From Tulsa to Baltimore: “Racism is Not Dead”

In this article below Jason Newell discusses the history of racism. He starts off by quoting a Stupidparty rep who declares the that racism is over, citing the election of Obama as proof. This piece provides historical context to the data that we have provided about what lead up to Baltimore and the back ground analysis we provide on Ferguson and another piece comparing the populations of Ferguson and now Baltimore with the Israel’s problems in the Middle East. If after this article, you have any doubt that this is a problem that must be understood, confronted and dealt with— then allow me to provide a jolt back into present day realities by  providing a postscript at the end of this piece.

So now to Jason’s piece:

Racism is dead—that is, according to some delusional conservatives. Check out this doozy from Republican Nevada Assembly member Michele Fiore (advocating for stringent voter ID laws):Tintina553

We’re in 2015 and we have a black president, in case anyone didn’t notice. And, at what point, do we stop dividing by design? And what point do we stop using the race card? We will stop when discrimination stops.”

Representative Fiore was responding to a question by a member of the NAACP, who asked her to provide a factual instance of voter fraud occurring within the State of Nevada—tongue tied, Fiore was quick to segue into a racial argument seeking to disregard the reality of structural and individual racism. Apparently, the election of an African-American president has ended all racial tensions in the United States: right now, both African-Americans and Caucasians are holding hands, imbibing, and engaging in conversations that lack any political subject matter. Racism is dead.

Now, anyone with a relatively unbiased perspective would see past my facetious scenario—what can be best described as a conservative wet dream—and be able to understand the contemporary realities of American race relations: racism is alive and well. But before delving into the events in Baltimore, I find it necessary to discuss some of the primary causes of African-American disenfranchisement, starting with the early years of the United States.

Slavery, prior to the legal implementation of white suffrage, was an economic system that enslaved both whites and blacks. More specifically, white indentured servants, white slaves, and African slaves shared a similar legal standing— all three groups didn’t have the ability to vote: this right was limited to white property owners (i.e., old white men with hideous wigs). Life in the early Colonial Era between the subjugated groups, was, in a way, less contentious: after a day’s work, the pub was a place to unwind and discuss personal gripes—“white consciousness” within the United States, when compared to the way we perceive it today, had not yet come to fruition. Then came the 1790 White Male Suffrage Acts passed in numerous states. At this moment, free blacks were no longer permitted to vote, while their enslaved counterparts were enfranchised and thus had the capacity to improve their social standing.

From this point on, the majority of whites became unified against African-American slaves. For another seventy-eight years, the majority of African-Americans were kept in chains and considered the property of their masters. What’s more, the nation had to fracture before mainstream political entities took notice of the danger that the “slavery issue” posed to the stability of the relatively new nation. As we all know, slavery officially ended with the passage of the 13th Amendment, but not after a brutal civil war. Incidentally, to their convenience, contemporary Republicans idealize their party’s role in dismantling the institutional of slavery—which I can concede is a verifiable fact—but what they don’t seem to realize is the role progressive thought had in the movement. Republicanism of the Civil War period is not analogous to the current era, and comparing the two does a disservice to history. Progressive Republicans helped topple the immoral institution of slavery.

Furthermore, the Republican Party, years later, fractured with the split between competing factions: the Bull Moose Party, led by Teddy Roosevelt, came to be as a result of an ideological schism within the Republican Party due to progressives becoming disappointed with Taft’s catering to more conservative elements. By the 1930s, the progressives joined the New Deal Coalition—contemporary Republicans seem to forget this significant ideological split. Dear Republican Party, just stop trying to take credit for something your party no longer stands for. Thank you.

All the while, African-Americans, although technically free, were terrorized by the KKK (America’s first terrorist organization), forced into sharecropping (a peonage system), segregated, and had limited voting rights. And even more troubling, white riots, in response to black migration to industrial cities—known as the Great Migration—brought turmoil to newly settled African-American communities: one such community being Tulsa, Oklahoma, aptly named the Black Wall Street. Tulsa’s African-American community consisted of doctors, lawyers, financiers, and a thriving business class, but this “dream city” came to an end with one factually dubious event. White Tulsans, for days, believing that a white girl had been raped by a black man in an elevator—an unsubstantiated claim—completely annihilated Black Wall Street. With no property insurance, African-Americans (who were also being massacred at the time) were forced to evacuate and had their properties quickly bought up by ravenous racists.

The Destruction of Black Wall Street

Often forgotten, Tulsa brings one important perspective to the table: mob behavior is not confined to any particular racial demographic. By the way, I’m not condoning the aggressive mischief that transpired in Baltimore, but contrary to arguments mentioned on social media, the notion that rioting is a uniquely African-American genetic trait is an outwardly racist assertion. In addition, there lies one key difference between the African-American riots of the last sixty years and white race riots (such as what occurred in Tulsa): white objectives, were, for the most part, motivated by an explicit hatred of the color of a person’s skin, while the more recent African-American riots are a result of excessive police force, extreme poverty, white flight, gentrification, racially restricted covenants, and institutionalized racism—all causes for concern.

Nonetheless, the conservative media, and their zombie-like followers, in their coverage of Baltimore were focused on burning buildings, looting, and adolescent mischief—what they failed to see were community leaders protesting peacefully and bringing order to their community. And what was lost in all of this? The tragic death of Freddie Gray. The sensationalist media, with high ratings prioritized over more balanced coverage and objective journalism, were fixated on the destruction of Baltimore rather than the systemic social and economic issues plaguing the city.

The death of Freddie Gray, however, is just one example of injustices perpetrated against the African-American community: names like Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Levar Jones, Walter L. Scott, or Eric Courtney are but a sample of young African-American men shot for 1) petty, non-violent crimes or 2) no reason at all. And while the facts of some of these cases may be in dispute, one thing isn’t: police departments, in numerous cities across the United States, are systematically targeting African-Americans (see the DOJ report of Ferguson), or individuals employed by these police departments harbor racist sentiments.

Baltimore Riots 2015

Sadly, all too often, conservatives center on African-American crime rates—rates inflated by the failed war on drugs—and assume that blacks victimized by police officers “deserve what is coming to them.” There are even those who are quick to invoke the red herring argument of “well, they’re just killing themselves [referring to gang violence] in the inner city anyway, so why bother?” Why bother? It’s simple: police officers who kill unarmed African-American men are held to a higher moral standard than a gang banging criminal. Does a criminal swear an oath to protect the public? No, but a cop does:

“On my honor,
I will never betray my badge,
            my integrity, my character, 
            or the public trust.
I will always have
the courage to hold myself
and others accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the constitution
my community and the agency I serve.”

Is a cop required to abide by a set of constitutional guidelines when pursuing a suspect or making an arrest? Yes. The U.S. Constitution mandates it. So please, don’t spew the bullshit argument that police brutality should be considered a “peripheral issue” due to African-American gangs murdering each other on a daily basis.

Remember that perspectives matter. As a young, privileged white male, my opinion is secondary to the everyday struggles of the African-American community—and while I’m informed and sympathetic to the societal issues plaguing this subjugated group, I still have one eye closed. My generation in particular—i.e., the future leaders of America—needs to see racial issues from competing lenses in order to draw a more balanced interpretation of the African-American struggle: every community has issues—some being more severe, and some less so—but if you believe that the African-American community’s troubles are solely due to an issue of morality, liberal policies, and “hip hop culture,” you’re surely misguided. Systemic racism is real, it’s here, and it’s continuing to marginalize a demographic that has been beaten down, both figuratively and literally, too many times.

In the end, it’s crucial to analyze the African-American struggle from a broader historical context—a few sensationalist media stories barely scratches the surface of the primary casual factors behind systemic racism.

Slavery may have ended, but racism never did.


Tintina845Postscript by Patrick Andendall:

We have now accumulated overwhelming data in other stories to prove that racism is a huge issue. It is tough to find any evidence of racism amongst Democratic leaders, but there was some evidence of it  amongst some Democratic voters, (especially in more rural districts of the “Redder” states) in the 2008 primary race between Obama and Hillary Clinton. Reverse racism is silly – and invariably promoted by individuals totally oblivious to what racism is, how it occurs and why it is such a massive issue. Since voter fraud is mathematically irrelevant Voter suppression efforts are therefore rooted in Racism, “Birtherism” is rooted in racism, Only 22% of Stupidparty voters believe that the problems in Ferguson where connected with Race. Endless absurd Obama Conspiracy theories, the latest being the talk of the Army at Obama’s bidding, invading Texas – like right now.  Obama for no rational reason is accused of being born in Kenya, a Socialist, Jihad supporter – countless other forms of hogwash. Confederates still argue that the Civil War was not about race, it was evidently about States Rights (to have slaves), The Supreme Court has revealed it’s true Colors in its naive comments about race. I explain why I believe Donald Trump is a racist as he knowingly trumps false information to inflame racism – and for me that is enough to qualify one as racist. Various pillars of the Stupidparty inflame such nonsense to such epic levels, that one can actually begin to ask if the Stupid party is becoming a hate group

Jeb Bush: His Horrendously Horrible Histories part 1

Barbara Bush really hoped this day would never come. Powerful forces are taking a big risk, but the potential returns are evidently worth it. By Jeb running – we all get one last shot at finding out the secrets and lies – that are what make the Bush Dynasty. 
Patrick Andendall

Bush Family Dynasty

How do the Bush kids get what ever their hearts desire. How does a disgraced Texas Guard alumni with no piloting ability get to dress up and act out his Tom Cruise fantasy having launched an illegal War – all so that he could play being commander in Chief. How does W. get to hide his past misdeeds and his total lack of business acumen – his failure at everything he touches. How does Joe Jeb get to play “let’s be a business man” or “I want to be Governor”. How does Joe Jeb get to build a resume out of thin air.It all boils down to big Daddy. Other clownish Stupidparty contenders can always receive virtually unlimited funds from the likes of Koch or Sheldon Adelson -in return for being willing to obliviously substitute their vacuous intellect and fill that void with myth based propaganda. Such tooled propaganda machines designed to mold the electorate into virtual slave labor, free of any consumer protections, labor protections or voter rights protections. Molded to be used for the sole purpose of enriching the asset strippers. The day of Joe the plumber has arrived, the very same pathetic Joe that is so concerned about a tax bracket that only impacts the top 0.5% of the population. But Joe the Jebster need not fret about competing with the clowns. Unlike the Joe the Plumber -he does not even have to invent his false reality—as this has all been created for him already. Daddy’s net work is so massive that his offspring need not worry about having to pander to the Oligarchs, or worry about anything for that matter, assuming that the few Journalists who are actually competent, can be marginalized.

Joe Jeb  does not need to pander to the Koch empire. No Bush needs to – not since the 1950’s – When George Bush Sr. joined his Yale Skull and Bones chums, both inside and out side the Texas Oil baron financed CIA. From the the Iranian coup of 1953—leading to the  installation of a CIA sponsored puppet, the fortuitous (for big Oil) JFK  assassination, even Watergate (Nixon may well have been setup) then the Iranian hostage crisis.  Bush later CIA head (no one at the time realizing that he had been a CIA operative for decades), then VP, VP and President, having secured the power protectorate of the Saudi Royal family, nurturing Al Qaeda, assisting Pakistan in acquiring the Bomb, the Bush Jr. cover ups including the invented religious conversion—no the Bush dynasty through their contacts have as many resources as they need. But if you are really paying attention – the ghosts keep emerging from the deeply buried past. This is because the Bush kids are pretty dimwitted.

Skulls And Bones Bush Family

The Bush family – more than any family has been a friend of big Oil – and American foreign policy has been dictated by oil interests ever since. JFK trying to stop the “Yale’s” running the CIA, unceremoniously firing the head of the CIA—only later to be taken out by an individual who had been “minded” by several CIA operatives over a long period of time. I strongly suspect that only one group of individuals would had the financing and sophisticated set of tools  to pull off such a brilliantly planned and executed event and the all the subsequent elaborate red herrings.

CIA or Central Intelligence Agency is the foreign intelligence service of American government. Its primary purpose is to provide acquiring, processing and examining the national security information from all over the world. The agency provides intelligence on global basis for the changing social, economic and political scenario. To know more about CIA click here Bitcoin Loophole

George Bush Sr. had already built up massive network of influence as a CIA operative since the 1950’s and his closeness to the adversaries of JFK, his fickle and fake loyalty to Nixon – meant that he was always going to have the inside track to the Presidency. The whole ethos of the Yale Skull and Bones Illuminati and their vast network of connected business and media buddies*— was to scratch each others back.
(*including the Washington Post and Bob Woodward)
Virtually all today’s foreign policy problems, and the threat to the Global Environment has a root in the Bush family mini Oligarchy within its secret self. Jeb is part of that family, it’s corrosive legacy and he is minded by the same power network:As other Republicans travel the country laying the groundwork for 2016 presidential campaigns, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is raising private-equity funds for oil and gas ventures.Joe Jeb, whose family made much of its fortune in Texas oil, teamed with former Credit Suisse Group AG and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. bankers to create an investment firm based in Coral Gables, Florida, according to regulatory filings disclosed last month.

Pawel Kuczynski

One under-explored avenue of Bush’s business dealings has been the China connection. Given that Bush may soon be vying to be commander-in-chief, it seems untoward that he would be close to the country that is our greatest economic rival, but that’s exactly what the former Florida governor has done. As a part of his possible quest for the White House, he has resigned from a slew of corporate and nonprofit boards, which served as a platform over the past seven years to make him filthy rich……    In 2013, Bush’s private equity business Britton Hill Holdings invested in BH Logistics, which last spring raised $26 million from a variety of investors including HNA group, which is based in Hainan. It also operates 500 jets as part of a subsidiary, Hainan Airlines.“For the Chinese, the Bush name and the Bush connections to energy are a natural marriage,” China business scholar Derek Scissors told BloombergPolitics. “This is a classic example of the way sophisticated Chinese firms work. They don’t want to get involved directly in a U.S. start-up that’s involved in shale, so they’ll take a minority stake to keep a lower profile. They’re looking for political protection, and the Bush name legitimizes the investment and makes him a perfect partner.”

The Bush family have Oil for Blood, and more than any other family they are responsible for the two Iraq Wars, the Oil wealth of our Middle Eastern enemies, the consequent radicalization of of Islam, financing both sides of the unnecessary Oil Wars we fight, the refusal to acknowledge Global warming. Bush Sr. and his Skull and Bones CIA buddies connections to the bay of pigs fiasco, likely leading to the JFK assassination – was to re emerge 30 years years later and have an impact on Joe Jeb’s disastrous business activities:

Joe Jeb used to full advantage the fact that Bush Sr & Jr occupied the White House or the Vice Presidential position for 20 years in the Period 1980 though 2008.  This power base gets refortified with each Bush accession to power. In return the Bush babies can get anything their little spoilt hearts desire. Eventfully such easy access to power is bound to soil the abilities of the recipients of such largess. Less and less talent is actually required.

Definition of Insanity

The New York Times reports the stream of requests to the White House from Jeb Bush, a young but well-connected Republican leader in South Florida, ranged from the weighty and urgent to the parochial and mundane.In 1985, he sent an emotional letter pressing his father, Vice President George Bush, to investigate the detention of Cuban children in Texas, asking, “Shouldn’t there be some compassion?” (The vice president’s reply: “Heartbreaking.”)

In 1989, after his father became president, Mr. Bush offered his recommendation for the next Supreme Court opening. (“Your suggestion will be given thoughtful consideration,” a senior aide responded.)

In 1990, Mr. Bush lobbied the White House to meet with executives of the telecommunications giant Motorola — fostering a relationship that would later aid his own political ambitions. (The chief of staff did meet with Motorola, as did President Bush.)

For the 12 years that his father held national elective office, Mr. Bush used his unique access to the highest reaches of government to seek favors for Republican allies, push his views and burnish his political profile in his home state, a review of presidential library records shows. In the process, Mr. Bush carefully constructed an elaborate and enduring network of relationships in Florida that helped lead to his election as governor in 1998 and, now, to his place as a top contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

Everything Joe Jeb gets is handed to him on a platter forged out of blood money. 

After graduating from Texas University, Jeb Bush served a short apprenticeship at the Venezuelan branch of Texas Commerce Bank in Caracas before settling in Miami, in 1980, to work on his father’s unsuccessful primary bid against Ronald Reagan. Campaigning for Dad was hardly a paying job. But Jeb was about to learn that being one of George Bush’s sons means never having to circulate a résumé.

In the next few years, financial support flowed to Jeb through Miami’s right-wing Cuban community. Republican party politics and a series of business scandals — including Medicaid fraud and shady S&L deals — were inextricably intertwined. A former federal prosecutor told Mother Jones that, when he looked into Jeb’s lucrative business dealings with a now-fugitive Cuban, he considered two possibilities — Jeb was either crooked or stupid. At the time, he concluded Jeb was merely stupid.

And it is not like the Bush kids are not warned – Being the Presidents son’s the kids get Secret Service protection— the Secret Service keep tabs on potential problem areas. “The agent slumped back in his chair and sighed. “We warn them,” he said in a whisper. “But that’s all we can do. We can’t stop these kids from associating with someone they want to be with. All we can do after warning them is to sweep these guys with metal detectors when they come around.”

Bay of Pigs Life Cover

By 1984, Jeb had been made chairman of the Dade County Republican party, and it was as Republican party chief that he nuzzled up to con man Camilo Padreda. Padreda was serving as Dade County GOP finance chairman and had raised money for the party from Miami’s Cuban community. (He had also been a counterintelligence officer for deposed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.) Padreda made his living as a developer who specialized in deals with the corrupt Department of Housing and Urban Development. In 1986, he hired Jeb as the leasing agent for a vacant commercial-office building, which Padreda had built with $1.4 million in federal loans — loans approved by HUD officials, oddly enough, even though they knew there was already a glut of vacant office space in Miami.Like so many of those who would attach themselves to the Bush sons over the years, Padreda brought some hefty luggage with him. In 1982, four years before teaming up with Jeb, Padreda, along with another right-wing Cuban exile, Hernandez Cartaya, was indicted and accused of looting Jefferson Savings and Loan Association in McAllen, Texas. The federal indictment charged that the pair had embezzled over $500,000 from the thrift. (Cartaya was also charged with drug smuggling, money laundering, and gun running.) But the Jefferson Savings case would never go to trial.

Soon after the indictment, FBI officials got a call from someone at the CIA warning the agents that Cartaya was one of their own — a veteran of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion — according to a prosecutor who worked on the case. In short order, the charges against Padreda were dropped and the charges against Cartaya were reduced to a single count of tax evasion. (Assistant U.S. Attorney Jerome Sanford was furious and filed a demand with the CIA, under the Freedom of Information Act, for all documents relating to the agency’s interference in his case. The CIA, citing national-security reasons, denied Sanford’s request.)

Jeb Bush Skeletons In Closet

In 1985 Joe set up shop in Miami and established strong ties to the right wing Cuban exile community. He was quickly brought under the wing of Armando Codina, a real estate developer and longtime political supporter of the family and its staunch backing of the Cuba embargo; Jeb got a 40% share of the real estate Company’s profits with out investing in the firm. The duo were bailed out for a loan default with taxpayers footing the bill, in excess of $3m.In 1986 Jeb was involved in yet another Cuban CIA fraught scandal -this time the individual is Miguel Recarey who was running a fast growing HMO racket in Florida -and in spite of efforts to investigate – the CIA would always stone wall and threaten any one asking too many questions:

IMC was run by Cuban-American Miguel Recarey, a character with a host of idiosyncrasies. He carried a 9-mm Heckler & Koch semiautomatic pistol under his suit coat and kept a small arsenal of AR-15 and Uzi assault rifles at his Miami estate, where his bedroom was protected by bullet-proof windows and a steel door. It apparently wasn’t his enemies Recarey feared so much as his friends. He had a long-standing relationship with Miami Mafia godfather Santo Trafficante, Jr., and had participated in the illfated, CIA-inspired mob assassination plot against Fidel Castro in the early 1960s. (Associates of Recarey add that Trafficante was the money behind Recarey’s business ventures.)

Recarey’s brother, Jorge, also had ties to the CIA. So it was no surprise that IMC crawled with former spooks. Employee résumés were studded with references to the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Cuban Intelligence agency; there was even a fellow who claimed to have been a KGB agent, An agent with the U.S. Office of Labor Racketeering in Miami would later describe IMC as a company in which “a criminal enterprise interfaced with intelligence operations.”

Rick Scott Jeb Bush Koch Brothers Scandal

Recarey also surrounded himself with those who could influence the political system. He hired Jeb Bush as IMC’s “real-estate consultant.” Though Jeb would never close a single real-estate deal, his contract called for him to earn up to $250,000 (he actually received $75,000). Jeb’s real value to Recarey was not in real estate but in his help in facilitating the largest HMO Medicare fraud in U.S. history.More about Joe Jeb’s business acumen, simplistic moral code and shockingly Palinesque foreign policy aptitude will be discussed in Part 2.

But when I say that Bush does not need the Oligarchs, that does not mean that he has not been in their pockets. Since the Bush family as a whole have done more damage to the environment than any one can imagine – it might interesting to connect some dots that do not pertain oil.

Joe Jeb has been working on beefing up his Green credentials. But we need to put these efforts into perspective. The average land elevation in Florida is six feet, so ignoring Global warning while being Governor of Florida would not only make you an certifiable idiot, but also I would only hope—criminally negligent. (Talking of Idiots, the present day Governor of Florida and fellow Koch Industry lackey Rick Scott, who used to deny global warming , will now not talk about it.)

Georgia-Pacific Pulp and Paper Mill

Joe Jeb was Governor of Florida 1999 -2007. Paper Mills have been big business in Florida since the Great Depression. One of the big players—Georgia Pacific was acquired by Koch Industries in 2005 . The Governor gets to pick who heads the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (the FDEP). Jeb Bush’s FDEP head would eventually leave to take a top position with another transnational paper company, International Paper. Now hold on – wouldn’t that be like putting a alcoholic in charge of a brewery. Worse still—wouldn’t that be like George W Bush and Dick Chaney formulating US Energy policy by only inviting Oil Industry Executives to their extremely secretive meetings.“In the first half of Jeb Bush’s first term, higher level staff of the FDEP worked closely behind closed doors with Georgia-Pacific to outline how it could best win approval for a pipeline to transfer the Georgia-Pacific paper mill’s point of discharge from Rice Creek to the St. Johns River. This is the “dilution is the solution to pollution” mode of conduct preferred by industry, which would rather not recycle and treat the discharges on land when discharging into a water body will produce cost-savings.”

Well, you do not have to be a rockets scientist to figure out what happens next

“Tons of toxic waste is being dumped into St. Johns River, daily, by the Koch Brothers company, Georgia-Pacific. Aspects of the deal allowing Georgia Pacific to massively assault the environment, were misleading, sometimes illegal, and unbeknownst to the local citizens. Florida Governor Rick Scott and former Governor (and Republican presidential hopeful), Jeb Bush, are also involved.”

Florida Flooded

But beware the Bush family are masters of re invention, spin, and red herrings. 
Bush 2 had to cover up his past drunkenness, business failures, abandonment a pregnant girl friend—never seeing her again after an abortion crisis, and not being able to safely pilot a fighter jet. This was all done by pretending to be reborn, pretending to land that fighter plane during that staged Mission Accomplished fiasco, pretending to be a Cowboy (buying that ghastly Texas non ranch, ranch) and bury all his dirty laundry – which his Dad, is the world’s leading master at.So now Joe Jeb will be doing much the same. He will shed all his corporate and non-profit board memberships, given to him as an investment in anticipated power pay back.  In order to distance himself from all the oil blood money that runs through his veins he will, I predict, cause a distraction by becoming the first Stupidparty leader to acknowledge Global Warming. This will piss off many of the Oligarchs, but Joe Jeb does not need them and in fact by creating such a frisson he will reinvent himself as the Champion of the Oligarch killers. A gladiator for the people. Quite rich since his brethren have effectively been running US foreign policy for their own profit since 1953.

JFK Assassination Associated Murder Statistics

So as Joe Jeb gears up – so must we to. We must make Barbara Bush’s worst nightmare come true. We must not just go after Joe Jeb -we need to go after the whole Bush dynasty – so that their true agenda can no longer darken the hallways of power again  – and their net work gets neutered once and for all. The fact is that Jeb has earned nothing on his own name, but everything on the Bush name—cashing in countless chips, even those chips that surely needed to remain in the Bush family netherworld. But Jeb was such a dope, so greedy, so spoilt— in going after all that low hanging fruit to enrich himself, the Bush’s so complacent in their apparent success in covering up so much – means we the people have both the right and the opportunity to actually find out more about the Bush family – specifically all leading back to George Bush Sr. the most Machiavellian politician is US history.Joe Jeb is worse than the clowns and as bad as the other Oligarchs in waiting.

Jeb Bush is a very unimpressive individual – like the Romney kids but with benefit of being allowed to drink alcohol – thus making him far from dull. But this void in talent means that what must fill that void must be the main concern. A combination of a great deal of relatively new pieces of fact checked investigative Journalism, death bed revelations and more information in the public domain—(thus carrying more weight than older research) and now Jeb probably seeking the top Job—means that we can get closer to the truth than ever. We can start by looking at wondering why Bill O’Reilly was so anxious to lie in his recent book – and after that we can allow the Math, the new found facts, all the connecting dots, to do the talking. America needs to confront and learn from it’s past, so that we can all pave a brighter future. Its not simply the slogan “we are all American’s” – that is simply not good enough. “We are all mankind”—and mankind desperately needs a noble and intelligent America. Obama has successfully and against all odds clawed back some respect— but those wins can be undone in a jiffy, if we don’t beat up and look around the Bush.

Whose side are you on – the people of Baltimore or the forces empowering a militarized police?


1) Gun Culture: And the recent series of events that have been occurring in the USA.

Virtually every day it seems that there is another black guy being shot by a cop. Are we imagining this? Are the media just doing what they do –dramatizing a narrative to get ratings?  Or is there something seriously insidious going on and if so what is happening and why is it happening.Riots in Baltimore

Let’s look at the numbers: I started by trying to look at the data for European Countries. This proved to be a problem because there appears to be no pattern of such incidences. Evidently British police fired off three bullets in the last year – no apparent deaths or injuries–so perhaps they were officiating at a track meet? There was a death in 2011 and there were headlines about British police being “Trigger Happy”. There may have been some recent European shootings of Terrorists – but beyond that I couldn’t find any pattern and the lack of a pattern is in itself a pattern – that being that fatal police shootings in Europe are not a meaningful issue. I wonder why?

The Rest of the World Compared to the USA. (Gun Ownership)

Gun Ownership Chart


1) Gun Culture:And the recent series of events that have been occurring in the USA.

So that leads to the USA –and it will not take long to establish a pattern. Before we drill down consider that it is projected that sometime in 2015, Gun Deaths will become more ubiquitous in the USA than Auto fatalities— at over 30,000 lives per year. By way of comparison in the UK automobiles are 1,300% more deadly than guns (using 2011 data). The growing childishness of American gun culture can be seen quite clearly by analyzing school shootings.

US School Shootings Per Year

And of course the more Stupidparty the state, the sillier the gun culture gets –with obvious consequences:



So Within this context we can now look at Fatal Police Shootings:

What is so remarkable is that there is no reliable data on police shootings—up until very recently at least. Yes the FBI tries and others, but the reporting requirements are suspect and not all precincts report. I guess the reason is that police shooting people has never been a big cause for concern. Well we are damn well concerned right now. Do we have good reason? To answer this we are going to have to be a bit more creative in order to get a true reflection on what is going on.

First it appears that we do have good data on violent crimes – and this is important because this will help put police fatal shootings into a more revealing perspective.

Violent Crimes 1991-2013

Note how violent crimes have halved over the last twenty years. This has occurred for numerous reasons. But this reduction has not occurred because of the presence of more Guns (a myth promoted by the NRA) –we know this myth is claptrap because the number of households owning a gun has not increased, so unless you are John Wayne in the climactic scene of the movie True Grit, one eyed, on a horse, gripping the reins in his mouth, firing off multiple guns at the bad guys—having fifteen guns in your collection will make little difference in your ability to defend yourself, your ability to shoot your irritating neighbor, or offensive spouse. But perhaps your kid’s exposure to an accident might be significantly higher.

Now we need to try and figure out what is happening with regard to fatal police shootings. I have had to access various different data bases – because I really struggled to find consistency, no surprise if no one is keeping tabs. But one would hope that with the police having to contend with half as many violent crimes – that the need to use a gun would also halve.

But what I discovered was that this was far from the case. I seemed to find some consensus on the following 1) Data seems somewhat easier to get in more recent years 2) Everyone seems to agree that the official numbers significantly understate the true numbers 3) Thanks to statistician guru Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight website we may actually have credible numbers since May 1, 2013 from a Facebook page titled  Killed by Police

Fatal Police Shootings Per Year

I used three different sources Green US Department of Justice Red the FBI and Blue the Nate Silver recommended Killed by police. As per Mr. Silver’s recommendations, I took the Facebook data and multiplied by .85   I arrived at my 2013 number by increasing the 8 months of data by 50%. I did a similar pro-rated exercise to project a total for 2015 using data at March 18th, 2015

I believe we have established the trends are not only disturbing but far worse than they appear— not only are numbers grossly understated but this is happening against a backdrop of a rapidly declining violent crime environment. An absurd gun culture is clearly evident. It is impossible to have an intelligent conversation about this because the NRA is not capable of acting in good faith, having been hijacked by the extremist nine member “nominating committee” and has become on odious organization as a result.

Want proof?—that the NRA does not give a damn about its members, the general public or law enforcement?

Background Check on Sale of Guns by Gun Demographic

85%-74% of NRA members favor a waiting period for purchase of handguns,

82% of Americans support limiting the sales of military‐style assault weapons,

94% of police chiefs favor requiring a background check for all hand guns sales.

The following statistics rated true by Polifacts:

That poll found that 82 percent of gun owners were in favor of required background checks, including 74 percent of individuals with current or former memberships in the NRA.

PolitiFact identified two other 2013 polls of gun owners. A Pew Research Center poll taken of 1,502 adults from Jan. 9-13, 2013, found 85 percent of some 529 polled gun owners in favor of making private gun sales and sales at gun shows subject to background checks — nearly identical to the Luntz poll. The gun-owner results had a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points. A CBS/New York Times poll conducted of 1,110 adults from Jan. 11-15, 2013, showed that 85 percent of respondents living in a household with an NRA member supported universal background checks.

2) Increasing Bigotry:

Now we need to look closer at the racial question that every one (capable of critical thinking) recognizes is an issue. Because this is done per million, the under-counting problem discussed above is moot for the below graphic.

Fatal Shootings White Black 2010-2012

But surely the Supreme Court just recently indicated that Race was a problem of the past and thus scrubbed laws that prevented states with a history of racism from indulging is racist voter suppression strategies. Voter suppression is born out of racism, because it is promoted on the back of inflaming fears of voter fraud. But since Voter Fraud is Mathematically Irrelevant is mathematically irrelevant, there is no case for voter suppression.

So what is up with the Supremely Stupidparty Court? 

“Chief Justice Supremely SP John Roberts we are seeing a textbook example of the myopia, lack of self-awareness, and narrow-mindedness that can result from attending the non-racially-diverse Roman Catholic grade and boarding schools in 1960s and 1970s small-town, rural, overwhelmingly-white Indiana….”

But if we are in post racial phase – how would the Supremely Stupidparty Court explain the following profile of Stupidparty supporters on issues relating to race. By way of example, if you choose be a birther you are choosing to reveal remarkable ignorance to the point of being a racist. I explain why Donald Trump is racist, since I can show that he himself is not interested in the facts— and that he is just part of inherent racism/bigotry within The Seven Pillars of Stupidparty Hate. Do we have a Party of Hate?

1)  49% Believe Acorn stole 2012 election. PPP 2012. (With no funding, Acorn dissolved in 2010)

2)  51% Are “birthers.”

3)  57% Believe Obama is a Muslim.

4)  66% Believe Obama is a socialist.

5)  24% Believe he may be the Antichrist.

6)  90% Are oblivious to the fact that 95% of population had tax cuts at time of 2012 election.

7)  Only 22% percent of SP  disciples believe Ferguson raises important racial questions. racial-party-lines

8)  68% of Stupidparty voters believe the President should be impeached for????

9)  Only 11% of SP disciples believe Obama loves America. This is a reaction to Giuliani’s sad statements and pitiful record regarding his own “family values” —a man who has many lessons to learn from Obama in that regard Many young people don’t love America

10)  62% of SP disciples believe Obama is secretly trying to take away every ones guns

11)  44% of SP disciples believe that Obama is secretly trying to figure out a way to stay in office beyond 2017.

Racism, or at least the need to excite racists out of their caves, seems to have grown exponentially with Obama as President and the growth of the ultra-silly wing of the Stupidparty especially since 2010. This alongside the increasingly absurd gun culture appears to be leading to more shootings in schools, outside of schools and by the police.  But we are still missing one vital component.

3) The Consequence of absurd Income Discrepancy trends

Back to our police force that operate in and are clearly part of this racist context. Now we know that the Stupidparty loathes unions. But there is an exception –police unions. Historically, they have been in bed with the Stupidparty. The Stupidparty needs the police to enforce law and order. Why?

Stupidparty is totally beholden to the special interests that are determined to maintain the unsustainable income discrepancy trends by giving even more tax breaks to the wealthy whilst funding such tax breaks by cutting social programs. They popularize such measures by appealing to the easily stoked prejudices of their base. Populist politicians promoting poverty.

US Real Average After-Tax Income

Creating an environment that can only lead to more social injustice, an environment where one can always find a justification for a police shooting.

Riots in Baltimore Sean Hannity Stupidparty

Now see how Stupidparty reps distorts the situation and effectively sends the message that shooting someone in the back is OK.

Sean Hannity:

And his record I mentioned earlier — it has nothing to do with — you know, what happened in this case. I assume that it probably was connected to why he ran and his relationship with police at that time. I mean it’s pretty extensive.

You know there’s a simple solution in terms of for other people going forward is: don’t be involved in the sale of drugs, don’t think police are your enemies, don’t run at 8:30 in the morning when you see a cop, and certainly that is a part that he plays in this equation.

Cutting benefits, the safety net—because of the “47% moochers”—harping on about food stamps.  Stupidparty reps love to bring up food stamps –because the Stupidparty base is under the erroneous notion that minorities are the prime beneficiaries and that feeding lazy parasitic blacks is a waste of  taxpayer money. That base is oblivious to the fact that they will not be gaining anything by such actions. Additionally they are wrong on so many levels. It is Red States that are the “Moocher” States – because economic policies designed for the haves (trickle down) simply do not work as well as trickle up:

Conservative State Dependency

The United States is the only country in the world where the struggling class (aka middle class) has been duped into voting against their own economic interests.

Stupidparty Maryland State Delegate Patrick McDonough suggested last week that parents did not deserve to continue receiving food stamps if they refused to stop their children from protesting the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Now let’s dispel some more myths regarding Food Stamps.

Food Stamp Myth BusterSo let’s get this right – whilst we needlessly impoverish huge swathes of the country. Needlessly— you ask. The USA is the best right, the wealthiest country right?

Child Poverty Rankings by Country So whilst the USA needlessly impoverishes huge swathes of the country, it now needs to find ways to “maintain order”. Well the “Stand your Ground” laws introduced and promoted by Who is Alec and Why should we Care (a front for a group of people trying to turn the country into an oligarchy) have effectively legalized the murder of unarmed black kids – as is clearly the case in the The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Now you have the spread of “open carry”- which is clearly a white man’s privilege. At the moment they are mainly accidentally shooting off their own appendages, often the very appendage that houses the Stupidparty brain. But we already have an adult Georgia man flaunts gun at local Little League field intimidating parents and childrens sporting event—and it will not be long before a “biased” referee gets what’s coming to him. This will be a white parent, because any black parent carrying a gun would have already been shot in the back by a police officer. These police officers now being appropriately armed and excused for over reacting in virtually any scenario:

The Stupidparty Praetorian Guards gets special perks:

As the National Review reports: “It’s Time to Take On Police Unions Read more at:, law-enforcement culture has tended to place the interests of unions and officers above those of the community. Police unions have lobbied against greater transparency in day-to-day policing and against internal-review policies or public-records laws that would shine light on complaints filed against officers, among other proposals. Inevitably, the justification given in these cases is “safety of first responders” or the desire to “prevent community unrest.” But in reality, it’s an attempt to reduce the chance that officers, whether malevolent or simply negligent, will be held accountable for their actions.”

It might be a war out there–but these guys were not warriors. All unarmed, all fatally shot by the police, all in one year.

Police Killing Unarmed Black Men

As the New York Times reports: “In recent weeks, Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois has traveled the state promoting his proposal for more than $2 billion in cuts to pensions for public employees. All public employees, that is, except police officers and firefighters….. Mr. Rauner was following the lead of other Republican governors in the Midwest who have imposed unwelcome changes on state and local employees in the name of saving money and improving services.

In 2011, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin introduced a bill that would roll back collective bargaining rights for government workers and require them to contribute more toward their own pensions and health coverage. He excluded police officers and firefighters from the legislation, known as Act 10, which he signed the following month.

In 2012, Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan signed a right-to-work bill, eliminating the requirement that private and public sector workers contribute dues to the unions that represent them, whether or not they are members. The bill included a “carve-out” for police officers and firefighters, which Mr. Snyder supported.

Mother Jones reports: Police use of highly armed SWAT teams has risen by 1,500 percent in the last two decades, and many police departments have cultivated an “us vs. them” mentality toward the public they ostensibly serve.

It would appear that the Police attitudes are getting out of control. The NYPD took umbrage when the Mayor had the audacity to question one of their many questionable actions. In unison, they turned their back on him during a funeral service and then proceeded to refuse to do their jobs via a work slowdown somewhat reminiscent of Great Britain in the 1970’s when the whole country was being held hostage by overzealous trade unions.

Regarding the confusion surrounding how Baltimore victim Freddie Gray died, let us put the police version in its best possible (highly improbable) light. He was not strapped into the ambulance because it is considered too dangerous to strap a “dangerous person” in. So that would imply a known risk factor to the police. If there is such a known risk factor –bring in a risk management specialist to solve the problem. For this reason alone the Baltimore police must surely deservedly face a lawsuit and heads need to role—may this be an abject lesson to all other police forces.

I am telling you this –the police are regularly unnecessarily and extremely foolishly shooting unarmed people all the time. ALL THE TIME.  This must stop.

Baltimore has arrived and for a week or so the media might pay attention and occasionally they might even ask the right questions. What should those questions be?

1)  Why has the USA gun culture gotten so absurd? – This is a fact and please stop tolerating the following notions:

  1. Guns don’t shoot people
  2. Good guys should have guns
  3. More Guns = More Safety
  4. The NRA is an acceptable organization. (For it is not)

2) Why is Racism still such a huge problem? We need to stop accepting the following notions:

  1. Reverse Racism. People who make this argument are invariably desensitized to racism. If you want to experience racism how about going to an African country and get discriminated for being white —then you might have cause to complain.
  2. That the inherent bigotry with in the Stupidparty is somehow acceptable.
  3. It is OK for police to shoot/kill unarmed people.
  4. It is OK for police forces to not represent the ethnic profile of the people they are policing.
  5. It is OK for the police to cover up their malpractice.
  6. The Supreme Court’s decision: Shelby County v. Holder, must be revisited/challenged. They were clearly wrong and have simply empowered racism. They chose to take the case at a time when they knew that we have a dysfunctional congress. John Roberts may not be a racist but his racial worldview is infantile. So he chose to change the rules knowing that congress would not be capable of acting intelligently.

 3) What is the logical end game if Income Discrepancy Trends continue their present course? Since Rand Paul is running for President now is a good time to ask the following question.

Where else can Ayn Rand unfettered libertarianism/capitalism lead, other than fascism?

The battle between the people (democracy) and the oligarchs is set:

The oligarchs have the Supreme Court (Citizens United, Shelby County v Holder), the paid off Congress and the Stupidparty base with its self-evident and carefully nurtured bigotry for the purpose of creating a false flag adversary, resulting in a mad hatter’s parallel universe determination to vote against their own economic interests.

The people through democracy still have the power to pressure their representative’s to demand campaign finance reform, end voter suppression, end gerrymandering and reverse income discrepancy trends and to stop pandering to bigotry

Whose side are you on – the people of Baltimore or the forces empowering a militarized police?

1% of 1% Control American Political System

Rand Paul’s entrance Motivates Ted Cruz to reveal the Truth

When Rand Paul had the gall to decide to compete against him – Ted “Cruess” decided to go viral by actually seeking the truth about Rand Paul. But in embarking in this exercise, Ted Cruess ends up revealing more about himself than he intended.

Patrick Andendall

Patrick Andendal is a renowned author of the book. Stupid party Math V Myth and who is Jeb are his famous books. He always had interest in politics. In 2004 he helped political parties during elections. He did his schooling from a boarding school and went to Lancing College for his graduation. To know more about him click Crypto Code.


Dr Ted Cruess is out with a new book inspired by his favorite Author.

“When my friend Rand Paul announced that he thought that he was a better Presidential candidate, I was moved pay my sincerest tribute to him”

Ted Cruess


Hi I am a Doctor, Doctor Seuss

I maybe old, but I can always Find the Truth.

He really believes I am the real Dr Seuss, but in fact I’m  really Dr.Ted Cruess

In this rather clever charade we can see the truth from a gullible comrade.

Hi my name is Paul, Rand Paul and I do not like the truth

I do not like the Truth at all.

But if you tell the Truth , you might like it—shall we try?

The world is round and rotates  the Sun,

You see facts can be fun

Fun for every one.

I am a libertarian, and I like be free, to be free to lie

This helps me make my case, never limited by the Sky.

Laws I do not like, I do not them at all.

For my name is Rand, but you can call me Paul.

OK Paul, you don’t like the law, not at all.

Regulations and Government and the Poor

You do not like them, not at all

Please help us see what you foresaw.


Well I believe I should be free to lie and lie to set me free

I like to spread misinformation as a tactic

Lies and Misinformation can get the other side quite frantic.

Lets’s start with my School and how I end up looking a fool.

Hi I am a Doctor, Doctor Zeuss

I maybe old, but I can always Find the Truth.

You say you have two bachelor degrees from Baylor,

But that is not the truth and that is rather Poor

Yes Yes I lied, I lied about that and hate to be an apologist

But I was in a rush to be become an ophthalmologist,

But there are laws for that and I do not like the Law – no not at all

So I Certify myself because I do not accept the law, not me Rand Paul.

Hi I am a Doctor, Doctor Zeuss

I maybe old, but I can always Find the Truth.

I find that rather Sad – as people might get hurt

That might be quite cute for you, but will lead Malpractice law suit or Two

I must admit I am barely an ophthalmologist – I don’t know the foggiest

That’s why I stray to other areas like to abort or not.

No no – the Government must step into untie that Knot

I must be free to stop that  – as no one else can be that free –unless it is me.

Dr Zeus I am just like you but without the Truth.

Bees should be free to pollinate, and so should children not vaccinate

They should be free to get sick and procreate their disease

To wander and integrate with the utmost of ease.

I’m Rand Paul, I do not like the law, here I am fighting martial law – martial law now that is a really scary Law


Here is my Medical Expertise – we can see it with the greatest of ease:



Dr Zeus I am just like you but without the Truth.

People have no right to be protected in sickness and in health

For to do that, might hurt people of wealth

I am well paid to protect them using my tactical stealth.

As for clean water flowing freely to the poorer quarter

That would be like giving Food Stamps to those icky looking tramps.

Water and Food, Food and Water

Must We, Must we, waste it on some losers Daughter


Hi I am a Doctor, Doctor Zeuss

I maybe old, but I can always Find the Truth.

I find that rather Sad – as people might get hurt

The innocent, the Sick and those who lost their last shirt.

Yes I know that that is sad, and it is rather bad.

But the law is what I deplore – for it is never great

For without the Law I can discriminate.

Against Blacks, Gays, Women and more – I see much hate

I would like to harness that hate and set it free

For I live in the land of Liberty

Where hate is great and Great is hate.

We must be free to discriminate

Hi I am a Doctor, Doctor Zeuss

I maybe old, but I can always Find the Truth.

I find that rather Sad – as people might see through that ruse

No longer free to integrate – they will punch back with  righteous hate

Yes I know that that is sad, and it is rather bad.

But that is why I like the NRA – every one have a Gun – that is what I say

So if you Red – feel free to shoot them Dead

Justice I have found is best served by standing your ground

My name is Paul, Rand Paul and I do not like the truth

I do not like the Truth at all.

I have certified myself as the expert

This seems to work assuming you are not alert.

That is why I can state that I know so much more

So much more I have in store, my resume see it here

It is great I can state – after getting help to create my CV

After I  asked my long lost friend, Walter Mitty.

An Expert on the Constitution I am – do not no where, do not no when, but I am you see, you see that I am. You can not see?  well come to me – I will correct your vision, one two three


I have certified me as the constitution pro – no President professor can stop my imaginary alter ego


A Libertarian I am – from Ayn Rand you see, but only when it suits me – me and my money tree.


Hi I am a Doctor, Doctor Zeuss

I maybe old, but I can always Find the Truth.

You are not an economist  – yet you are an ardent pessimist

Only Capitalism totally unfettered, yet your record is totally peppered.

Well I can not deny that – because that’s a fact

Without Government – the 2008 depression would have become great,

I said no prosperity, no bailout, nothing but austerity

i was ignored, got bored, my solutions seen to be a fraud.

My economic grounding has no sounding – just mishaps that would guarantee a total collapse.



Hi I am a Doctor, Doctor Zeuss

I maybe old, but I can always Find the Truth.

Now it is time to figure the bottom line

Who can possibly win, perhaps friends of Koch and his evil Twin.

You are right with that knowing Guess – I will create an almighty mess

Nearly everyone will suffer -barely able to afford their last supper

But we don’t care, because we will be free to live a life with out compare

Free to rape body and mind, as demanded by Goddess Ayn Rand I find

We will create Galts fiefdom and live in the new Gilded Koch Kingdom

We will hand out the occasional kindness to keep the people totally mindless

For it will be our names that will preside over the hunger games

Well Rand Paul I do not like this at all

You think you are bad – but you are not rotten to the Core

People will vote for me because I am like you but much much more

I will say what you still fear – day after day

Our base does like you, but your lies and deceit are still too few

So simply being bad and loud is not enough for today’s Stupidparty Crowd

There is that Black President you see, and you must think like them and me

I will demand to hang draw and quarter, far better then denying them water.

Failing that a good Lynching would be much to their liking

You have seen what I can do using my ways – like wasting $24b in just sixteen days

Closing the Government has it perk, like the mob loving my unfettered work

They love my lies, more than their freedom fries.

They love  my lies about my birth, they love it with much Mirth

Polifacts rate 56% of my statements as untrue – and that is my greatest virtue

Tell the mob the Truth and they see you as uncouth

Repeat a Myth many a time and it always turn out just fine

The more nonsense we talk, it shows we are willing to walk the walk

Right into their cave – showing to them that we are brave

Carrying  a gun, that makes us Fun

They will love us here and they will love us there.

We must indulge their hate, that will make us great

We must buttress their ignorance- thus flattering their incoherence

We must destroy their intellect, so when comes to re elect

They can only see the fool as some body that is incredibly cool.

By empowering sexism and racism we can achieve Ayn Rands Fascism.

The Gilded Kingdom on its shining Hill -being a achieved with a certain skill 

You my friend are toast – for with my wily bile, I will simply coast a while

For while I am on patrol – I will simply be in Cruz control

There Is No Logical Argument Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

Guest Blogger:
If you think your site or another would be a good place for this content please do not hesitate to reach out to me! Please feel free to share and repost on LinkedIn,Facebook, and Twitter (you can follow me there at@bfry1981)
Outside of Israel and America’s Republican Party, very few people are against thisemerging Iran nuclear deal, which represents the will of the governments of the UK, France, Germany, Russia, and China, as well as America (sorry, Congress and the opposition party generally don’t make foreign policy in America’s constitutional system) and Iran.

The nuclear deal is the agreement between Islamic Republic of Iran and P5+1 i.e., UK, USA, France, and China plus Germany and European Union. The deal was previously known as the joint comprehensive plan of action says to curb nuclear program of Tehran. To know more about the deal click on Crypto CFD Trader.

And whether the hysterics of Texas Republican Senator (anddelusional 2016 presidential wannabe) Ted Cruz or of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the counterarguments are hollow and myopic, and bear no weight when weighed against the alternatives. In fact, an agreement with Iran is the only realistic option that is even remotely positive; a lack of an agreement means only less transparency and either a stalemate in which Iran and the West will often continue to use the Middle East as a board in a deadly game of chess or some sort of conflict ranging from military strikes and terrorism to all-out war. An agreement does not guarantee that these far more dire scenarios will be avoided, but it is the only realistic way to avoid them. And while both opponents and supporters of an agreement have maintained that no agreement is better than a “bad” agreement, it is hard to look at this just-agreed-upon framework as a “bad” agreement, even if it not perfect. Don’t let the pursuit of the perfect be the enemy of the good, as the saying goes.

Still, none of this stops Republicans, Israel’s right-wing parties and politicians, and others from making specious, short-sighted, and misleading arguments against this agreement, arguments that, if heeded, will only perpetuate and increase conflict, violence, and death. First, let’s look at the detailed framework that was agreed upon Thursday (we won’t be going into the science of nuclear physics and uranium enrichment in this article, but you can read a great short guide to all that here). Below are some highlights:

Iran will reduce the number of uranium-enriching centrifuges by two-thirds, and the remaining third will be older, first-generation technology
Iran will reduce its existing supply of enriched uranium from 10,000 kilograms to just 300, a 97% reduction
Iran’s biggest and main (also underground) nuclear research center will shift much of it attention away and facilities from activities that could result in a weapon and to advanced peaceful research, often medical
Iran will submit to more nuclear inspections that any other country in the world today or in the history of nuclear technology. These inspections will be “robust and intrusive,” to quote President Obama, and he noted too that “If Iran cheats, the world will know it” and that “this deal is not based on trust. It’s based on unprecedented verification.”
Economic sanctions on Iran will be lifted

The agreement will last fifteen years and seriously reduce Iran’s nuclear capabilities, though some restriction will be in place for only ten years. But as far as the U.S., only Congress has the ability to end American sanctions and President Obama has warned Republicans not to destroy the deal.

Now, let’s look at some of the common arguments against this framework.

“Iran can’t be trusted”

Really? Because America, Israel, Iraq, and Syria have all invaded countries here in a big way since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. But Iran has not initiated one single invasion since this regime took power. Yes, it has used terrorism and non-state militia actors to further its interests, but so has pretty much every Middle Eastern country (including American allies like Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia) as well as the United States in recent decades. Iran has also cooperated with the U.S. against the Talbian, al-Qaeda, and, most recently, against ISIS. And Iran’s foreign policy record has been less the unpredictable, dangerous type and more like the Soviet Union’s, with Iran acting fairly predictably, rationally, and in its own interests. And this deal is most certainly in its own interests. Maybe Iran will break the deal, but the U.S. deal with countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, so why not give Iran a chance?
“Iran sponsors terrorism with Hezbollah! Enough said!”

So do lots of other countries, but we still cooperate with them and get meaningful results. Yes, Iran sponsors Hezbollah, but today’s Hezbollah is not your father’s Hezbollah. Rather than a resistance terrorist movement against the Israeli invasions and occupation of Lebanon, invasions and occupation starting in 1981 and ending in 2000, Hezbollah is now one of the major coalition partners of the Lebanese government and concerns itself with more governing Lebanon for most of these recent years. Minor scuffles with Israel with a few rockets launched here and there have been all that has happened between Israel and Hezbollah since the 2006 flare-up. In general, Hezbollah has been quiet in its actions (if not words) when it comes to Israel, then, for most of the last decade. So a few isolated and sporadic rocket attacks do not characterize Israel’s interaction with Hezbollah since 2006 so much as an uneasy unofficial cease-fire. Besides, Hezbollah had been much more preoccupied the last few years with fighting on behalf of Bashar al-Assad’s Shiite Alawite regime. Hezbollah, Assad and his government, and Iran are all Shiites, and it is natural for them to stick together. Iran has always been the patron and protector of Shiites Muslims facing persecutions against Sunnis, and Iran’s support is pretty much the only major support in the world that Shiites have. We may not like this, but, frankly, Shiites populations have fared pretty poorly under Sunni rule all over the Muslim world, and they face a steady stream of oppressive attacks, which frequently occur in packed Shiite mosques in the middle of a prayers and involve suicide bombers. Shiite funerals, shrines, and religious processions have also been targeted by the likes of Sunni ISIS and Sunni al-Qaeda. Conversely, Iran’s proxy actors like Hezbollah and other Shiite militias, though far from angels, have generally avoided these much more extreme tactics against civilians and places of religious worship. If anything, Hezbollah and other Shiite groups that Iran helps like the Houthis are practicing much more normal military activities, albeit of the rebel and guerilla variety, rather than that which would more fairly be called terrorism these days.

The point here is that Sunni sponsorship of terrorism, particularly from the Gulf countries (including America’s biggest allies there, though not in an official capacity), is a far greater problem than Iran’s sponsorship of Hezbollah, and that Hezbollah, unlike al-Qaeda and ISIS, been pretty restrained in the last decade. So Iran’s relationship with Hezbollah should not make or break this nuclear deal. And, in general, Hezbollah has shied away from the type of terrorist attacks that earned it its notoriety in decades past. Sinn Fein/IRA was once a terrorist group, until it was no longer one at on point, and while Hezbollah still has some distance to travel to be like the next Sinn Fein, it is without question moving in the right direction compared to its earlier incarnation.

“An agreement will keep the U.S. and others from being able to use force to stop Iran’s program”

Not at all. Saddam Hussein agreed to terms to have his weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs disarmed to conclude the Gulf War (1990-1991), but when he violated them, that did not stop Bill Clinton from striking Saddam’s regime repeatedly, nor did it stop George W. Bush from taking the massive military action that he (incorrectly) felt was needed. No one cited an agreement that was clearly being violated, or which Saddam Hussein was clearly trying to publicly pretend to violate, as reason to hold back (though in 2003 there were certainly many other good reasons to hold back) at the time of these actions. In other words, it should be made clear that if Iran plays games and violates the agreement, there is nothing stopping the U.S. or other world powers from taking strong action to disarm Iran, an certainly the agreement itself would not stop anything. The agreement will only protect Iran, then, if Iran stays true to the terms.

“This agreement would threaten the very survival of the state of Israel.”

Why? The above is almost a direct quote from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, perhaps the master of short-term-at-the-expense-of-long-term thinking (in other words, a master politician). With no agreement, Iran is free continue its robust nuclear program. With an agreement, this program will be severely limited, reduced, and subjected to intense and powerful inspections by the West. Without an agreement, only military force could possibly succeed and that would be incredibly difficult and not guaranteed, by any means, to succeed. In fact, just about the last thing the Middle East needs right now is a major war in Iran, and whole other books and articles could be written about the spillover effects from such an event. Any war here would almost certainly involve Israel and that would be bad, not good, for Israel’s security. And if Iran and the West come to friendly terms, there will be far more willingness on Iran’s part to reign in Israel’s nuisance, Hezbollah, which I have already explained has been reigning itself in for quite some time anyway. With this agreement, it would be fifteen years before Iran would be able to develop a bomb if this agreement is observed, but this would very likely happen much, much sooner if there is no agreement. How is this bad, then for Israel? One wonders why anyone takes Netanyahu and those who think like him seriously on this point at all.

A Fine Diplomatic achievement:
This is a fine diplomatic achievement of the Obama Administration, President Obama, and Sec. Kerry and their teams, but also of the other Western governments involved and of Iran’s government, as well. There is no guarantee that this will forever keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, but we have fifteen years of majorly slowing Iran down on this path and weakening its overall nuclear program, of having many sets of close eyes on the ground making sure that this is the situation, of preventing wars, and of increasing cooperation between Iran and the West. Just as Peter Beinart writes, it may very well be the thaw in diplomatic relations that might be the biggest achievement here.
And the alternatives to this agreement are very likely going to involve war, possibly carried out by the U.S. and the West, but there seems to be little appetite for that among Western governments or peoples. It is far more likely to be carried out by an Israel that is more and more isolated because of its positions on and treatment of the Palestinians, and because of the actions of Benjamin Netanyahu in general. The recent fighting in Gaza against non-state terrorist militia Hamas cost dozens of Israeli lives; a fight with Iran, a powerful country with a powerful and well equipped military, would very likely cost thousands of Israeli lives and could see serious destruction all across Israel major cities. There is no guarantee that war would end Iran’s nuclear program, either. Even if there is not a war or military action, the current situation—with very little formal cooperation with Iran and with Iran and the West working against each other on so many issues in the region, from Israel to Yemen to Syria, and with Sunnis in the region increasing their zones of conflict with Shiites–is in no way better than a shot at really working together on these issues and defusing tensions. But Republicans and Netanyahu and the others who seek to sabotage this very necessary deal fail to mention any of this, and provide no alternatives but cold war or hot war.

Time to stop listening these irrational, impractical naysayers and give peace a chance. Yes, the many details still need to be worked out, but we should throw all out support behind making this framework turn into a lasting deal. This deal has a high probability or happening, because why agree to the major framework and then let it fall apart? That would be like announcing a party you are hosting, only not to show up to your own party; it makes you look really bad. War is always an option no matter what, but peace is much more difficult to reach and maintain. While skepticism about all this is understandable, there is much reason to hope this will work and that Iran—a country with a large chunk of it population that is very young, liberal, reform-minded, and pro-Western—and the U.S. could accomplish much good by working together. And with Iran, with which the U.S. has been at odds for so long, it is time to try peace and a normal relationship before we think of war, which should never be a “preferred” option.

The Senate’s Most Powerful Senator on Climate Change, James Inhofe, Is a Delusional Lunatic.



Patrick Andendall
Guest Blogger Brian Frydenburg nails it again. His article will discuss Inhofe’e religious views. It is time these people relearned the basic tenants of Christianity. They might firstly consider what the Pope has to say on this issue:

“When we exploit Creation, we destroy the sign of God’s love for us. In destroying Creation, we are saying to God, `I don’t like it! This is not good!’ `So what do you like?’ `I like myself!’ Here, this is sin. Do you see?”

Pope Francis is saying that humanity’s destruction e repeat – to destroy the planet is a sinful act. No, the Pope is not ripping America – he is ripping the sandy foundations of the Stupidparty house, that is made of straw – and the big bad Pope has just huffed and puffed and blown that house down. Secondly Senator James Inhofe and his fellow Stupidparty faux Christians – should spend a bit more time getting acquainted with Jesus.

Why this would be hilarious except for the fact that it is real, he is serious, and he has a lot of power on climate issues.

By Brian E. Frydenborg, March 20th, 2015

If a parody comedy movie were to be made about stupidity and ideological blindness of the cognitive dissonance variety in government, there are number of amusing paths the director and producers could choose to take. Perhaps they could concoct a secretary of defense or a four star general who is a pure pacifist. Or how about a surgeon general who is a Christian Scientist? A Supreme Court justice who is illiterate? A president who is a nihilist or an anarchist? Perhaps an attorney general who only has experience as a personal injury lawyer? A Creationist to run to Department of Education? Maybe an Amish person to run the Department of Energy? OR… what about a climate change denier to chair the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works? Oh boy, that would be hilarious… in a fictional movie…

Except that last one ain’t fiction. It’s reality.

And in that situation, as a major figure in the government most responsible for pollution and global warming issues, that person is not even remotely funny. He is dangerous, a disgrace, and pathetic, as is the system and nation that allows this to take place.

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma (Washington, DC, office: (202) 224-4721), Chairman of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, all-around indicator of the farce that has become policymaking in the Republican Party and in Washington in general, and Christian warrior against science (just the latest in a long history of powerful Christian figures, beginning with St. Paul himself, who have been part of Christianity’s and religion’s longstanding war against science and philosophy.

To look at Inhofe’s record on climate change is to view a theater of the absurd.
Inhofe, it should first be acknowledged, gets more money for his campaigns and elections from the oil, gas, and energy industries than any other contributors, and they are the industries that stand to lose the most from any robust actions designed to combat global warming. He has even written a book attacking the whole concept of man-made climate change/global warming, titled: The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future. And while he is a regular fountain of anti-climate-science-nonsense, some of his absurdities are so outlandish that they deserve to be quoted here; in one instance, Inhofe asserted that “Climate is changing, and climate has always changed…There’s archeological evidence of that. There’s biblical evidence of that. There’s historic evidence of that…The hoax is that there are some people who are so arrogant to think that they are so powerful, they can change climate. Man can’t change climate.” Adding to this, another time he exclaimed that “The arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what He [God] is doing in the climate is to me outrageous.” He even cites the Bible as evidence against science: “I take my religion seriously…this what a lot of alarmists forget: God is still up there, and He promised to maintain the seasons and that cold and heat would never cease as long as the earth remains…one of my favorite Bible verses” is Genesis 8:22, which reads as follows: “As long as the earth remains/There will be springtime and harvest/Cold and heat, winter and summer.” And who are scientists to dispute Genesis?
PictureNot one SP Member accepts Climate change
Yes, Inhofe and his like-minded anachronisms (including 2016 presidential hopefuls Jeb Bush and Sen. Ted Cruz, as well as the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin) who dominate the Republican Party fancy themselves brave skeptics, holding back the flooding tide of hysterical liberal climate scare activists. But to be skeptical is to demand hard evidence in the absence of such evidence, or to demand more such evidence when that evidence is limited, if you are presented with a claim about something. And this is most definitely not what Inhofe, the Republican party, and those challenging climate science are doing; rather, they are flat out denying heaps and mounds of the very evidence that would more than satisfy any skeptic or skepticism on the issue.

Let’s be clear about what we are talking about here. The overwhelming preponderance of evidence—and by overwhelming, I mean that only 24 out of 13,950 peer-reviewed studies from 1991-2012 and only 2 out of 10,855 in 2013 rejected man-made global warming/climate change as a reality. That’s right, just 26 out of 25,182 peer-reviewed scientific articles in roughly the last quarter-century have outright and clearly rejected the concept that human activity is the driving force behind incredibly rapid and dangerous climate change that could threaten the entire world order and way of life. That’s barely more than 0.1%, or 1 in 1,000. Geologist James Lawrence Powell, whose convincing and very sound methodology gave us these numbers, concludes that this information can tell us that “1. There [is sic] a mountain of scientific evidence in favor of anthropogenic global warming and no convincing evidence against it” and “2. Those who deny anthropogenic global warming have no alternative theory to explain the observed rise in atmospheric CO2 and global temperature.” In other words, there is no debate, just a consensus and a lunatic fringe. And “the inquisition” attacking the sound science behind the realities of man-made global warming/climate change are increasingly being debunked and/or linked to powerful corporate interests, like the oil/gas/energy industry, that face difficulty if world governments do what they need to do to limit greenhouse gas emissions and other activity contributing to these undeniable trends. One meta-study even concluded that, unless policies are changed soon, “ocean life faces mass extinction.” And just this past year of 2014 was the warmest year on record, and this current winter is the warmest winter on record.

This lunatic fringe would not be a problem, then, except that this lunatic fringe has hijacked the leadership of one of the two major parties in American politics to the degree that our legislative branch of government has one of these lunatics running its most powerful body that deals with climate change and global warming. These people appropriating the term skeptic is a disservice to that very term and shows them to be ignorant of its very meaning, and we must call them what they are: climate science deniers, because man-made climate change is undeniably real and undeniably a problem. Until the modern era, only the mass economic activity of ancient Rome was on a scale capable of altering climate, and the contributions to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from that ancient time period are not in doubt. But from the industrial revolution in the eighteenth century onward, man-made pollution has once again happened on a massive scale and is today occurring on a much, much larger scale than in the Roman period, driving many destructive changes across the world’s climate in the past few decades.

Inhofe’s latest stunt attacking the science behind global warming was to highlight the fact that it was cold in Washington, DC; cold enough for him to bring a snowball from outside the Capitol and throw it on the floor of the U.S. Senate while he was addressing his fellow senators… The mind boggling thing is that he actually seems to think that a cold spell or snow in Washington in (GASP!) winter, of all times, is somehow sufficient proof that a general trend of global warming is not actually happening. See, Republicans like Inhofe seem to continually confuse the concepts of climate and weather, climate being the long-term pattern of weather. A quiet person may scream, yell, and fight once in a while, but on any given day there is a strong chance you will not find him or her engaging in such behavior. Republican approaches to climate science are the equivalent of someone pointing to this quiet person during an out-of-the-ordinary loud outburst and claiming that this is proof that the person is not quiet. Republicans are not even equipped, then, with a basic understanding of the terms or concepts essential to understanding these climate issues.
The bottom line is that Inhofe would be a farce and a joke if not for the fact that he arguably wields as much power as anyone else in the U.S. government when it comes to the environment and policy related to global warming and climate change. And he has made it clear he will wield this power in any way he can to can to defeat those who want to take action to combat global warming and climate change’s dangerous and catastrophic effects. And, when it comes to this “disturbing” fact, there is nothing funny, nothing to laugh about, at all.

Stupidparty Math v. Myth: Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy

by Patrick M. Andendall

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Stupidparty positions defrocked on: the Moochers , the economy, climate change, environmental stewardship, racism, religion, “Freedoms”, guns, and ignorance-based humor.
The fallacy of Fox News facts exposed, documented, and explained.
Also included are 1,055 full color images and 121 graphs and charts.

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Discussing the existential importance of removing the Stupid from Stupidparty.

The Big Con: Publicly Funded NFL and NBA Sports Stadiums.

While you were sleeping the real Moochers just pocketed your tax dollars and emaciated your favorite national Sports. This blog post was inspired by a Stupidparty disciple’s response to a Facebook posting I had made. Every now and then I will take one of their posts and give them a public whipping.

By Patrick Andendall

Let’s examine the mind of a typical Stupidparty Disciple, a mind that can only think with it’s gut and regurgitate the processed fed drivel coming out of the orifice’s of the Oligarch’s unending tools of misinformation.

This was the response I got regarding the below graphic drawing attention to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s priorities.


It is vital not only to rebut this type of thinking, but to tear it to shreds – because so much is at stake and so many people are not acting in their own best interests. The resources aligned against this person are just totally overwhelming. So in reality it is not his really his fault that he is so off base.


 Wisconsin Governor and Presidential hopefu Scott Walker. This Koch puppet and now dedicated destroyer of “Middle Class” Union Jobs  will become an ever more polarizing individual. As a result —crazed Stupidparty Zombie’s will happily throw themselves under Walker’s bus. But I must admit when I first posted the image in question I had not looked into the actual inner workings of Major League Sport Stadium deviancy. I had my first inkling of the issue when I was writing my farewell ode to Romney, and while trying to explain why it was clear that he would not be running in 2016—I had read the following off Politico:

“Romney was working hard to win support from several top names including casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson and New York hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, among others. But he had not locked down public support from many top GOP donors and bundlers and “clearly wasn’t going to have the kind of support that people would have thought,” said one veteran Republican donor.”

It was that name Woody Johnson that got me riled up. I have already written about how the Oligarchs in waiting are asset stripping off the backs of the American people. These billionaires, they are the moochers. Many of them pay so badly, or pollute so wantonly, or avoid taxes so brazenly – that it is the Tax payers that have to clean up after their mess. They have no interest in paying a living wage – and the rest of us have to chip in.

CNN reports:  “If you’re a U.S. taxpayer then you’re subsidizing the wildly profitable National Football League, regardless of whether you’re a fan.The NFL is the most profitable pro sports league in the U.S., raking in an estimated $1 billion in profits on $10.5 billion in revenue last season, figures that are sure to increase this year.

NFL has 32 teams which are equally divided between NFC and AFC. NFL is one of the important sports league of USA.NFL starts its regular session from September and continues up to end of December. Each of the team will get a chance to play 16 games. Olymp Trade click on the link to know more

Those massive profits are made possible in part by the billions of taxpayer dollars that local governments spend on teams, coupled with tax breaks worth hundreds of millions for the teams, the league, their sponsors and fans.

“I’ve been studying this for 15 years, and I still can not believe cities and states are lined up begging to give money to these very profitable [teams],” said Villanova professor Rick Eckstein, an expert on stadium finance.”

Yes OK, but do Tax payer subsidies create a good return on the investment?

The Atlantic Reports: “However, according to leading sports economists, stadiums and arenas rarely bring about the promised prosperity, and instead leave cities and states mired in debt that they can’t pay back before the franchise comes calling for more.

“The basic idea is that sports stadiums typically aren’t a good tool for economic development,” said Victor Matheson, an economist at Holy Cross who has studied the economic impact of stadium construction for decades. When cities cite studies (often produced by parties with an interest in building the stadium) touting the impact of such projects, there is a simple rule for determining the actual return on investment, Matheson said: “Take whatever number the sports promoter says, take it and move the decimal one place to the left. Divide it by ten, and that’s a pretty good estimate of the actual economic impact.”

Others agree. While “it is inarguable that within a few blocks you’ll have an effect,” the results are questionable for metro areas as a whole, Stefan Szymanski, a sports economist at the University of Michigan, said.”

Let us take an Example: The New York Times Reports:
Glendale, Arizona paid $300 million for the ‪#‎Superbowl‬ stadium. The city’s debt is now 4 times the national median, 40% solely for sports complexes. Glendale’s budget crisis is so dire half of the city’s teachers, firefighters, and police were threatened with layoffs–but were saved by a permanent 10% sales tax on residents. This is the Superbowl scandal you didn’t hear about.


It is Ironic that Forbes magazine is often a source for really insightful Math – it is ironic because the almost (half a) Billionaire Steve Forbes, who twice tried running for President, is quite the Stupidparty archetype, endorsing intellectual heavy weight Rick Perry for President in 2012, he and his magazine’s writers offer investment advice on the weekly Fox TV show Forbes on Fox . But I suspect that this mini me Oligarch has figured— why run President when we the Oligarch’s can own the Government.

Forbes explains the only two Net Tax Payer Benefits that the tax payer gets back are 1) steering purchases toward activities with higher tax rates and 2) taxing out-of-town visitors. By following the Math, one can follow who benefits from virtually all of the Tax payers money.

“It is easily possible (and in fact quite likely) that a new stadium will produce more in related economic activity than the cost of any public financing (even if a government pays for all the costs). However, it doesn’t matter if businesses take in more money than taxpayers shelled out to build the stadium; what matters is whether the taxes collected from all that activity are more than the up-front taxpayer cost. A visitor to the Super Bowl might spend $500 on an airplane ticket, $2000 on his hotel, $300 on food, plus $500 on the ticket to the game. That sounds like a lot of economic activity for just one visitor. However, the plane ticket generates roughly zero money for local and state governments (there may be some airport taxes but they will go toward running the airport). The hotel stay probably produces $200-250 in tax revenue, the restaurant bills another $20, and the game ticket another $35. That means the over $3000 in spending really amounts to around $300 in tax revenue. Some of that tax revenue has to go toward government costs associated with the holding of sports events: extra police, traffic control, perhaps more public transit, etc. At the end of the day, only a very small fraction of total spending associated with stadium events is left over to help pay back the taxpayers for building a stadium.

Businesses near the stadium like restaurants and hotels might win from the extra local spending, but why should taxpayers pay so that a few favored businesses can see greater profits?

On to the second point. When people spend money to go to a sporting event, they cannot just pull that money out of thin air (tragic, but true). Rather, the money comes from their family budget, meaning something else has to give. If I buy tickets to an Atlanta Hawks game, the result of that spending might mean several fewer trips to the movies, not going to a local amusement park, or not going to a local restaurant or two.

Stadium boosters like to point to all the money I will spend going to, at, and associated with my trip to see the Hawks, but they never focus on the fact that other businesses are going to lose a roughly equal amount of spending that I would have done instead. All that substitute spending would also have produced tax revenue. Those taxes associated to sporting events are not all new revenues, but mostly just substitutes for taxes that would have been collected on an alternate activity.

In fact, local and state governments get new tax revenue from stadium-related events in only two ways: steering purchases toward activities with higher tax rates and taxing out-of-town visitors.”

Therefore all these tax payer subsidies end up in the pocket of the massively profitable franchises and massively wealthy owners like New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, all so he can sell absurdly expensive tickets and suites to the likes of New York hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer. (A suite at the Superbowl costs between $400,000, $1,000,000) Both these guys have been strong supporters of Romney, and we should all know what that means.


Where does that suckered Taxpayer get to sit, (well obviously not in a suite that they financed) assuming they can afford about $500 for the tickets, not to mention  all the other associated expenses. Since the best seats  are invariably taken – the poor tax payer might well regret not bringing in his own Hubble telescope to actually see the game. May be they get to sit in the leather seats that they provided to another Billionaire owner:

The Atlantic reports “Taxpayers have, in stages, provided about $1 billion to build and later renovate what is now known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. (All monetary figures in this article have been converted to 2013 dollars.) The Saints’ owner, Tom Benson, whose net worth Forbes estimates at $1.2 billion, keeps nearly all revenue from ticket sales, concessions, parking, and broadcast rights. Taxpayers even footed the bill for the addition of leather stadium seats with cup holders.”

I doubt that the tax payer will ever get to benefit from  the work out room:
“In Virginia, Republican Governor Bob McDonnell, who styles himself as a budget-slashing conservative crusader, took $4 million from taxpayers’ pockets and handed the money to the Washington Redskins, for the team to upgrade a workout facility. Hoping to avoid scrutiny, McDonnell approved the gift while the state legislature was out of session. The Redskins’ owner, Dan Snyder, has a net worth estimated by Forbes at $1 billion. But even billionaires like to receive expensive gifts.”
Perhaps the Owners are in need of Public assistance? Lets us look at that. Since the finances of the teams are so secretly guarded – it simply becomes absurd that these guys get Tax Payer subsidies. Only a thoroughly corrupted political system would allow this to happen right under every ones noses:



So how  do they these guys get away with it? First off politicians are already in the pockets of the hugely wealthy, who would have these supposedly democratically elected politicians on their personal speed dial’s in the first place. Secondly, this is not simply robbing poor Peter to pay wealthy Paul – no the trick is cleverer than that  – Paul makes sure it is Peter against Peter (the tax payers of two different States or regions). Paul just stands back and takes the winnings, all the way to his personal banker, while both Peters are knocked out of the ball park.

But the Insults to the Tax payers just get worse and worse. These owners are not mostly interested in the sport, they are mainly in it for the massive profits that they get to pocket, and that their bought off congressman ensure remain largely under taxed, via a variety of loopholes and accounting gimmicks that are so zealously protected by a corrupted congress and halfwits like “Joe the Plumber.” So what is their game, how do they extract even more from the poor suckered taxpayers?

Now sit down and imagine your are going to spend the next three or four hours watching an NFL Football game. Hidden behind all the noise and fanfare, all the ads and product placements, hidden behind that is the hallucination that you are there to watch a sporting event – the mirage of sport, the biggest trick of them all. During this 3-4 hour time span the NFL and it’s owners will provide you the tax payer fan with less than 11 minutes of live action. Now to put this into some type of perspective (since perspective has been long gone) the Worlds most popular sport which we have to call Soccer – has two halves of play, each with 45 minutes of uninterrupted play—for 90 minutes of action.


Again Ironic that a Publication that is a tool of the new American order, is the source of this data.

NFL is the richest sporting league in the world with an annual average revenue in excess of $6 billion, where players are multimillionaires. Out of the 32 NFL teams 26 are billionaires thus making the total valuation in excess of $25 billion.

Forbes Magazine Explains:
While the league office is run as a not-for-profit “trade association” promoting [the] interests of its 32 member clubs,” all but one of those clubs are privately held, for-profit companies that reveal next to nothing about their finances.

The 31 privately held teams keep their finances shrouded in mystery.

“Beyond the normal tax concerns, profit squeezes can be used to negotiate down player costs and convince lawmakers to pay for new stadiums. Operating expenses, according to Vrooman, are where teams tend to “blow the most smoke,” when outside parties have been able to look at their books. “The non-player costs are highly irregular to say the least,” he says. “The scams range from owners employing themselves to disguising taxable return on equity as tax-sheltered interest on club debt.”

But perhaps a clue to the underlying wealth, of these tax payer mooching machines, can be found in how well the Commissioner gets paid.


So what have these owners – these proven moochers done to American sport. American Football get 6% of action time, Soccer 78%. The most similar non USA game would be Rugby which is a more popular sport and it has 84% action time. A Soccer player runs on average about  7-9 miles, A Rugby player 5 miles and an American Football player 0.2 miles.
Action Time for Worlds Most Popular Team Sports. Red = US Sports


Americans have not even noticed or wonder why they do not really participate in International Team Sport.

The Final nail in the Coffin? (Of course not) The NBA is seriously talking about reducing the game times from 48 to 44 mins – thus invalidating the whole history of stats – and look at the justifications being promulgated.

At the NBA coaches meeting last month, length of games was a topic, and it was suggested the NBA consider a shorter format that would reduce the length of game as a means to reduce minutes for some players and maybe improve the flow of the game.

Did they really say that? You have got to be kidding.

And I almost forgot the second part of my task: 



It seems some people fall for stupidparty propaganda hook line and sinker. Evidently only people who can afford $250,000 per child for higher education should have access to it. That is fine if you are happy for society to devolve into two species as predicted by H.G. Well’s in his novel “The Time Machine.”

Public college is not a “money sink” – researchers in California reckon tax payers get a 450% return on their investment. I can not speak for Red States, where Stupidparty devotee parents may have a more harmful impact on their Children’s ability to develop critical thinking skills. I also provide a specific example of what happens to ones personal growth if you can get a good education.

Regarding opposing research – be wary of any Institution with the words Freedom or Heritage or Patriot in the title as that would most likely be Koch and Co backed fake research Institutes. There is good money to be earned in being a tool for the Oligarchs. Never forget what Freedom really means to these Ayn Rand devotees:

“Freedom (n.):To ask nothing.To expect nothing.To depend on nothing.”
― Ayn Rand The Fountainhead

The Road to Fascism & the Road to  Ayn Rand’s Galt’s Kingdom—lead to the same Koch palace.

Who is Alec and Why should we Care (reposted -original disappeared)


In 2012 Coca-Cola announced it was ending its relationship with ALEC, and more than 60 major corporations followed suit. What suddenly created the exodus? Well, the catalyst was the legal murder of Trayvon Martin. The issue was the fact that it is evidently now legal for a White armed person to murder an unarmed Black child. The law(s) in question are the Stand Your Ground Laws raging across the nation, so beloved by Stupidparty disciples. Let’s face it. Zimmerman is quite a guy.
American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC is an NPO of state legislators and private sectors, was established in 1993 at Chicago. Its member’s write the model law and share state-level legislation and distribute is among state governments of United States. To study more about ALEC click on the link Crypto Code.The Trayon Martin consequence is just the tip of the iceberg when it come to the insidious activities of ALEC. The American Legislative Exchange Council is a 501(c)(3) organization of around 2000 conservative legislators nationwide. Tax exempt, nonprofit – yet very secretive. They refuse to disclose a membership list or how model bills originate, and their legislative members avoid admitting being influenced by the Council, or even being affiliated. When an ALEC Accountability Act was proposed to force legislators to disclose their ALEC ties, the bill did not even receive a committee hearing. Legislative members suggest ALEC model bills in their states without disclosing authorship. Model bills are produced, and about 200 become law every year. It would be hard to overstate ALEC’s reach into important policy.

ALEC is funded by groups such as the Charles Koch Foundation and other Koch groups, Exxon Mobil, and the Sciafe family. Only 2% of funding comes from the heavily subsidized (smell the corruption?) dues. As will be explained, these dues represent quite exceptional value. So when one begins to understand who is behind this organization, the sudden pangs of caught-in-the-act guilt felt by certain corporations will not be sufficient to quell this hydra-headed beast.

In 2012 The New York Times reports; “Some companies give much more, all of it tax deductible: AT&T, Pfizer and Reynolds American each contributed $130,000 to $398,000, according to a copy of ALEC’s 2010 tax returns, obtained by The Times, that included donors’ names, which are normally withheld from public inspection. The returns show that corporate members pay stipends — it calls them “scholarships” — for lawmakers to travel to annual conferences, including a four-day retreat where ALEC spends as much as $250,000 on child care for members’ families.”

The New York Times reported that special interests have ‘effectively turn[ed] ALEC’s lawmaker members into stealth lobbyists, providing them with talking points, signaling how they should vote and collaborating on bills affecting hundreds of issues’…Bloomberg Businessweek stated, ‘Part of ALEC’s mission is to present industry-backed legislation as grass-roots work.’ The Guardian described ALEC as ‘a dating agency for Republican state legislators and big corporations, bringing them together to frame right wing legislative agendas in the form of “model bills.”’ Several liberal groups, including Common Cause, have challenged its tax-exempt status.”

In 2003, Donald Ray Kennard, ALEC national chairman, said, “We are a very, very conservative organization.” Now in the era of Stupidparty, if the head of a major legislative player sees his organization in this way (i.e. extremely right wing in a very conservative country), which is the political equivalent of saying Opus Dei is running the Vatican – then any objective mind can clearly begin to see a truly odious agenda, to the point of its being an existential threat not just to democracy but to humanity. For we live in a complex world, requiring acute critical thinking capabilities. You think I am exaggerating? Well, consider the following:

Voter ID efforts – since my book proves voter fraud is not an issue, ever-expanding Voter ID laws are simply voter-suppression efforts targeting minorities, and they are vital to the survival of Stupidparty.

Immigration – the ALEC model is one of the toughest in the country. These more extreme bills are designed only to excite bigotry and misinform the Stupidparty base. The fact is that immigration is actually good for the economy.

Animal Cruelty – ALEC is behind efforts to make photographing animal torture illegal and wants to be able to legally define animal rights activists as terrorists.

Prison Privatization – They are behind efforts to profitize the penal system, thus creating both an economic and political motive to increase America’s already absurd incarceration rates and engage in additional voter suppression, as inmates cannot vote, and those with criminal records can be restricted or intimidated. American has an extraordinary and unnecessarily high number of people with criminal records.


ALEC and climate denial? – Yes, of course, they are pushing for school courses in climate denial – the intellectual equivalent of teaching creationism in schools – the Orwellian need to dumb down the population enough that by the time the aging white-male base has died off, critical thinking will have been shredded. ALEC’s longtime partner, the Heartland Group, backed by the Koch money produced this little mirror (see picture) into the way their sick, self-serving midget minds work.

Do Koch and his “friends” really not believe in climate change? Sadly, the question is totally irrelevant – because their belief system is governed by nothing but greed: they are just not wealthy enough. If you really want to understand what drives these guys, just read their biographies: Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty, their secrets are revealed. Their real motivation for promoting such claptrap will become clearer below.

The minimum wage is evidently not minimum enough, as politicians backed by conservative group ALEC have introduced 67 laws aimed at reducing minimum wage levels in 25 states.

Coal, Oil, and Gas – In spite of its emphasis on secrecy, photo ID’s –every now and again a non-Stupidparty rep can find himself or herself in the hive. As attendee Chris Tyler in the Urban Milwaukee reports:

“A part of ALEC’s battle is to preserve an old economy, where coal, oil and gas remain supreme. Their defense of these industries represents the will of corporate members Koch Industries, Exxon Mobil and Peabody Energy. Yet their regressive approach to energy policy conflicts with their professed allegiance to Jeffersonian ‘free market’ principles and consumer choice.

“Though the renewable energy sector is growing, is popular with the public, and is generating new jobs — and the solar industry now employs 140,000 more people than our nation’s coal mines — conference attendees focused on hindering this sector, especially solar. Minnesota Rep. Pat Garofalo, who recently received national attention about a racist tweet concerning NBA players, quipped ‘solar is dumb.’

“Legislators from Utah and Oklahoma bragged about slowing the development of solar energy in their states. Oklahoma Sen. A. J. Griffin passed a bill to tax individuals using distributed generation from solar panels or wind turbines to ‘protect our most vulnerable utilities.’ ALEC wants to tax people who use small-scale solar or wind or who drive electric cars. According to ALEC, property owners should have a right to kill a person on their property, but not use solar or wind energies on their property without paying a tax.”

Penalizing people who produce their own clean energy – how much sicker can you get? ALEC, which has referred to homeowners with their own solar panels as ‘free-riders on the system,’ is deeply involved in both combating renewable energy mandates and modeling legislation that targets net metering. Last year alone, ALEC pushed more than 70 bills in 37 states that would have impeded clean energy growth.

“ALEC’s operating model raises many ethical and legal concerns. Each state has a different set of ethics laws or rules. The presence of lobbyists alone may cause ethics problems for some state legislators. Wisconsin, for instance, generally requires legislators who go to events with registered lobbyists to pay on their own dime, yet in many states, legislators use public funds to attend ALEC meetings. According to one study, $3 million in public funds was spent to attend ALEC meetings in one year. Some legislators use their personal funds and are reimbursed by ALEC. Such ‘scholarships’ may be disclosed if gifts are required to be reported. But should the legislators be allowed to accept this money when lobbyists are present at the meeting? Still other legislators use their campaign funds to go and are again reimbursed by ALEC; in some states, campaign funds are only allowed to be used to attend campaign events.

“In short, many state ethics codes might consider the free vacation, steeply discounted membership fees, free day care or travel scholarships to be ‘gifts’ that should be disallowed or disclosed.”

But of course ALEC is but a fraction of the insidious covert cancerous web that is spreading and suffocating the ability of the voter to be obtain objective information, and be heard by congress.


Mid Term Elections: Stupidity Trumps Cowardice. 12/29/2014

By Patrick Andendall
PictureThe Winner is…Well at least he’s not a Coward
There is no middle ground between Math and Myth.
So the Democrats lost. I stopped paying close attention to the details of the 2014 midterm election months ago. I am not that motivated to contribute to a loser mentality. But I am going to fight back—with a vengeance. Here is the midterm election problem in a nutshell: Less voter turnout. The Stupidparty disciples are largely aging white guys or evangelicals, most of whom apparently have a confused concept of the teachings of Jesus Christ. These two groups are the most ardent voters and they are evidently not willing or not able to think critically. Cowardly Democrat leaders can run from the President, but they have nowhere to go.

The stupidparty is lacked modern concepts and is not ready to learn and live according to modern value and thinking, they are aging but still have no knowledge about Jesus teaching and keeps reaping wrong thoughts among the young minds. The new generations people are unable to match with old thoughts so fewer voters turn out for voting. Click here Blazing Trader to read more.

What Makes this Cowardice even more egregious is why would you want to run away from a track record that has reduced unemployment in two years rather than four, as Romney planned if he won the 2012 election? Real GDP has increased by almost 30% since February 2009, stocks have risen by over 130% since 2009, the annual deficit has more than halved since 2009, with consumer confidence up over 350%, troops deployed reduced by 83%, and, oh yes, housing has recovered, people’s retirement savings were salvaged, America still has an Auto Industry, and lives and livelihoods are being salvaged as a result of Obamacare. What type of coward would run from that? People who are happy to be bullied—people who will not stand up and be counted. What these cowards can never quite grasp is that contempt for cowardly behavior crosses party lines—it is bipartisan contempt.

We must stop being cowards and stand up to these Stupidparty bullies. It is really easy to do because you are not attacking the Republican Party—that party has been usurped—you are attacking the Stupidparty. They came up with the concept; now we must run with it. What makes this so easy is that we have all the facts, the Math and Integrity to take on this challenge. In fact, I demonstrate that approximately 67% of Stupidparty disciples are no longer thinking critically. I do this with a ton of evidence: Here is a small sample:
1) 49% Believe Acorn stole the 2012 election. PPP 2012. (With no funding, Acorn dissolved in 2010)
2) 65% Believe higher taxes (on people earning >$400,000) impact them. (Pew Jan. 8, ’08)
3) 58% (creationists) Believe the planet to be less than, say, 10,000 years old. (Gallup)
4) 69% (between 2009 and 2011) Refused to believe Global Warming had begun.* (Gallup)

I guess the defining moment for me was when during the Stupidparty 2008 primary debates, a sorry group of mainly unqualified candidates were asked if they believed in evolution.

As I remember it, McCain tentatively held up his hand, saw that no one else was joining in, and resorted to some type of pseudo-, nonscience-based babbling. The fact is, I calculate that only 20% of Stupidparty voters in Red States believe in Evolution. That makes this group twice as absurd as Turkey, which in itself is the only country with a worse track record than the USA on this issue.
Picture 2005 Pew Research Center poll

PictureJesus has a chat with Bain Capital
But this is just the tip of the iceberg—how to deal with climate deniers? Perhaps one could simply point out that the only people who really get to have an opinion on this subject are climatologists. Regarding the shrinking tips of icebergs one could ask how is it Mathematically possible all 31 Stupidparty members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce deny the fact climate change exists? More ironically, —how the hell did Michele Bachmann end up on the House Intelligence Committee?

Evangelicals—did Jesus really support guns, war, the 1%, homophobia, racism, misogyny, destruction of the environment? If such a religion must attach itself to politics (80% vote Stupidparty), then they must be judged accordingly—and these faux Christians have as much chance of getting into heaven as a camel passing through the proverbial eye of the needle. The fact of the matter is that Jesus had no interest in meeting the expectation that confronted him—that since he was descended from the royal line of King David, his destiny was thought by many to forcibly overturn the Roman occupation. Clearly, Jesus was closer to Gandhi than Dick Cheney.

In respect to the environment let’s hear what the Pope has to say:
“When we exploit Creation, we destroy the sign of God’s love for us. In destroying Creation, we are saying to God, `I don’t like it! This is not good!’ `So what do you like?’ `I like myself!’ Here, this is sin. Do you see?”
Did anyone actually bother to analyze Romney’s 2012 convention speech in regards to the economy—he had a 5- or was it a 7-point plan that took up a mere 221 vacuous words (out of 4,094) in a remarkably fact-deprived outing. Each one of those plans could have been torn to shreds by a seventh grader from a good school district. But did we attack it for what it was—do we compare it with reality, do we compare it with what has actually been achieved since that speech? Do we even remind the electorate that Romney would have happily destroyed the US Auto Industry, especially so if he and his asset-stripping Gordon Gekko wannabes could strip away worker benefits whilst pocketing the supposed savings. In one short trip to the UK just before the Olympics he successfully united the British public into full-blown hostility towards his imbecilic efforts at diplomacy and stirred the unprecedented on the public record wrath of each leader of the three main parties.

So the Democratic leadership has an almost infinite list of easy targets. Here is a tip: “Never mind the maneuvers, go right at them,” as Lord Nelson would say. Would you like to see how it is done? Well, see this linked video of Al Franken doing the job he was elected to do back in 2009. How many moments like that did you witness during the run-up to the midterms? Well, I was too irritated to watch the train wreck, so I will leave it to you to figure out how many times you witnessed a Democrat take the bull by the horns when it really mattered.

I was recently interviewed on the radio by the host of Jim Brown’s Common Sense. I do not know much about the show, but Brown is billed as “a voice of reason on the national scene.” I believe his shtick is to be a moderate guy holding forth somewhere in the middle—and bravely attempting to do this in the South. It is refreshing to know that some non-hate talk radio might be gaining traction—but it was also awful to note his false equivalence and lack of economic grounding. This is a complaint I would throw at many so-called independents and even progressives. He wanted me to join him in his sycophantic pilgrimage to pay homage to Stupidparty sensibilities, to be seen to be attacking Obama by positing inflammatory theories about the banks, bailouts and bonuses. This is subject I am keen to unload on. And did.
First, the term bailout is inflammatory, as there are better descriptions: the simple fact is that these were loans; in many cases the taxpayers took huge ownership positions in companies in question. In some cases it could be argued the price the government demanded was too high—my suspicion is that Hank Greenberg (of AIG fame) may have some success in his ongoing rather massive lawsuit against the government. Regardless, what never seems to be mentioned is that the taxpayers made out like bandits. Evidently the taxpayers profited by $52 billion.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. I have already noted something that seems to have become invisible—that America still has a viable and in fact robust Auto Industry, plus all the associated businesses, and by the way the economy is improving far faster than in Europe, because the US Government had a better handle on basic Keynesian economics whilst the Germans cling onto the outdated notion of austerity during inflation. Yes, I totally understand that there should be consequences for the institutions that caused the mayhem—but you’ve got to stop saying stupid stuff, because when you do, the slippery fish escape the net. It is stupid to talk about capping or even taxing bonuses. What you have to recognize is that a bonus is simply a part of one’s taxable income. If people are getting outrageous bonuses (which I happen to believe some are), then you deal with that by closing tax loopholes and having an additional tax bracket. One could also look at capital gains and inheritance tax brackets. Maybe if the additional bracket was at $5m (just pulling a number out of thin air), then just maybe we could nullify the following absurd Stupidparty-disciple notion:

65% Believe higher taxes (on people earning >$400,000) impact them. (Pew Jan. 8, ’08)

Back when this question was asked, I estimated that perhaps 0.2% of households would be impacted.

Would it be too much to ask for the Democratic leadership to have some balls? How is this across-the-board ignorance tolerated? I have just touched on a few issues that I discuss in my book.

So in his radio program Jim Brown, and other journalists and centrists who are guilty of spreading this misinformation, this false equivalence—it has only led to more Stupidparty. These supposed centrists, by making such assertions, are only helping one party—the party that cannot stand up in the face of an attack from overwhelming facts. False equivalence, compromising on facts, only helps the Stupidparty. The media and the leaders of the Democratic Party need to understand there no middle ground between Math and Myth. Choose one and be judged accordingly. For by pretending there is a middle ground, you are displaying cowardice.