How Fascist Tendencies are Already Bringing Back Nazi Style Slave Labor

It is pretty scary that this question actually has to be raised. But yes, we have gotten to this point. It is clear to me that the pieces are in place whereby this becomes a real concern. In this two-part analysis I will explain how the slide into the “hunger games” has already begun, which will only accelerate should the Stupidparty gain the Presidency.

Am I being hyperbolic? Absolutely not! For it is already written. The written laws, some already implemented (with many more just waiting to be implemented state by state, and there is a very sophisticated apparatus in place for just that (see ALEC)).

Consider the Trayvon Martin or the Flint water catastrophe. The only quibble one can have is with the definitions of Slave Labor and of Genocide. Well, as I will demonstrate, slave labor has actually begun and genocide—well stupidity is deadly, as I will prove time and time again.

Oh, and a note for Bernie Sanders fans—these two blogs will provide you guys with some amazingly underutilized talking points.

Does slave labor and genocide make economic sense?

During the 1920s and 1930s America’s unfettered capitalists looked at the rise of Hitler and really liked what they saw. They loved the end of German democracy in 1933. They really did! They loved the removal of regulations from the workplace and the removal of Liberals from the corridors of power.

They loved it so much that they actually planned a coup in the 1930s to turn the USA into a similar culture. Yes, these were powerful people like George Prescott Bush and his chums like Exxon Oil (called Standard Oil back then). Numerous American companies financed Hitler’s Germany right through 1942 and beyond. Standard Oil and Bush Companies actively took the side of the Germans throughout the War, providing patents to the Germans but not to the Allies.

No one is a slave to others. Even the labors are not the slaves to their boss because they are working for their wages not for the boss. Slavery was once followed in the ancient times, but now it has been thoroughly ignored by the people. Let us visit site to learn more about the slavery periods and the pain the people suffered.

Still, Hitler had one more thing up his sleeve that was making American Industrialists salivate—slave labor. Hitler had seen how Stalin had built massive infrastructure projects, a cheap agrarian labor force, and military capabilities on the back of slave labor (massive incarceration rates) and cheap labor (working for way less than the minimum wage).

Hitler must have concluded that his imperialistic ambitions lacked a competitive edge. There were lots of peoples, starting with the Jews, whom he despised. But once you start down that road, it is amazing how many groups meet such a special status—blacks, gays, the handicapped, immigrants, gypsies, foreigners, liberals, political dissidents.

Does this sound somewhat familiar?

Slave labor—it’s what built the pyramids, the Confederate South, and German efforts for world domination. Yes, it is great for the bottom line, the King, the ruling class, the business behemoths and their shareholders. It was the original premise of Auschwitz. By the end of the war, 25 percent of the German workforce was slave labor, but it was unadulterated hate and the reckless disregard for this pool of labor that eroded many of the benefits of such a business model.

American Companies such as Ford, General Motors, Kodak, Chase Bank, IBM, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Alcoa, MGM, Woolworths, Random House and, worst of all by a country mile, Standard Oil (Exxon) and, the largest investment bank in the world, Brown Brothers Harriman (of the Bush family and the real brains behind US intelligence leading to the founding of the CIA). All these Companies were enriching themselves by feasting themselves from the harvest of fascism.

William Farish pleaded no content to conspiring with Nazis.

Therefore there were just two problems for the American Industrialists, the Oligarchs in waiting. First, and to their dismay, Hitler made some military blunders and somehow contrived to lose the War. Secondly, and only as a result of this loss, it became an undeniable fact that mass, institutionalized genocide had taken place. Suddenly all those fascist lovers in the States, what could they do? Take the Koch family. Their dad was the typical fascist loving, abusive tyrant that was so much de rigueur at that time, but the family suddenly found themselves without an intellectual home that could be enunciated in the public forum. But we all know one cannot repress one’s DNA for long–it needs an outlet.

Salvation came for these guys in the form of Ayn Rand. It took them a while to figure it out–but in her alter ego–John Galt, these little fascists saw their fantasized selves. They could come out of the closet, call themselves libertarians and none would be the wiser. And they were right; we are none the wiser–as the growth of Stupidparty on the back of religious fundamentalism and a financially captive media constantly prevent society from asking the right questions. Here would be one example: Who do you think “won” the first Democratic debate?

the country is being lied to by the right wing corporate media

Let us dwell on how this right wing agenda is imposed on society: I will take a seemingly innocent example to illustrate how intellectually corrupted the media has become.

No, I will not go after the low hanging fruit–Fox News.

I will take a far more nuanced target—Anderson Cooper. CNN has self-evidently become a worthless news outfit ever since they forgot the original Ted Turner raison d’être. I do not dislike Anderson Cooper in the least. But I would like you to consider a very standard question he put to Bernie Sanders during the first Democratic primary debate. This was a question that I suspect few were bothered by, because it is just so par for the course:

“Senator Sanders. A Gallup poll says half the country would not put a socialist in the White House. You call yourself a Democratic Socialist. How can any kind of socialist win a general election in the United States?”

There are so many things wrong with this question, especially as posed by Vanderbilt heir Anderson Cooper, whose $100 million net worth outweighs the combined net worth of all the candidates he was grilling. But it gets worse, for not only is Anderson part of the 158 families that are effectively buying up US democracy—we now know he was (and therefore still is) part of the CIA.

Now the CIA–even before it was officially born in 1948 has been run by those same families–most notably by the Bush and Rockefellers, Yale Skull and Bones families that have been driving US foreign policy since the Second World War, and likely a great deal earlier than that.

But let us get back to actual question.

I will deal with the less important issue first—that would be the fact that in that same Gallup poll 47 percent of Americans would entertain the notion of a “socialist” as their elected leader. That is an earth shattering number, it would be like saying that 47 percent of Americans are atheists. But Anderson Cooper does not want to go down that road, does he?

My real problem with the question is that I do not even understand the question. What does Cooper even mean? What is a Socialist? What is a Capitalist? If we all had the same definition, then the question might be OK. So what is a Socialist–would it be North Korea, would it be Norway, the Conservative party of Britain? Would it be Obama? I genuinely have no idea–well, not in the American cultural context—because no one knows what the hell he or she is talking about. But the problem runs deeper than this ignorance, since there is no unanimous understanding of the concept, why ask the question? The question is not even a question, as it confers a label. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is making earth shattering allegations about the state of US democracy, allegations backed up by all the other Democratic candidates, except that waste of space Jim Webb.

So the real question is–does America still have Democracy?

And yet, Anderson asks, “Are you a socialist?” He is not interested in the message; he just wants to sideline the messenger. If Anderson Cooper was a legitimate journalist he would be asking about the substance of Sanders’s policies. He would take a statement made by Bernie Sanders and investigate its veracity. Or he could do what every journalist usually does–he could go and check out Bernie’s home state, Vermont, and look for where Bernie’s ideas have gone right or, even better, gone wrong.

But now comes the oddest part–have you noticed that no one has actually done that obvious due diligence–actually looked for Bernie’s Achilles heel? I mean, how tough can that be? He’s a longstanding socialist right? It is notoriously difficult for Senators to become President because it is so easy to play fast and loose with their voting records; so how hard can it be to destroy Sanders? He has been around since they invented the wheel–or was it affordable healthcare?

I forget.

He’s a bloody socialist for God’s sake, the American political equivalent to a devil-worshipper. I bet he does not even attend church every week. God will punish such sinners and send a plague upon their palace—in this case Vermont. Hell will freeze over as Vermont gets buried under twenty feet of snow. As plagues go, surely this is an easy one–with plenty of plausible deniability.

But as it happens I decided to do what every mainstream intellectually corrupted journalist has refused to do. I checked out the mathematical performance of Vermont–and I spotted the miracle on 34th street, for Santa does indeed live in Vermont and its residents get first dibs at all the goodies.

Here is my conclusion–which I will back up with exhaustive math–Vermont is the most “intelligent” overall state in the USA. You do not believe me? You would like the proof? Well eat your hearts out.

In this chart, the higher the number, the more Stupidparty/destitute the state is. Red bars = Stupidparty states. Blue= Democrat states.

The higher the red, the more "stupid" the state

Here are the supporting criteria, with every state ranked 1-50 on twenty different metrics.

Various rankings of best/worst states. Red is worse.

Mississippi is the worst state in the country–but the above table does not mean that Texas and Kansas are the second- and third-worst states, there will be other Red States that do worse.

I just happened to be doing an exercise on those three Red States and just happened to notice that Vermont was the best state in the country, about 400 percent better than Mississippi.

Numbers in red are not real numbers (lack of data or, in Kansas’s case I just got bored and went with the pattern–except for race where I could not see any pattern, and so gave Kansas the benefit of the doubt).

Thus, the red numbers are estimates. Note—I do give Vermont a pretty high (probably unfairly high) guesstimate on racism–I could not find any data, but was aware of a couple of police enforcement issues. I am not aware of any notable pattern of racism in Vermont.