who blame Jews for the Crucifixion of Jesus), do you really believe that, suddenly, none of these people are antisemitic?The Stupidparty has only one Jew in the whole of congress. Back in 2014 they also only had one, Eric Cantor, and he pretty much admitted that his party had an antisemitic problem. The National Jewish Democratic Council released a statement on Cantor’s remarks: “It’s both admirable and disturbing in the extreme to hear Majority Leader Cantor’s candid remarks regarding the dual challenges of racism and antisemitism that he has detected in the House GOP caucus.”

So what is really going on? Actually, nothing but hatred is going on. You think I’m being hyperbolic? You think I’m being opinionated. Really?

Well, get a grip.

Now just look at the above photo through the eyes of a Stupidparty Disciple. First, they will see that Arab kid and this will rekindle all that Muslim profiling, the Iraq-attacked-us-on-9/11 nonsense, fear of those insane cowardly terrorists. Then they look at the Jewish kid and they think, well that kid is doomed to hell, but the Jews have done a pretty good job of containing /killing Arabs, and the second coming of Jesus will be in the Middle East. Arabs are worse than Jews—so keep the area cleansed of Arabs…

But this is only half the story.

One must also consider the Stupidparty disciple hatred of Obama–therefore anything he does must be wrong. Obama, like every other foreign leader, is simply trying to nudge Israel into complying with International law. But Obama must wrong because

a) he is Obama and

b) he talks to foreigners (forgetting that Netanyahu is a foreigner), because hate has no logic.

But there is one more big piece to the story. Jewish money is having a huge impact on the Stupidparty. Just one Billionaire Zealot Sheldon Adelson (advocates using nukes on Arabs) pretty much single-handedly financed the Newt Gingrich 2012 Presidential effort (Gingrich immediately starts Parroting the views of Netanyahu), once that campaign hit the rocks Abelson was happy to provide unlimited funds to Mitt Romney (Romney immediately starts Parroting the views of Netanyahu). As it was Romney was such a flawed candidate that Adelson held back from contributing much more than around $100m. But all that is now just the tip of the Iceberg.

How did the leader of the Traitorous 47, Tom Cotton, get elected? Yes, it was $1,000,000 from “the emergency committee for Israel”* – plus other such contributions. *The Emergency Committee for Israel is a right-wing[1] 501(c)(4) political advocacy organization in the United States.[2] The group’s board members include Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, former Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer, and conservative writer Rachel Abrams,[2] wife of Elliott Abrams.[3] Noah Pollak is its executive director.[2]

This organization also accused the Occupy Wall Street movement of being anti Semitic, which (if one has knowledge of the mechanics of the that protest group) is just infantile.

It is not just Adelson who is trying to buy up American Democracy and put it into lap of a foreign Government. Other Jewish Billionaires such as Paul Singer, Seth Klarman are upping the ante, big time.

Why would an antisemitic party bend over backwards to behave in a Traitorous fashion?

Antisemitic Republicans behave like traitors

Salon and the New York Times reports: Donors say the trend toward Republicans among wealthy, hawkish contributors is at least partly responsible for inspiring stronger support for Israel among party lawmakers who already had pro-Israel views.”Giving Netanyahu the floor of the U.S. Congress to criticize a standing president, writing letters to Iranian statesmen doing the same, and now partnering with Israel to further what Netanyahu sees as its interests, and placing those interests before those of the United States indicates a radical appropriation of the political process.

Now one could conceivably see these actions as emanating from sincere belief, but given the huge dollars flowing into the coffers of those who tow the Netanyahu line, one can more logically see these actions as motivated by things other than love of Israel. Indeed, that same New York Times article quotes Geoffrey Kabaservice, a Republican Party historian: “’Israel did not traditionally represent that kind of emotional focus for any element of the Republican Party,’ he said. ‘But the feeling now is that it is a winning issue, as it helps them to appear strong on foreign policy.’”  That, and collect bundles of cash.

So the antisemitic party, boasting just one Jew (a New Yorker) in Congress (compared to 28 Democrats) is happy to promote war in return for tons of money and all the political advantages of exciting it’s bigot base by disrespecting a Black-American President. Their hatred runs so deep and taps such a lucrative vein of electoral gold that they not only had contempt for the Logan act, but almost certainly worked with Netanyahu’s secret intelligence to undermine US foreign policy. This is not legal, but investigating such charges and putting 47 Senators into jail is not a task for a Black President. For example, if Obama had actually succeeded in removing one gun from one dyed in the wool moron, he may have invoked a civil uprising motivated by seeking a good ol’fashioned lynching. So imagine the likelihood of seeking justice for the 47 traitorous Senators.

Just for the record, the reasons why trying to undercut outreach to Iran is totally unacceptable, are explained here.

Other forms of hate:Any one one who is capable of critical thinking would not understand that the problems surrounding Ferguson— are rooted in a long history of racial antagony. This history is explained here.

Only 22% percent of SP  disciples believe Ferguson raises important racial questions.

Similarities to the way the peoples of Ferguson and Palestine are treated is explored here.

I have analyzed the Stupidparty’s and the far right affinity for domestic terrorism here.

Confederate bigotry is discussed here.

The reason for institutionalized misogyny within the Stupidparty is explained here.

The motivations of the four Stupidparty disciples looking to destroy Obamacare can only be explained by blind hatred—explained here.

Why does Stupidparty hate Science – explained here and here.

The racial motivations behind Voter suppression are explained here.

Supremely Stupidparty John Robert’s infantile notions about race are explored here.
I let the Pope explain why it is not OK to rape and pillage the planet here.

Indicators of rife bigotry in the Stupidparty base

1)      49% Believe Acorn stole 2012 election. PPP 2012 (BTW, with no funding, Acorn dissolved in 2010).

2)       51% Are “birthers.”

3)       57% Believe Obama is a Muslim.

4)       66% Believe Obama is a socialist.

5)       24% Believe he may be the Antichrist.

6)     62% In Ohio (not the silliest state) do not know whether Mitt deserved equal or more credit than Obama for Bin Laden’s death.

7)     Only 22% percent of SP  disciples believe Ferguson raises important racial questions.

8)     68% of Stupidparty voters believe the President should impeached for????* see below diagram for various reasons.

9)     Only 11% of SP disciples believe Obama loves America. This is a reaction to Giuliani’s sad statements and pitiful record regarding his own “family values”—a man who has many lessons to learn from Obama in that regard.

10)   62% of SP disciples believe Obama is secretly trying to take away every ones guns.

11)   44% of SP disciples believe that Obama is secretly trying to figure out a way to stay in office beyond 2017.

Have I missed a Pillar of the Stupidparty? Maybe Fox News or its sister in crime Hate Radio?

Stupidparty Math v. Myth
So has one of our parties become a hate GrOuP? Have I been Hyperbolic? Have I been opinionated?
If so where?

Are any of my statistics, case studies erroneous in any way? If you do vote for the Stupidparty, do you really feel comfortable with the company you keep? How are you conducting yourself to get the hate genie back in the bottle? Or are you enabling hatred? Is it time get off that bandwagon?Since I avoid opinions–I must leave the answer to this question up to you, the very patient and curious reader. By coming to your own decision, it becomes your responsibility.