The Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven deadlier Stupidparty Invented Values

Religion in the hands of Stupidparty becomes stupidly dangerous.


Let us look both the invented values, (values that have nothing to do with Christianity) Part 1, and then we will look at the seven deadly sins and see how our anti “Christianicles” measure up part 2.Picture

Part 1 –Seven Deadly Invented Values:

 1.Horrendous Homosexuality:

Jesus  never mentions homosexuality, but he did hang out with 12 guys, mainly single guys. (Peter was known to have been married and maybe one or two other disciples were too)

Not that the views of anyone but Jesus are particularly relevant in the context  of this discussion– but I guess we should go looking for anti gay views in the New Testament (Since the old Testament preceded Jesus, it its often suspect, abhorrent and occasionally farcical statements are all superseded by the fresher, newer, more Christian half of the bible.

But it seems that only St Paul  (who did not get on so well with Peter) may have discussed homosexuality.  This was a subject that seemed to distress him, quite likely because he could well have been a closet and tortured homosexual himself. To put this in context –the whole notion of homosexuality as we presently understand it, is only an issue that has been around for about 125 years. Before that it was simply heterosexuals who lay with other men. So this would have been the issue for St Paul. i.e. he never commentated on the condition of Homosexuality.


Paul would have liked everyone to be celibate. He did not have a high regard for women, coming up with one of the only misogynist narratives in the New Testament. He appears to have been a tortured soul, we know that Paul suffered from a “thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan”, sent to him by God in order to keep him humble. We also know that Paul spoke against at least certain homosexual acts; but interestingly, neither he nor Jesus ever said a word directly against actually being homosexual.

“You know that it was because of a physical infirmity that I first announced the gospel to you; though my condition put you to the test, you did not scorn or despise me, but welcomed me as an angel of God, as Christ Jesus.” Galatians 4:13-14

Perhaps he is lusting after women, but unlikely:

In 1 Corinthians 7:1-7, Paul advises that it’s best not to have sex at all, but if you’re going to, then it’s OK for “each man to have his own wife and each woman her own husband.” And in verses 6 and 7 he says “this I say by way of concession, not of command. I wish that all were as I myself am.”

i.e. he was not exactly lusting after women:

“For we know that the law is spiritual; but I am of the flesh, sold into slavery under sin. I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. Now if I do what I do not want, I agree that the law is good. But in fact it is no longer I that do it, but sin that dwells within me. For I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh. I can will what is right, but I cannot do it. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do…

“Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with my mind I am a slave to the law of God, but with my flesh I am a slave to the law of sin.”

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death. For God has done what the law, weakened by the flesh, could not do: by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and to deal with sin, he condemned sin in the flesh, so that the just requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.”

  Romans 7:14 – 8:4

 2. Pro –life Gibberish

Much of the material below was taken from the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, which does a great job in researching the Bible and organizing its message by topic.

Evidently, “The Bible places no value on fetuses or infants less than one month old”:

“And if it be from a month old even unto five years old, then thy estimation shall be of the male five shekels of silver, and for the female thy estimation shall be three shekels of silver.”—Leviticus 27:6

“Number the children of Levi after the house of their fathers, by their families: every male from a month old and upward shalt thou number them. And Moses numbered them according to the word of the LORD.”—Numbers 3:15-16

“Yea, though they bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb.”—Hosea 9:16

“Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.”—Hosea 13:16

“Because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.”—2 Samuel 12:14

“Tamar thy daughter-in-law hath played the harlot; and also, behold, she is with child by whoredom. And Judah said, bring her forth and let her be burnt.”—Genesis 38:24

“And when he hath made her to drink the water, then it shall come to pass, that, if she be defiled, and have done trespass against her husband, that the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become bitter, and her belly shall swell, and her thigh shall rot: and the woman shall be a curse among her people. And if the woman be not defiled, but be clean; then she shall be free, and shall conceive seed.”—Numbers 5:21–21, 27–28

I feel somewhat uncomfortable, using the Old Testament to preach policy—since I find it difficult to respect supposed Christians who use the Bible in a parallel way to nut-job Muslims—who cherry-pick from the Quran.  I happen to believe that Christians have far less excuse, since their go-to prophet is massively impressive and had a different core message and lifestyle than the other guy.

A Christian should follow the teachings of Jesus. His actual lessons, not the invented lessons or the misinterpreted lessons espoused  by various power-seeking zealots who pollute his central messages. Nowhere in the New Testament does Jesus discuss abortion. Thus, it is not a Christian value. Just like Racism, Judge-mentalism, Pro-Death, War Mongering, Asset-Stripping, Gun Toting, Misogyny, Anti-Knowledge, Dishonesty and Wanton Lying; none of these core Stupidparty values are the values of Christ.

 3.The Planet can not be raped and pillaged.

I am going to keep this really simple, you would have to have a depressingly infantile mental age not to grasp this responsibility,  any four year old would have no problem figuring this out. This simple responsibility of being a good steward of the planet. That so many reject this —proves that most people are not born to be so dumb, they are simply manipulated into believing dumb things. But I will let the Pope spell it out in terms that the dumbest of the dumb, should be able to comprehend:

“When we exploit Creation, we destroy the sign of God’s love for us.  In destroying Creation, we are saying to God, `I don’t like it!  This is not good!’  `So what do you like?’  `I like myself!’  Here, this is sin.  Do you see?”

Pope Francis is saying that humanity’s destruction of the planet is a sinful act, likening it to self-idolatry. Let me repeat, to destroy the planet is a sinful act. No, the Pope is not ripping America—he is ripping the sandy foundations of the Stupidparty house, that is made of straw—and the Big Bad Pope has just huffed and puffed and blown that house down.

Do you see?

 4.Hating one’s neighbor.

To reveal how the house of hate is built by phony Christians, let us take a trip down to Virginia, to the Stupidparty’s favorite temple of religious “endarkenment”—Liberty University.Picture

So why do I say that this is Stupidparty’s favorite university? Well, just see who shows up to pay homage to Jerry Falwell’s (the founder) wet dream.

John McCain, Ronald Reagan, President George H. W. Bush, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Major Steve Forbes, Trey Gowdy, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Ted Cruz.

Students are forced to attend these speeches—and only a Stupidparty disciple would not see the irony. It’s not like they are picky about their standards, when it suits them—being happy to have Mitt Romney as a speaker, even though they regard Mormonism as a cult. Yes, they happen to be correct (for reasons I have explained in my previous book) but you cannot have a cult calling a cult a cult.

It certainly helps to have so many Stupidparty friends and financial backers dying to go to hell—the university securing federal student aid of $445 million in 2009–2010, according to Department of Education data. By comparison, National Public Radio, something that actually makes a person smarter and more fun, gets $2.7 million of federal aid.

The Taxpayer Funded Palace Built on Hate:

Typical of the sick religious interpretations that dominate the Stupidparty, would be one time 2016 Presidential candidate, and favorite of the “establishment wing of the Stupidparty, Jeb Bush; he began his commencement address at Liberty University as follows:

“It’s so good to be here, and especially to visit with the Falwell family. My dad thought very highly of your father, President Falwell, and knew him as a loyal friend. Jerry Falwell had a gift for friendship, spoke to everyone, and turned his back on no one. His legacy endures, and it only begins with this great American university.”

How much bullshit, how much can we tolerate in one opening paragraph? Falwell turned his back on no one? How insipid can Jeb!!! get? Is he a wraith or a moron? What about gay people? According to Falwell, AIDS was God’s punishment. What about African Americans? Falwell Sr. has boasted that he lived in the segregated past and believed that “the true Negro does not want integration . . . he realizes his potential is far better among his own race.” What about people who disagree with him about abortion? What about feminists? What about the ACLU? What about people who have tried to secularize society? Well, evidently 9/11 happened because God was angry at all these people.

Falwell supported apartheid, opposed the Brown v. Board of Education ruling (evidently God would not have tolerated blacks mingling with whites on school buses). What about labor unions—oh yes, he was not so keen on them either: “Labor unions should study and read the Bible instead of asking for more money. When people get right with God, they are better workers.”

The funny thing is, the only thing I can see of Jerry Falwell Sr. is his back—which happens to be his better side. Picture

 5. Worshiping False Idols

A Christian should follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. One does not simply get to call oneself a Christian, the honor is not given out for free, it has to be earned. Thus if you are a Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Bill O’Reilly and most other prophets promoting an alternative hateful abominable non Christian agenda –you are worshiping the wrong God. Now worshiping the wrong God may or may not be a sin, but promoting a hateful, tyrannical and fundamentally stupid God, undermines the very foundations of Christianity –and that, to put it mildly is a perversion. To take Jesus’s name and then act in a hateful manner is doing a tremendous disservice, a sinful disservice to the real Jesus Christ.

6. Ignorance, Anti-Knowledge and Hypocrisy

PicturePromoting anti knowledge is also a perversion. Jesus Christ loved knowledge.

Most scholars seem to accept that Jesus was an Gnostic. There are different interpretations of what this means. But this seems to sum it up best:


“The word “Gnostic” is derived from the Greek word “gnosis” or “knowledge.” Jesus was a student and later Master of the ancient gnosis, as were Moses, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates and Aristotle before him and Newton, Galileo, Da Vinci, and even our Founding Fathers much later after him. These were just a few of the prominent names in our history who studied Gnosticism as well as who later studied the gnosis of Jesus; the principle giver of Universal Love.

Gnosticism is the study of mythology, natural science, biology, anatomy, astronomy, astrology, numerology, herbology, alchemy, reason, logic and mysticism – the study of human consciousness and self-realization (God consciousness) through ritual, symbolism, affirmation, visualization and meditation. Gnostics did not separate science from spirit – they were studied in tandem, because they exist in tandem and can only fully manifest in tandem.”

So what was so special about Jesus? Well Jesus was effectively condemning the Old Testament God. He changed the eye for an eye – to turn the other cheek. He did this because as a researcher for truth, as a critical thinker, he recognized that
meeting violence with violence simply lead to more and unending violence. This was the Instinctive Male need to dominate and to wage wars.  So what he was preaching was that God is Love, is with in each human and that such love valued all living things, removed fear. At the time of Jesus’s death and as a result of his teachings, mankind was on the cusp of gaining enlightenment.

7. Money, Money, Money

We all know that Jesus only lost his temper once. So what did Jesus really stand for:

Jesus Christ:

Lived in a land under occupation and at the time many believed that he was of a line of kings and was thus destined to overthrow the Roman occupiers. But Jesus had a different agenda, an agenda the polar opposite of Stupidparty:Picture

  • He was not interested in waging war or rebellion.
  • He never needed to be carrying a weapon.
  • He was unusually welcoming to foreigners (gentiles).
  • He treated women, even prostitutes, with utmost respect.
  • He wanted to help the sick.
  • He wanted to help the poor.
  • He never advocated for the death penalty.
  • He never disrespected the land (environment).
  • He never raised funds from the wealthy.
  • He lost his temper once, railing against the “money changers” (Wall Street).
  • He was not an eye-for-an-eye guy—rather, turn the other cheek.
  • His teachings were brilliant (not hateful gibberish) and stand the test of time.
  • He had no interest in wealth or material possessions.
  • Thus, he would have no interest in Asset Stripping the planet.
  • He was certainly not homophobic.
  • Never preached anti-fact, antiscience, fear mongering, or conspiracy-theory claptrap.
  • And, oh yes, he was probably Black.

Jesus also never discussed abortion issues, or contraception—so any such modern dogmatic policy is an invention by lesser beings.

Jesus Christ is as close philosophically to the Stupidparty as Nelson Mandela is to Pat Robertson. Can such a disconnect be explained? Perhaps the constitutional separation of church and state creates a contextual vacuum. Perhaps home schooling or heretofore-unknown state madrasas shape views. But the disconnect between these Christians and the reality of Jesus is wide:

Evangelicals fear a Christian Obama so much that they would rather vote for a Mormon (they voted for Mitt 78–21). Yes, that is right Evangelicals would rather vote for a serial lying, asset stripping, Misogynist Moron – than a Black Christian, who actually behaves like a Christian.

Obama, Bush Give Great Speeches at Dallas Memorial, but America Not Listening

It is indeed so sad how many people across the spectrum are just not listening, rather simply picking two-second memes that meet their expectations -not actually learning the facts, not actually evolving. This is what happens as views polarize -with people at both ends of the spectrum most guilty. Facebook and Twitter social media just drive shallow thinking. and people who actually do research and try and drill down to the actual facts constantly get frustrated by just seeing hard work simply beading off a ducks back. Eventually research dies off, and shallow click bait journalism rules.

click bait journalism

Patrick Andendall

In an appropriate show of bipartisan unity, Barack Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush, called for unity and for Americans to open their hearts to each other at the memorial for the five police officers slain in Dallas.  But the people who needed to hear that message the most won’t listen.  In fact, at this point, the American people are not even capable of being led; they must lead themselves out of their mental prisons if there is to be any hope for America.

By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981) 

Author‎, International Affairs/Development/Public Policy Professional, Freelance Writer/Journalist/Consultant/Historian

Bush, Obama, and their wives

AMMAN — At a time when the social fabric of America—on so many levels—seems to be weaker and coming apart more than at any time in recent memory, a (former) President Bush and a President Obama challenged us to come together, to listen to each other, to seek to understand and respect experiences and views different from each other’s, to open our hearts and question our own ideas and own narratives, and to work towards the aspiration of being one people, one nation, to work through these crises together in a spirit of unity, to use our suffering to make us stronger and to transcend hate.

Yet it is at times like these that the power of the presidency—the most awesome office on the planet—reminds us of its limitations.

Many people of a more conspiratorial view tend to think elites and hidden actors pulling all the strings, controlling and manipulating us from behind the scenes.

Such views are espoused by many politicians latching onto populist moments and harnessing populist anger; Bernie Sanders made it sound like “the Establishment” controlled everything, yet, to quote Andrew Sullivan’s important recent New York Magazine piece, in “sustaining his campaign all the way to California on the backs of small donors and large crowds, [Sanders] is, to put it bluntly, a walking refutation of his own argument.”  Trump cried about the rigged system when he thought he wasn’t getting a fair shake, but once he won, he literally brought that up and said “Now I don’t care.”

Modern democratic government does constrain voters in offering them a limited number of choices, but within those constraints, the people do make their choices, do have a major, determining impact, and do often go against elites, conventional wisdom, and expectations.  Brexit and Trump are just two recent examples of this; Obama winning eight years ago and even four years ago is as well, and Clinton was a surprise in 1992.

The point is, the people actually have a lot more power that they often realize.  And today, I don’t feel like Obama or our political leaders are leading us; I think Obama in particular has been stuck somewhat as a victim of frustrating constraining circumstances and has been forced to mainly react to a fickle American public, and many other leaders are more than happy to just respond to and ride the waves of whatever the public’s mood is at any given time.

So, though Bush and Obama each gave one of the best speeches of their careers, I don’t really think the American people are in a position to respond to their sensible challenge to us, or to be led by anyone at this point.  People are so divided and anxious and fearful and angry these days that I don’t think there is much of a capacity to listen to reason.  At least, when it comes to the angry white people flocking to Trump, I think they just want to ride their tsunamis of rage and self-pity, and have no interest in anything involving African-Americans other than having law enforcement keep them at bay, sadly enough.  I don’t think the people who heard Obama and Bush speak today who were already dismissive of Black Lives Matter and instinctively support police officers even when video evidence emerges in situations like Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights of police misbehavior are going to rethink their mentalities because of those speeches.  And black people who are in a despair and rage mode right now, I don’t think they are going to listen to either Bush or Obama—the latter whom they greatly admire but who has been disrespected on a virtually unprecedented level and who has been visibly impotent after so many similar tragedies—and all of a sudden have more faith in either police or white America to listen to them any more now than they have before.

So Bush and Obama can give admirable, eloquent, memorable speeches, but ultimately, the power lies with us, and right now Americans as a whole seem more interested in division and hate than in listening or coming together.  And during Obama’s very speech, when he spoke about the need for white Americans to understand the concerns and perspectives of African-Americans, stone-faced uniformed white police officers behind him declined to applause, even as the audience and black members of the choir behind them could be seen clapping, but when Obama spoke in support of the police officers, those white police officers clapped.  Clearly, we have a problem.

So despite all the great speeches, I seriously doubt any of the people who are totally opposed to gun control and side almost all the time with law enforcement will alter course, and I don’t think the despair and rage of black America will dissipate anytime soon if so many white Americans continue to both be against any accommodation for black Americans or pressuring their representatives in Congress to do anything significant towards that end.

If anything, the last year has shown us that we are becoming more and more divided, at least as divided as any time since the Civil Rights and Vietnam War eras.  As noted in my last article, America stands at an abyss of potential racial violence if the status quo prevails; as I have noted, white Americans need to start listening to black Americans in ways they have not shown themselves able to in the past.  But too many angry white Americans, especially in light of the rise of Trump, are clearly in a state of mind where they feel that only they need to be listened to, only they deserve to be able to claim the mantle of victimhood, only their concerns are legitimate; they are not willing to have serious discussions about race, they think they know black America better than black Americans do, and they feel black American voices have nothing to teach them and aren’t worthy of being listened to; they are interested only in being heard, not in hearing.  There is a minority of white Americans who feel differently, and while I noted that they need to stand up and make their voices heard now more than ever, these are not the people who needed to heed Presidents Obama’s and Bush’s words, who Obama and Bush needed to reach.  The people who most need to open their hearts and minds and ears to understand the real pain and reasons behind black rage and despair are the very people least willing to do so, so consumed they are with their own rage, self-pity, and false sense of relative victimization.

Even as I write this, Hillary Clinton is giving a speech about national unity and race relations at the site where Abraham Lincoln gave his famous “House Divided” speech; hers is a powerful, reasonable speech, but there are too many people who are beyond the reach of reason, and, even more than Trump, even more than Islamic terrorism, this is a threat to our democratic republic and our way of life as we know it.

Today, we know our house is divided, but we can’t rely on George W. Bush, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton (let alone the intensely divisive Donald Trump) to lead us; ultimately, we must lead ourselves as people to be willing to first listen and then take concrete steps to accommodate the reasonable grievances of people who don’t look like us, whom many of us are predisposed to dismiss even before they begin to speak to us.  No speech from a Republican or a Democratic president or presidential candidate can do that for us; we must be willing and able to do it ourselves, in thousands of little interactions and conversation with each other, for our society and our democratic republic to be worth saving, for our next president to even have a chance of working to heal our wounds and move forward into a better future for ourselves and the rising generation.

2016 Republican Convention

The StupidParty National Convention

The Trump agenda. Literally.

Quite a few StupidParty leaders have refused to sing Trump’s “Great” Anthem and thus will not be attending the Convention. We’ve created a list for smart and stupid alike, so that you can see that there is clear writing on the wall. It is so clear, even the good ol’ boys are starting to see and understand the bigness of their mistake.

Here goes:

  1. Mark Kirk (R.-Ill.) “Given my military experience, Donald Trump does not have the temperament to command our military or our nuclear arsenal.”
  2. H.W. Bush Sr.
  3. G.W.Bush Jr
  4. Jeb Bush, 2016 Republican presidential candidate
  5. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL),Richard Shelby is an American politician and senator from Alabama. He is also a member of Senate appointment committee. In 1986 he was first elected as the Senate. He was born in 6th may 1934, In Alabama, United States. He is a democratic party member. He is presently serving as dean of Alabama delegation. Click on the directory for more details.
  6.  Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)
  7. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
  8. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
  9. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)
  10. Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID)
  11. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS)
  12. Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO)
  13. Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), will use the time to hone his “fly fishing.”
  14. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
  15. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA)*
  16. Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY)
  17. Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS)
  18. Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV)
  19. Sen:Still Deciding: Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)* Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)   Sen. John Thune (R-SD)*
  20. Ohio Governor John Kasich
  21. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R-Md.)
  22. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley
  23. Former NJ Governor Tom Kean Sr. 
  24. New York Rep. Elise Stefanik,
  25. Utah Rep. Mia Love,
  26. Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) told reporters he had “a longstanding appointment downtown.”
  27. Mark Salter, former aide and speechwriter for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) “The GOP is going to nominate for President a guy who reads the National Enquirer and thinks it’s on the level. I’m with her.”
  28. David Ross Meyers, former White House staffer under George W. Bush’s former communications adviser for the Senate Republican Leadership
  29. Eliot Cohen, counselor of the Department of State during President George W. Bush’s administration
  30. Max Boot, foreign policy adviser to Sen. Marco Rubio, Council on Foreign Relations fellow “I would sooner vote for Josef Stalin than I would vote for Donald Trump,” Boot told theNew York Times on March 2. “There is no way in hell I would vote for him. I would far more readily support Hillary Clinton, or Bloomberg if he ran.”
  31. Ben Howe, contributing editor to the conservative website RedState
  32. Jamie Weinstein, senior editor, Daily Caller
  33. Robert Kagan, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution The neoconservative foreign policy commentator called Trump the GOP’s “Frankenstein monster” who is “strong enough to destroy its maker” “The Republicans’ creation will be.”
  34. Richard Armitage, deputy secretary of state under George W. Bush
  35. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.)
  36. Mitt Romney, 2012 GOP nominee, former Massachusetts governor
  37. Sen. Lindsey Graham, former presidential candidate
  38. Rep. Scott Rigell (R-Va.)
  39. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) “I will not support Mr. Trump. That is not a political decision, that is a moral decision”
  40. Charlie Baker (R-Mass.)
  41. Patrick Ruffini, Republican strategist and early #NeverTrump adopter
  42. Richard Hanna (R-NY)
  43. Former Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (R-NJ)
  44. Tim Miller, former spokesman for Jeb Bush, adviser to Our Principles, an anti-Trump super PAC
  45. Peter Wehner, GOP strategist
  46. Liz Mair, GOP strategist
  47. Rick Wilson, Republican operative “I will never vote for Donald Trump, not even if it means he forms a third party and runs as the narcissist sociopath he truly is.”
  48. Former Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.)
  49. Former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-M.N.), Congressional Leadership Fund chairman
  50. Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) “He loves torture!” Paul said.
  51. Stuart Stevens, top strategist, Romney 2012
  52. Kevin Madden, former Mitt Romney communications director
  53. Ken Mehlman, former Republican National Committee chairman
  54. Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard
  55. Erick Erickson, conservative commentator, former editor of RedState, founder of The Resurgent
  56. Steve Deace, conservative commentator and radio talk show host
  57. Mark Levin, conservative radio host
  58. Brian Bartlett, GOP communications strategist
  59. Jay Caruso, contributing editor at RedState
  60. Linda Chavez, conservative columnist
  61. Mindy Finn, GOP media strategist and president of Empowered Women “For me, it’s secondary to his menacing character. So I wouldn’t support Trump if you paid me his net worth. I refuse to carry his flag. I challenge you to do the same.”
  62. Jon Gabriel, editor-in-chief of Ricochet “If the keys are handed to a would-be strongman, I have no choice but to step out of the car and walk my own way,” he wrote. “If that makes me a bad Republican, so be it. I seek to be a good American.”
  63. Stephen Hayes, senior writer at The Weekly Standard “Casual dishonesty is a feature of his campaign.”
  64. Glenn Beck, host of The Glenn Beck Program and founder of TheBlaze
  65. Dave Yost, Ohio auditor of state
  66. Ruth Guerra the RNC’s national director of Hispanic media, serving as a top surrogate for the party as it looked to make inroads with Latino voters and making frequent TV appearances in English and Spanish to try to lead outreach.
  67. Katrina Jorgensen the communications chair for the Young Republican National Federation. “I want no part of a racist, fascist, hateful presidency.”
  68. Nathan Wurtzel, Make America Awesome Again super PAC
  69. George Will, Washington Post columnist and Fox News commentator
  70. Bruce Carroll, creator of Carroll said on Twitter, “I will oppose ALL candidates of any political affiliation who align.”
  71. Mona Charen, senior fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center
  72. Dean Clancy, former FreedomWorks vice president
  73. Rory Cooper, GOP strategist, managing director of Purple Strategies, senior advisor to the Never Trump PAC
    Daniel Vajdich,  senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, national security policy adviser to the Ted Cruz campaign
  74. Bob Dold (R-Illinois) “Donald Trump’s hateful words towards wide swaths of our country, from women to Latinos to veterans and Muslims, disqualify him from ever serving as president of the United States
  75. Michael Graham, conservative radio host
  76. Former Rep. J.C. Watts (R-Okla.)
  77. Connor Walsh, former digital director for Eric Cantor, founder of Build Digital
  78. Jonah Goldberg, senior editor at National Review
  79. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.)
  80. Alan Goldsmith, former staffer, House Foreign Affairs Committee
  81. Stephen Gutowski, Free Beacon staff writer 
  82. Ross Douthat, New York Times columnist
  83. Doug Heye, former communications director for the Republican National Committee*
  84. Brad Thor, conservative author
  85. Charlie Sykes, radio show host
  86. Erik Soderstrom, conservative blogger
  87. David French, National Review writer
  88. Jennifer Rubin, conservative opinion columnist for the Washington Post
  89. Quin Hillyer, conservative columnist 
  90. Former Gov. Tom Ridge (R-PA)
  91. Iowa state Sen. David Johnson “I will not stand silent if the party of Lincoln and the end of slavery buckles under the racial bias of a bigot.”
  92.  Chase, Ford, JPMorgan Chase, Motorola, Walgreens and Wells Fargo For the first time in years,such  corporate sponsors have declined to participate
  93. Justin Amash (R-Mich.)
  94. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.)
  95. Reid Ribble (R-Wis.)
  96. Nine of Arizona’s 58 Republican delegates originally slated to go to the GOP convention in Cleveland next month are skipping the event
  97. Ivanka Trump’s Rabbi will be a no show after…
  98. Tim Tebow also nixed Trump’s invitation yesterday…
  99. Tom Brady- that Quarterback Guy who loves Stupidparty
  100. Sarah Palin sulking over not being VP – Alaska is a long way from Cleveland
  101. I will not be attending.

 The Greatest Speech, By the Greatest Man in what will soon be the Greatest Nation taking over the Greatest Planet 

“Today America, it can now be our America. Today I will outline how you can become as great as me. We are a great Country, the greatest country—but we can become so much greater. If you can love me as much as I have learned to love myself then all will be great. I love great Americans with all my heart, but I have to be honest, I must tell you that some Americans are losers, many are just over rated, low energy, ugly losers. Even worse, some are total losers. Then we have those rapists who trespass into our great Country, they look at our great genes and just cannot control themselves—we cannot waste our greatness on such haters and losers and deviants.

Trump rehearses his "great" speech

I love my Vice Presidential pick–he is an amazing guy, a special guy and a great friend. He is a bit short, but I love short people, short people are great. I speak down to him all the time, but he loves it, he loves me and has always looked up to me. I respect that in a man. Then there is my press secretary, I have chosen Matt Drudge–you will love him, a fantastic guy, a great friend–I talk to him all the time. He loves golf you know. Loves my courses best of all. You have to respect someone who has great taste.

Are we supposed to love Trump's "mini-me" as much as he?

Economic Policy

I shall cut everyone’s taxes. I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. It will be great. Anyone who needs a job can come and work for me, where I will provide free food and beverages. I will provide tents for my workers who need housing. The tax cuts that I provide will mean that all of my friends in Palm Beach will  also be able to promote my ground breaking “Work Is Just Great” program. If you need a job, just give me a call at 1-800-YOU-LOSER, and I will call one of my Wall Street friends. I know them all, I run into them all the time. They are all really great guys and they are always looking for staff. If you get sick, we will have a great deal for that too, many of my employees would have spent years in the medical community before their jobs were downsized–they will be dying to help.

Yes of course revenues will fall short of expenses–but bankruptcy is not failure, it is a sign of success, proof that my brilliance is working. Bankruptcy can be a fantastic deal. Once China realizes that we will not pay them back, then I will just offer them a deal.  I am an amazing negotiator. They will love it, we will love it–everyone will be a winner–other countries will be kicking them selves for not negotiating with me first.

Foreign Policy

America is the biggest and the best. But our new greatness will soon become fantastically great. ISIS, they are an awful terrorist group and they are going to be in such trouble when I become President. We have huge bombs, absolutely brilliant made in America bombs. As a strong and great leader I be exporting these amazing bombs to Syria, just so everyone can see just how amazing they are.   I’m going take ISIS and other haters and losers off the face of the planet and then we shall do the same to Assad. This should also solve global warming and prove that it was a hoax.

I am great: America can be almost as great.


Will we have to hang his photo in our house by law?

Putin is a great guy, we are going to have an amazing friendship–he loves golf as you know. Having reasserted our greatness, Putin will happily agree to withdraw all his forces to within his own boarders. We will enforce no fly zones where ever we need them. China has a great wall -you can see it from space, but I would build a greater wall and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me. And I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall. “I’m not saying they’re stupid, the Chinese I mean— I like China, I just sold an apartment for $15 million. But let’s face it, with a face like that how could you trust them.  I will have the Chinese leaders fly into Washington, they can use my private jet, and I will tell them to stop. I will tell them face to face –because I will be a strong leader, the greatest leader. I will tell them that if they carry on being un-American that I will use our vast free labor force to compete against their labor force and all business will relocate back to America, to take advantage of our “Working Is Just Great” program, thus destroying China’s economy. It will be a great victory.

Social Policy

I love the Bible, it is an incredible book, it has sold almost as many copies as The Art of the Deal. I love women–they are great. They are so great that owning just one is just not enough. I have many gay friends, gays are great. If they want to marry, that is great. I have many devoted admirers who do not like gays, and they are great and they have every right to try and make gay marriage illegal. I said they could marry, just not to another man. Women can, marry each other, because that’s hot. If any women as hot as my daughter married my daughter …I love women, I know numerous  women, I talk to them all the time. Many of my devoted followers say that Obama is a black man and I say that is great, who am I to judge. Many of my adoring fans say that Obama is a Muslim man and I say that is great, who am I to judge. Many of my congregants say that Obama is not an American and I say that is great and that is right-Obama is not an American.

To any who is smart enough to agree to vote for me , I  shall give each and every one of you a really fantastic smart card. If you agree with the mission statement on the front of the Card, all you need to do is sign the back of the Card. Become a Trump Elite supporter and join my special rewards system. See the back of the card for all the absolutely amazing benefits:

Trump elite–great. Said like this: greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat (with much sadness and zero hope).

Earn 25,000 Trump Elite bonus points after voting and then more points for every vote after that

Earn 20,000 Trump Elite bonus points after making $100 in donations within the first 3 months of account opening

Free Food and Beverage at any Trump voting location Elite lounge and bring up to four voting companions with you at the same location

Enjoy Standing in line privileges at all participating voting locations. Don’t be loser, never wait in line again

25% savings on eligible dates–at all Trump Hotels, resorts and Golf courses

Preferred Status to participate in the groundbreaking “work is just great” program

Purchase Rate 13.99% – 21.99% variable APR based on your creditworthiness


A Future We Are Ignoring

Climate denial is unacceptable -unless you happen to be a Climatologist. Politicians who deny are either exceptionally stupid ( people like Bachmann and Inhofe) or worse – they are corrupt. I happen to believe that mankind is fast approaching a turning point in it’s battle against it’s own stupidity. Donald Trump, bless him, will force people to take a side and ask themselves a simple question – am I a bigoted moron? The beautiful thing about this question is that even if one lacks the prerequisite introspection – the rest of society will now be able to unassailably argue that yes you the Trumpeteer are guilty as charged. I have made the case  here and in numerous detailed pieces of research that within five years it will become blatantly obvious that oil and it’s fossilized advocates will be beaten. This is all really exciting, but will salvation come in time? Yes I am optimistic in general, but sadly we still live in 2016 and the we are several months away from the most pivotal US election of our lives, that is likely to lead to a new Oil free, Trump free, Stupidparty free, age of enlightenment – so we must stay centered and look at the here and now. We must look at today’s scary reality, for today we still live in Stupipdarty land.

Patrick Andendall

Guerst Wtiter: Karl Gary

I open this piece with a letter written back in October 2009. It was signed by 18 Presidents of various science organizations and addressed to a Senator that unfortunately went unnamed. I found the letter on a Nasa/gov website under their facts page that covers the scientific consensus concerning climate change. This organization put men on the moon and perhaps we should pay attention – they seem to be smarter than us.

Dear Senator:

As you consider climate change legislation, we, as leaders of scientific organizations, write to state the consensus scientific view.

Observations throughout the world make it clear that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research demonstrates that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver. These conclusions are based on multiple independent lines of evidence, and contrary assertions are inconsistent with an objective assessment of the vast body of peer-reviewed science. Moreover, there is strong evidence that ongoing climate change will have broad impacts on society, including the global economy and on the environment. For the United States, climate change impacts include sea level rise for coastal states, greater threats of extreme weather events, and increased risk of regional water scarcity, urban heat waves, western wildfires, and the disturbance of biological systems throughout the country. The severity of climate change impacts is expected to increase substantially in the coming decades.

If we are to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change, emissions of greenhouse gases must be dramatically reduced. In addition, adaptation will be necessary to address those impacts that are already unavoidable. Adaptation efforts include improved infrastructure design, more sustainable management of water and other natural resources, modified agricultural practices, and improved emergency responses to storms, floods, fires and heat waves.

We in the scientific community offer our assistance to inform your deliberations as you seek to address the impacts of climate change.

(This letter of an open request to offer assistance came from the American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Since 2009 science has further defined the parameters of importance. The pre-industrial concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was around 280 ppm (parts per million) and now we are at 400 ppm. Never in the history of Earth has a spike of this magnitude occurred in such a short period of time. NASA theorizes that the last time Earth contained 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere was 3 million years ago of a completely different world. Our ice cores can reach back 800,000 years and have proven that Earth has remained under 300 ppm during this latest stretch of time. Further calculations predict that the CO2 levels must not go above 450 ppm, or otherwise the ecosystem suffers a 50/50 chance of an irreversible warming effect. Under our current rate of expanding industrialization, we will hit 450 ppm around the year 2034. This leads us to a simple equation: roughly 18 years of continued industrialization in its current form (Electricity, Agriculture, Transportation, Industry, etc.) equals 50 ppm of CO2 added to the atmosphere.

The scientists who prefer a conservative approach, go on to detail a safe and manageable level for Earth is 350 ppm. However, since we have reached 400 ppm, the Earth will continue to heat up even as we decrease CO2 levels toward 350 ppm due to cumulative effects. We could turn off all the industrial carbon right now and Earth will still continue to rise in temperature. Earth would not instantly cool down because a 1/4 of CO2 comes from the change in how we use land, of which Earth is able to reabsorb down to a 1/3. Many scientists feel a rollback to 350 ppm will allow Earth to remain a stable human support system that equals the last 800,000 years.

The whole goal is to keep Earth from a 2°C rise in temperature. The scientists that prefer safety do not like the current world goal of limiting CO2 to 450 ppm as an acceptable condition, due to the 50/50 chance of a 2°C rise in temperature and the possibility of irreversible effects. What is the point of living life on the edge of a catastrophe that would contain a decade after decade balancing act? We are dealing with the survival of many humans here, and reducing it down to a coin flip is actually quite absurd. So how could anyone not agree with the scientists who prefer a safety cushion? Alarmists? I think not. The idea of playing it safe than sorry, is perfectly prudent for the survival of a working ecosystem that supports human life in a kind fashion.

stock-photo-929459-power-station-in-fog-aerialI argue that humans have already pushed past a 50/50 chance of no return, simply because we did not turn the carbon off yesterday, and then compounded the mistake by not producing a viable plan of action to fully eliminate carbon output during the next few decades. I assume it would take a few decades to remedy the issue with alternative energy, which would grant Earth the time for a bumpy heal after those decades. Through our current inaction, it looks like a given that we can add another 18 years of 50 ppm to the year 2034, which means around the year 2052 we will be at 500 ppm. If the safe level of CO2 is 350 ppm and we are at 400 ppm and rising to 500 ppm, doom and gloom is mathematically secured by 2052, especially if we are still burning carbon midcentury.

For the sake of acknowledging human stupidity, let’s add another 18 years where man refused to fully shut down carbon and relied on the weak attempt of cutting emissions. The year 2070 with slightly less than 550 ppm due to our efforts, but still rising – is like taking a pin hammer and shoving the nail an extra inch into the coffin. At that point, our dirty machine cannot rescue Earth. I believe this to be the reality that scientists are very aware of, since they understand time and how quickly 54 years can fly by.

Sadly, against a structure ingrained to money and materialism, the voice of science is reduced to chatter. That voice should be loud and clear, when 44 scientific groups in 17 countries issue a warning that if greenhouse gas isn’t significantly reduced by 2020, any attempt to limit a global temperature rise of 1.5°C no longer exists. This is exactly why the average American should form a new political party that incorporates the scientific voice as the main dialog. That voice should be screaming, the next 36 years from 2016 to 2052 are highly critical and it’s a much bigger job than we think (as I will point out). Any political diversion away from an aggressive plan to completely eliminate carbon is unforgivable.

Per the above letter, a heated Earth will cause the oceans to rise and flooding on the coasts. How much is a moot point because humans can evacuate and live on the new beachfront property. Rising water is an economic disaster stock-photo-74638585-thunderstorm-over-thuringiabut not the killer of our species. The real killer is when Mother Nature has a problem growing food and keeping fresh water fresh. It’s a place where the natural cycle of weather is unpredictable. The east coast could receive torrential rains that destroy crops, while the west coast becomes barren of water to feed crops, amid horrendous wildfires as painful reminders of what we have sewed. The scientists’ quote in the letter regarding an American impact: the disturbance of biological systems throughout the country – is actually a world disturbance because Earth is one big ecosystem.

The letter also foresees greater threats of extreme weather events; of which I would like to add some possibilities that are not unimaginable. We could be facing unprecedented tornadoes with a biblical like destruction, and perhaps divergent types of weather where storms over land merge with a new and wider version of hurricane to pound our shores. It is not a far stretch to envision that natural disasters would become bigger and carry an extra punch. A place where Earth is lashing out at her destructors. Are the social systems ready for an angry Mother Nature that may collapse our maintenance of food and housing comforts? The 18 science organizations seemed to think not and suggested as the end of their letter, a course of action – improved emergency responses to storms, floods, fires and heat waves. That is a very big statement of what we will experience.

I hope the following graphs will stop us from ignoring the dire conditions of our path.


A NASA long-term graph that shows Earth’s stability


A graph detailing the tons of carbon humans injected into the atmosphere


Tons of carbon in the air led to an increase of PPM


Higher levels of CO2 led to the hottest year yet


Carbon led to an increase of global temperature and predictable for the future


This is what happens when we destroy nature through deforestation, while building jet airplanes, cars, and coal burning plants for power. All these graphs show a sharp spike that cannot be leveled off or reversed without an aggressive and dramatic change to civilization.

We need to understand exactly how our CO2 emissions are produced. Let’s go straight to the EPA and plagiarize their website. Their accurate breakdown of the economics involved, opens a deeper dive into why this battle is greater than we think.

Global Emissions by Economic Sector

Global greenhouse gas emissions can also be broken down by the economic activities that lead to their production.

  • Electricity and Heat Production (25% of 2010 global greenhouse gas emissions) – The burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for electricity and heat is the largest single source of global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Industry (21% of 2010 global greenhouse gas emissions) – Greenhouse gas emissions from industry primarily involve fossil fuels burned on-site at facilities for energy. This sector also includes emissions from chemical, metallurgical, and mineral transformation processes not associated with energy consumption and emissions from waste management global_emissions_sector_2015activities. (Note: Emissions from industrial electricity use are excluded and are instead covered in the Electricity and Heat Production sector.)
  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (24% of 2010 global greenhouse gas emissions) – Greenhouse gas emissions from this sector come mostly from agriculture (cultivation of crops and livestock) and deforestation. This estimate does not include the CO2 that ecosystems remove from the atmosphere by sequestering carbon in biomass, dead organic matter and soils, which offset approximately 20% of emissions from this sector.
  • Transportation (14% of 2010 global greenhouse gas emissions) – Greenhouse gas emissions from this sector primarily involve fossil fuels burned for road, rail, air, and marine transportation. Almost all (95%) of the world’s transportation energy comes from petroleum-based fuels, largely gasoline and diesel.
  • Buildings (6% of 2010 global greenhouse gas emissions) – Greenhouse gas emissions from this sector arise from on-site energy generation and burning fuels for heat in buildings or cooking in homes. (Note: Emissions from electricity use in buildings are excluded and are instead covered in the Electricity and Heat Production sector.)
  • Other Energy (10% of 2010 global greenhouse gas emissions) – This source of greenhouse gas emissions refers to all emissions from the energy sector which are not directly associated with electricity or heat production, such as fuel extraction, refining, processing, and transportation.

If we look at the above pie chart, it clearly defines that how we operate civilization is our problem. A serious attempt at cutting CO2 emissions dictates that every system we have built to support human comfort must undergo a dramatic change. Cleaning up transportation as an example, only cleans 14% of the pie. Electricity, Agriculture, Transportation and Industry – the entire process of how we live must change. Unfortunately, I cannot find a general strategy that incorporates every item in the pie chart to a single well-devised plan of action. I can only find band aids to each category which do not fully eliminate its respective carbon output to a future pie chart of 0%. Therefore, our demise to an ugly future is pretty much secure by not moving the four major categories to zero emissions.

Under today’s inaction and our disorganization to a master plan that addresses the four major categories successfully, a very critical stage positions itself around midcentury. The year 2052 with 500 ppm of CO2 in the air, and the almighty effort to limit 2070 to less than 550 ppm, regrettably, every bit of that math equals what could be a completely chaotic planet by the end of the century. 45% of that crap just lingers in the air and would take Earth 30 years to remove just half of that, providing Earth is still healthy enough to do so.

It’s the most important question to ask: How can Earth begin to heal by the end of the century, if between 2052 and 2070 man is still polluting the air through ineffective band aids applied to Electricity, Agriculture, Transportation and Industry? During the time from 2052 to 2070 and afterwards, it will be impossible for band-aid industrialization to address the problems of Earth, simply because our methods are the original problem. To rephrase what I said earlier: a dirty machine cannot fix a dirty atmosphere. The machine needs to be fixed by midcentury for the best possible chance of letting Earth heal herself. There’s the crux of the issue – we really cannot heal her – we can only stop our destructive ways. Which leads us to this bar graph produced by the OECD.

2 gragh image

Humans cannot change the fact that CO2 levels control the temperature of Earth. Band aids to the four major categorizes will never stop a doubling of CO2 or the worst-case scenario of a snowballing mixture (cumulative effects), which cause a triple rise to 900 ppm from the pre-industrial start of 280 ppm. Every ton of carbon must be eliminated and slowing our output does nothing but delay the inevitable. An irreversible effect means a continued rise in temperature as the bar graph and other studies indicate. How high can it go is a terrifying question?

Once the Earth heats up to an unacceptable condition. How can we continue to operate Electricity, Agriculture, Transportation and Industry, at full force? Running an air conditioner, flying a plane, trucking food, or burning anything for warmth and electricity becomes additional damage. Eventually – since a low-tech civilization is so destructive to nature – we will reach a point where man is forced to turn off the band-aid industrialization as a last ditch effort to curtail the planet of chaotic weather events that are looking to intensify. What year? Who knows? Perhaps 2100, 2110, 2120, or 2150. But imagine that, civilization as we know it can come to end in roughly a century. Should we be surprised that 50% of wildlife destroyed in the last 40 years would also include us as a future fallout?

The heart of my message – A Future We Are Ignoring. If governments are forced to shut down most of industrialization at some point due to a complete necessity, this creates a very ugly environment for the humans in major cities. If the corporate food machine cannot run on oil to harvest and deliver produce, urban humans will suffer massive starvation. Humans will scatter to the hills in search of game and water. Without electricity, a drivable car, and too few horses, western civilization will slowly walk back into the stone age. All the modern niceties that made us soft survivors, is not the skillset to survive a world of walking.

The irony, the poorest of humans not involved with technology who still live in remote regions as hunters and gathers, are the humans most likely to survive at higher ratios. They know how to pick up a stick and make an arrow without fouling the air.

The solution to save western civilization and the survival of technology; all nations must come together under a Global Origination of Technology (GOT). Humans as of now, require a global management system of Earth’s resources tostock-photo-48253670-environmental-activism save a high ratio of our species. Nations could fund a hi-tech chance of survival by transferring every dime of defense money into a technology fund.

With a GOT platform, every economy involved in the movement would not suffer an economic loss. It’s a simple matter of transferring all the damaging labor that assembles destructive devices for our war machines, into a positive labor force that tackles the four major items of species survival. It would be a boom economy of green products that are installed freely, so we may save Earth from our dirty industrialization. Unemployment could virtually disappear when every human has a job to save Earth. It’s a no nonsense plan and the only one that will work, simply because it will take a world effort to preserve a viable Earth.

Paying attention to the concerns listed by the scientists in the opening letter; first order of business would be to protect and automate all water and food resources. Even now it is not a bad idea to start building indoor farming facilities with controlled environments that grow vertically, which would also start to cut down the 24% bracket of CO2 production from agriculture. Smaller versions should be installed inside the major cities and larger facilities on the outskirts. Engineers could start working the problems of automating a train and big rig system that is solar power and computerized to deliver food to the inner cities, since food is the only resource that can prevent human anarchy. It’s important that all transportation is turned green to move materials around while we are addressing each problem of carbon elimination. It would be hard to re-engineer our dirty problems showing up in a dirty transportation system.

See why we must start now? We are going to burn a lot of carbon to remedy our situation. We are like three astronauts way out in space, aiming to hit a small window with one burn left to get home – we better make sure the burn is short and accurate. We are literally wasting time defending the oil fields in the Middle East. Our window is passing us by through other matters that are no longer important. Here’s the irony, a world pulling together actually solves many of those other matters.

stock-photo-69097935-solar-power-plantThe dire conditions of the future demand that we play it extra safe. The largest 25% slice of destruction as heat and electricity consumption, whose homes and businesses rely on the burning of coal – should immediately receive free solar panels and a battery storage system from the GOT platform as a preemptive strike against CO2 emissions. In fact, everything the GOT does is a preemptive strike against CO2, with the anticipation of shutting down the harmful sectors of industrialization. Free electricity from the sun must in place and a worldwide phenomenon. Attempting to make money from the process as capitalism dictates, only slows the elimination of CO2.

This actually leads us to the ultimate point that must be conquered. Money is the major dominion over Electricity, Agriculture, Transportation and Industry. If these systems of comfort remain as profit centers first, they will neglect the urgency of protection and automation that can save these systems. It’s time for the powerful leaders in every nation to clearly see, the ruse that is going to stop a GOT like development. It’s called Money! And our blind loyalty to it!

The human species must not let money destroy our way of life and change its nature within capitalism. The concept of making money off the saving of the planet is a horrible idea. It presents the question: Can we arrive at a green world before the dirt of capitalism destroys our ecosystems of food and water? I hate to say this, but, the quicker the collapse of money into a positive nature is actually better for humans’ long-term survival. It will force humans to do the correct things. A prime opportunity we missed in 2008 when the mismanagement of money opened the door for a government takeover. A government takeover of monetary principles contains a better chance of something like a GOT. Wall Street and a world management system of resources are far from the same game plan – they are polar opposites. Wall Street’s money infection is why we have no master plan that will work in all four categories.

Therefore …

I support the Positive Money movement of returning paper to the control of government and democracy. We the people would spend it wisely, directly on green infrastructure and automation that render stability to humans and Earth. Proper American democracy can lead the world’s money supply toward the hi-tech solutions that embrace a new Earth of regeneration. For the umpteen time, I’m going to remind you about the Venus Project. A whole new world could emerge from the brilliant idea that Jacque Fresco presents. One that we are happy in and where Dr. King’s free at last speech rings true. We either build the better Dream, or we end up frustrated with survival in a nightmare that looks like this:


There are only two options. One is a hi-tech world where money does not slow us down and we work our way out of this mess, and the other is to remain low tech. The blunt message from math is screaming right now! … we need to start the construction of a technological civilization that allows Earth to heal, or, our children will devolve into small tribes and begin to throw feces at each other like our ancestors did.

Warning -A Trumpeteer Posts Here

To better understand a Trumpeteer  let’s take a moment to analyze a rather typical a rather sad dialogue with a such a person. (Well the below is not typical, but it is delicious nonetheless.)


They are easy to spot, seen from a far, sporting their fake patriotism, draped it various often uncouth flags waving the bible whilst having zero notions of Christianity. I have explained in considerable detail how we arrived at this point, being now confronted with this zombie army of lost wraith like souls. But I want to delve into one key aspect of these Trumpeteers –  their total inability to fact check their own material – let alone the inability to recognize a myth from a fact.

Meet Mike Thorton: This how this particular Trumpeteer sees me:

I picture a pimple faced, over weight high school drop out in mom’s basement , sitting at a computer eating cheese balls and making his genitals oranger and oranger. Society rejected you?

His vision of me being about as accurate as his infantile political prognostications. His observations written after he had been taken to the woodshed numerous times. I do love these end game diatribes, they insinuate an inevitable end game checkmate – another Trumpeteer bites the dust having reached the end of their intellectual horizon – the end of their nose. Am I rude to these people? Yes, I will call them stupid, but only when I can prove they are stupid—and this takes time and effort. They are not willing to spend any time thinking or reading the actual content, thus all they do is take oxygen out of the room. Such ineptitude demands a lack of respect. We need to stop respecting opinions that are provably false. One can not really have people getting away with lies or slander on a thread on my Facebook page, and yet one cannot respond in detail, reinventing the wheel every moment of the day for people who refuse to think and are incapable of fact based research. Calling such people stupid is actually a polite euphemism for far worse character traits. But their “stupidity”, it has consequences, it is deadly and I have little patience for such.


When I engage with such people -I implore them to just please, please, please— say something intelligent, anything.  If there is a mistake in my fact based research- please advise me. But they never do. In this case Mike Thornton keeps challenging me to debate him, but he never acknowledges anything I say, never researches anything he says -he  just moves on to the next topic, proving his ignorance with each utterance. I know that any one who has tried to engage with these people has run into the same problem. But what most people have not realized is that Trumpeteers literally have nothing. I am being deadly serious—they have nothing, the world view gleaned from teh machinations of Roger Ailes andd his various off shoots -human beings with zero decency, zero integrity – as is now public knowledge. The media argues that it is the economy that has pissed these Trumpeteers off -but that is just not the case, and the media is too afraid and too spineless to explain why there are so many Trumpeteers. The answer is obvious and the answer is not pretty

So here is the gist of my conversations with Mike Thornton:

Mike Thornton:   …Debate me

Me: (After Mike Thornton had vacuously objected to some facts about the Zika virus claiming that it was no big deal, 98% of pregnancy’s would be just fine...)

” I have debated and destroyed you countless times, you have nothing – if you are contesting a fact in the content – copy and paste it and point out the error. – you have never said anything intelligent yet – do you remember your sick comments and lying about the Zika Virus?

1) your 98% number is crap

2) there is no firm number but it might be 87%

3) the fact that you think 2% with the disease is perfectly acceptable is just sick

4) you complain about my researched facts, but only a mental midget would make such a complaint without bothering to find an error in the research

5) you are evidently a pro-life nut job – which means that you are guilty of promoting policies that create 40,000,000 abortions worldwide that are avoidable – your ignorance and stupidity leads to massive poverty disease and death –…/pro-lifers-actually… and if there is a Christian God -you will be going to hell for failing to use your god given brain.

Mike Thornton: (excuse the garbled delivery that I have to deal with)

“The only bills the dems introduced were to take away your right to protect yourself includin gthe potty bill where you need to pee with petophiles”…. “How does it feel supporting someone (Hillary) that calls you stupid?”

Me: Then you lied by claiming that Hillary called Democratic voters stupid. You said  and posted a false meme to support your contention.  Here are the facts:

“The above-displayed message was not uttered by Hillary Clinton and was not published in the 2005 book Rewriting History by Dick Morris. We found no record of the quote in any major publication. In fact, the first mention of this quote came in October 2015, more than a decade after Morris’ book was published,

Mike Thornton: (supporting his comment with the below image)

“You seem to ignore the fact the klan donated $22,000.00 and endorsed hacking hillary.”


Me:(putting aside the erroneous hacking Hillary comment)

I have warned you about fact checking several times. Your repeated and unapologetic failure on this count means that you are not simply a moron – but a lying moron.

CLAIM: The KKK officially switched their presidential endorsement from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton and donated $20,000 to the latter’s campaign.


WHAT’S TRUE: A man claiming to be a Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon told several media outlets that the KKK had changed their political allegiance from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton and had donated $20,000 to the latter’s campaign. So while it’s true that The Telegraph reported (and other outlets disseminated) Quigg’s claim that the KKK was now supporting Hillary Clinton and had donated $20,000 to her campaign, that assertion was widely deemed not to be credible by sources familiar with such groups. Moreover, Quigg neither presented proof of his claims nor discussed them seriously.

Mike Thormton: Dems are the party of the KKK.

Me: I always find it odd how racists and racist enablers run headlong into this narrative. I mean how is it that minorities overwhelming loathe the GOP. Trump might be getting like 1% of the black vote. But Trumpeteers are nothing if they are not oblivious to logic. That is sort of what makes a Trumpeteer a Trumpeteer. The year is 2016, yet they seem to be living in 1776, (or at least 1963) – somewhere in the deep south, so where does this nonsense come from?

Well it all started in 1963… with JFK.

“One hundred years of delay have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves, yet their heirs, their grandsons, are not fully free,” Kennedy said. “They are not yet freed from the bonds of injustice. They are not yet freed from social and economic oppression.”

Kennedy’s white constituents in the South were outraged. They had overwhelmingly supported Democrats since the end of Reconstruction. Yet between April 5 and June 23 of that year, the share of white Southerners who approved of Kennedy declined by 35 percentage points to about 20 percent , according to the Gallup polls. This abrupt shift marks when white Southerners turned against Democrats, Kuziemko and Washington argue. The percentage of whites in the rest of the country saying they approved of the president did not change appreciably.

At the end of the World War II, nearly 80 percent of white Southerners were Democrats, compared to 40 percent of whites in the rest of the country. By the Reagan administration, white Southerners were no more likely to identify as Democrats than whites elsewhere. Today, the white vote in the South is almost solidly Republican.

This is what’s so funny (stupid) about the Mike Thornton’s of this world calling the Democrats racist – yes back in 1963 southern white Democrats were racist, but the party was moving rapidly on the issue of civil rights. Johnson shamed by the JFK legacy (having surely had a hand in JFK’s demise) passes the civil rights bill and southern racist Democrats find they no longer have a home in the Democratic party. Where do they go? Deh—they become Republicans. The Republican party welcomes them. Today about 67% of the Republican party voters are ignorant and or bigots. Just look at the numbers. Thus by referencing this historic dynamic the Mike Thornton’s of this world are acknowledging the bloody obvious—that it is the GOP that is now the racist party, that it is the KKK party -they are just too stupid to realize it. Too stupid to recognize that the year is now 2016. Without the racists, there is no Republican party of 2016.

Moving on and undaunted Mike Thornton posts this below meme- he has posted it at-least half a dozen times on my Facebook page. There are so many clues to this being bullshit, not the least of which being that Occupy Democrats would never post such nonsense. But who has pulled the wool over Mike Thornton’s blinkered eyes?


Me: Now regarding you absurd accusation that Hillary is an anti-Semitic bigot, calling people n*gg*rs—you plummet to new depths, mainly because you are way too stupidparty to know how to fact check—you are now aligning yourself with racist anti-Semitic holocaust deniers -tough to get lower than that. Let’s go to the source of your material shall we?

Trump has repeatedly used research from The Clintons’ War on Women, which is co-authored by Robert Morrow — a bizarre conspiracy theorist who uses his Twitter account to endlessly tweet the slur “nigger,” including about President Obama. Nothing Stone writes should be taken seriously. He has a long history of political dirty tricks, and he regularly spouts violent, racist, and sexist rhetoric. He’s called Hillary Clinton a “cunt” and advocated for her execution. He’s also pushed racist commentary, including tweeting “nigga” and calling his perceived enemies “stupid negro,” “token,” “Uncle Tom,” “Mandingo,” and “house negro.”

Stone’s co-author Robert Morrow is similarly disreputable and racist. He’s wished death on Hillary Clinton and been visited by the Secret Service; posted bizarre sexual writings about the former secretary of state; called Chelsea Clinton a “slut” and imagined how she would “have sex one day” with Bill Clinton; posted about “pro-faggot JUDICIAL ACTIVISM”; and claimed the Bush and Clinton families were involved in murders.

The Clintons’ War on Women is dedicated to and cites anti-Clinton research from virulent anti-Semite Victor Thorn. In addition to his Clinton work, Thorn also wrote The Holocaust Hoax Exposed — as the title suggests, Thorn believes the Holocaust is a myth — and blames a “Jewish plot” for the 9/11 attack

*It is interesting to note that the source here is the very same outfit that Roger Ailes evidently had phone tapped -an emerging scandal will will further serve to destroy the legacy of Fox, an empire of deceit that is likely to unravel after the 2016 election. What is so magical about this little tit-bit is that it does not simply tie in with the proven allegations against the Murdoch empire in the UK -but it now makes the sins of the US operations far worse than the sins of the UK – sins which officially made Rupert Murdoch unfit to lead a media empire, in the eyes of the the UK parliament.

Here is fact checking tip —find more than one respected source, you know, places that win awards for journalism, who fire lying journalists.  Drudge, Breitbart and any other Roger Ailes inspired fake news site are not sources for factual information.

Mike Thornton on Obamacare which has dramatically reduced the number of Americans with out healthcare:

“There will be fewer (people insured) this year when the rates more than double. That illegal tax is dying very quickly. Try dealing in concrete facts and not dreams.”


Can you please, please, please try and say someting intelligent. The numbers are factual (i.e. the number uninsured is now 8.6%) – but then a moron cannot fact check. Rates will not double Some are talking about 10% increases or so, the tax is legal as determined by the Supreme Court. Insurance Companies usually start with a high (proposed rate increase) number, so that the final number will look modest by comparison.

Can you begin to see the difference between us? A thinking human being makes some effort to get their facts right, but a ghastly sniveling little shit, possessing a tiny lying brain —makes no such effort.

Mike Thornton:

If you had any knowledge of TRUMP you would know he has helped hundreds of people. Gary is a clown and jill got busted spratyng grafitti. hilldelete is an all around loser. ONLY TRUMP.

Me -* Note to myself If you were remotely interested in knowledge you would get the facts about Trump, the fact that he is just a con man who is only interested in one person. The facts are right here.


Trump and The Clinton Foundation

Trump will soon be launching a National Enquirer quality deluge of right wing juvenile and baseless claptrap about Hillary Clinton.

He will discuss emails which will all be nonsense as explained explained here, Benghazi—in which Hillary Clinton has already turned the tables on Stupidparty during her brilliant congressional testimony—and now Trump will be going after the Clinton foundation with what will be nothing but utter drivel.

But these attacks can be quickly turned round, with the truth simply highlighting the difference between the soul of a Stupidparty advocate compared to the better elements of humanity, which happens to include the Clinton family and explains why Bill has become one of the most respected men in the world and Hillary has been named one of the most admired women in the world for a record 20th time.

When bad people try and destroy her with nothing but invention preying on ignorance—they are effectively attempting to destroy a woman who holds out so much hope for oppressed women across the world. But of course a misogynist would sneer at that.

So Trump thinks the Clintons are scum, and that they should be in jail.

But not so fast, let’s roll back the video tape, to just a few months ago—the end of 2015:

Remember he is now saying her (imagined) sins are 20 times worse than General Petreaus, (because that is just what he does, make shit up) who had an affair with his biographer (a major no no for security reasons) and did leak classified information (real classified information not pretend classified information, and not simply to his mistress but to journalists). This is particularly odd since Petraeus’ prosecutor: Clinton committed no crime.

Trump will try and re-litigate Whitewater which is also odd since Kenneth Star, the prosecutor not only found nothing but now has nothing but praise for Bill Clinton.

But go at it Trump, there is a good reason why Trump is my dream “Klandidate”.

The Republican hypocrites who led the impeachment of then President Clinton

Trump and his fans should also be cognizant of every one of Bill Clinton’s whitewater Jury.

—Note that I only use solid sources, real journalists not fake trumped up journalism—an issue which I will be discussing further.

But Trump has more praise, and my source could not be more credible:

And just for good measure—as reported by The Hill back in May 2015:

New York real estate mogul Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka have donated a combined total of at least $105,000 to the Clinton Foundation, records show.

“Donald J. Trump” is listed on the foundation’s website as giving between $100,000 and $250,000 to the charitable organization. “Ivanka Trump,” meanwhile, is listed as a donor who gifted between $5,001 and $10,000 to the nonprofit.

But Trump has no interest in consistency or truth—he just makes shit up on the fly.

He managed to get his friend, the owner of the National Enquirer

National Enquirer was founded in 1920 is an American supermarket tabloid. The tabloid is best known for celebrity news, Hollywood happenings, and entertainment news. It is published by American Media. The tabloid came under scrutiny for its long-term relationship with president Trump. Although, the tabloid has denied all the rumors; click for more info

(which happens to be where Trump apparently gets most of his facts from), to invent stories taking down the odious Ted Cruz—stories even less credible than Hillary mating with an Alien—saying somehow Ted Cruz did not have just one mistress but five.

The National Enquirer—with stories even less credible than Hillary mating with an Alien

Stupidparty party has a whole collection of fake news sites, all promoting each other’s nonsense. There is good money to be made inventing stories for Fox and co—whether it be their fake military analyst of simply Trojan horse women or minorities who are willing to sell out their tribe for a long career or fat paycheck. Look at Trump’s blonde surrogates or Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, and Herman Cain.

I am not suggesting that they do not believe what they say–but big money will find people who are willing to say stupid things and provide a cover to bigotry, while making the Stupidparty seem racially tolerant, or in the image below, have military insight.

Fox longstanding TOTALLY FAKE Military analyst

John Lott was the pseudo-mathematical expert who made a career out of making it seem like more guns in society lead to a drop in violent crime. It took a decade for him to be discredited.

It took a decade for him to be discredited

Now welcome to the stage a one-time nobody, yet with a Wikipedia entry—but suddenly about to become Stupidparty superstar—a man who is rapidly learning how easy it is to profit by talking nonsense (the more shrill that nonsense the better).

Charles Ortel gets to discuss his conspiracy theories on OAN news...

Charles Ortel has studied the Clinton Foundation in depth as only an analyst could. His conclusions are that the Clinton Crime Family took in more than $100 billion and that most of that money disappeared. Because $100B just does tend to disappear—if you are an incompetent analyst anyway—just like the US economy was going to disappear, or just like GE was going to disappear.

And how does this junk enter the mainstream?

Right wing fake news sites

I have discussed this nefarious network of lies and deceit in considerable detail here, here  and here.

Meet Charles Ortel, managing director of Newport Value Partners, who told AIM back in 2010 that the Federal Reserve plan to buy $600 billion of U.S. Government securities “borders on the criminal” because the impact will be the devaluation of the dollar by 20 percent and the destruction of $10 trillion of household net worth.

Ortel told AIM that the Obama Administration’s “war on capitalism” has become a “war on wealth” under the direction of Fed chairman Ben S. Bernanke.

Back in 2007 Charles Ortel, an independent analyst who has been urging investors to short GE since 2007, told me that that the company, as he put it, “is going to hit the wall.”

The reason?

“It has too much debt and not enough tangible common equity.”

Tangible common equity—equity minus goodwill and other intangibles—is the once obscure, now critical barometer of a bank’s capital.

In 2010 Ortel stated in a column  that GE’s intrinsic net worth is about $2 a share, compared to its high of $60 and current price of $16.So let us look at GE’s most recent five year chart:


But such idiotic prognosticators do not get paid for being correct, they get paid for creating headlines, driving ratings and parting gullible StupidParty disciples from their money by selling absurdist scary newsletters that simply drive up demand for guns, survival gear and Nuclear fallout shelters.

Yes one day the world will end and one of these guys will accidentally be proven correct—but the when the world has ended—it will be too late to collect any accolades.

So back to reality—What is the Clinton Foundation?

I have always found it interesting to research what Presidents, or those who came close to being President, do after they leave office. It is during the presidential campaigns that the best and the brightest take up the torch in promoting differing solutions and agendas regarding the problems of the day. Money flows into numerous candidates, who then hire advisers, strategists, researchers, speech writers, and marketers. The candidates put their best foot forward. But as they age, these assets start taking more of a backseat, and the candidates’ views are likely to become more adamant, more calcified, their character more transparent. So it is interesting see what these leaders or potential leaders do after they move on from either being president or planning to be.

So what did Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr do after leaving office? Basically bugger all—because all they cared about was their own little club. Compare these four with the likes of Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and I have no doubt that Obama will have much much more to offer in the future—I mean can you really imagine that all he will do is toss the occasional ceremonial opening pitch, or sky dive?

As for Trump—his post Presidential life is crystal clear—the playboy mansion for him.

But to all the feeble minded nitwits who have been going on about the Clinton foundation, an exercise in deception that will only be magnified next week and then ad infinitum till the election day—this is my message to you:

I suggest you find out more about how charities work. It is really sad when massive ignorance turns someone into a liar—a moronic liar.  So some facts might yet save your humanity. You will argue that a foreign Government got a free pass—like invading Ukraine, gassing their own people or whatever else comes to mind because such Government gave money to the Clinton foundation. You will argue that Hillary, as secretary of state became a one-person-Bernie-Madoff-Ponzi-scheme-flying-machine, jetting unaccountably from one capital to the next handing out briefcases of taxpayer money in return for receiving donations that she somehow pocketed and invested based on inside information that Putin whispered in her ear about a massive order of Gold to stockpile Russian reserves.  Hillary then met with Aliens and gave birth to a semi god— driven to take America away from god fearing, gun toting, freedom loving, eagle soaring, patriotic Americans who all arrived on these shores on the Mayflower. God knows what else happens in the imagination of a sick fact devoid mind.

Like all philanthropic organizations, the Clinton Foundation depends on contributions to pursue its work around the world.

Governments do make contributions to the foundation but the motivation is to work in partnership with the charity to maximize resources in tackling specific chronic problems. The agenda? Oh golly gee–the agenda is to save lives, relieve poverty and conquer disease. These are all alien concepts to Stupidparty.  Hillary played no role in the charity while she was secretary of State. The foundation has more than 300,000 contributors; 90% of its donations are $100 or less. Like all philanthropic organizations, the Foundation depends on contributions to pursue its work around the world.

While not required by any law, but in keeping with a long-held commitment to transparency, the Clinton Foundation has for years listed all contributors dating back to the Foundation’s beginning on its website.

What do contributors receive in exchange for donations?

Yes—corporations, non-profits, and individuals get something in return—which is helping to improve lives around the world. Contributors give because they want to see the circle of opportunity extended around the world; they want to see communities, businesses and governments working together to address problems that we all face but collectively have the know-how and resources to fix. That is what the Clinton Foundation does every day.

Do the Clinton’s receive any income or personal expense reimbursement from the Foundation?

No. President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, who serve on the Board of Directors, do not take a salary from the Clinton Foundation and receive no funding from it. Secretary Clinton did not take a salary when she served on the Board of Directors.

So how does Bill Clinton’s Presidential afterlife hold up compared to any one typical Stupidparty counterpart? President William Clinton does so much more than build the standard presidential library and write memoirs. In 2007 he released Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World, which became a New York Times best seller and garnered positive reviews. In the aftermath of the 2004 Asian tsunami, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan appointed Clinton to head a relief effort. After Hurricane Katrina, Clinton joined with fellow former president George H. W. Bush to establish the Bush–Clinton Tsunami Fund in January 2005.

Based on his philanthropic worldview, Clinton created the William J. Clinton Foundation to address issues of global importance. This foundation includes the Clinton Foundation HIV and AIDS Initiative (CHAI), which strives to combat that disease, and has worked with the Australian government toward that end. The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) was begun by the Clinton Foundation in 2005 It attempts to address world problems, such as global public health, poverty alleviation, and religious and ethnic conflict. In 2005, Clinton announced through his foundation an agreement with manufacturers to stop selling sugared drinks in schools.

Clinton’s foundation joined with the Large Cities Climate Leadership Group in 2006 to improve cooperation among those cities, and he met with foreign leaders to promote this initiative. The foundation has received donations from a number of governments all over the world, including in Asia and the Middle East. In 2008, Foundation Director Inder Singh announced that deals to reduce the price of antimalarial drugs by 30% in developing nations. Clinton also spoke in favor of California Proposition 87 on alternative energy, which was voted down.

In 2009, Clinton traveled to North Korea on behalf of Euna Lee and Laura Ling who had been imprisoned for illegally entering the country from China. Jimmy Carter had made a similar visit in 1994. After Clinton met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, Kim issued a pardon.

Since then, Clinton has been assigned a number of other diplomatic missions. He was named United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti in 2009. In response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that Clinton and George W. Bush would coordinate efforts to raise funds for Haiti’s recovery. Clinton continues to visit Haiti to witness the inauguration of refugee villages and to raise funds for the earthquake victims. These activities highlight a different attitude on Haiti than that of various Stupidparty leaders. In 2010, Clinton announced support of, and delivered the keynote address for, the inauguration of NTR, Ireland’s first environmental foundation. At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Clinton gave a widely praised speech nominating Barack Obama.

During its lifetime the foundation has received praise from philanthropic experts and has had support from both Democrats and Republicans, with the latter including members of the George W. Bush administration.[3] Charitable grants are not a major focus of the Clinton Foundation, which instead keeps most of its money in house and hires staff to carry out its own humanitarian programs. the American Institute of Philanthropy, says that 89 percent of the foundation’s money goes toward its charitable mission and gave the foundation an A rating for 2013.

Preceding Barack Obama‘s 2009 nomination of Hillary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State, Bill Clinton agreed to accept a number of conditions and restrictions regarding his ongoing activities and fundraising efforts for the Clinton Presidential Center and the Clinton Global Initiative.[18] Accordingly, a list of donors was released for the first time in December 2008.[19] The list was large and included politically sensitive donors from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Blackwater Worldwide.[20] The foundation stated that the disclosures would ensure that “not even the appearance of a conflict of interest” would exist once Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

The Washington Post reported the foundation has won accolades from philanthropy experts and has drawn bipartisan support, with members of the George W. Bush administration often participating in its programs. Major donations have come from figures such as Christopher Ruddy, the chief executive of the conservative Web site and a onetime critic of Bill Clinton…..

“It’s all about building networks and connections,” Lawrence said, adding that donors are likely attracted both personally to the Clintons and to the highly regarded philanthropic work of their foundation.

The donor list shows that the foundation has relied most heavily on seven donors that have each given more than $25 million, including a foundation established by a Canadian mining magnate, Frank Giustra; the national lottery of Holland; and Chicago-based Democratic donor Fred Eychaner.

Other major donors giving at lower levels run the gamut of industries and interests, such as the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, beverage giant Coca-Cola, and the governments of Oman, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation Foundation and his son James Murdoch have given more than one million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. If the press’ working assumption seems to be that everyone who gives to the Clinton’s expects a favor in return (wink, wink), what did the owners of Fox News expect from their contribution? Not to mention possible Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump, who also donated. My guess is they gave for the same reasons so many others have given: They support the goals of the foundation.

So why have certain, sometimes credible reporters occasionally gotten their knickers in a twist. Well that confusion all lies in the accounting intricacies. First one needs to understand the charities unusual structure as explained in its mission statement:

It’s 2016 and Every Day is Christmas day – Trumpeteers are our Daily Turkey Dinner

At a rally  near Fort Lauderdale, Fla., criticizing President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s records against the Islamic State, Mr. Trump said:“In many respects you know they honor President Obama. ISIS is honoring President Obama! He is the founder of ISIS. He’s the founder of ISIS, O.K.! He’s the founder, he founded ISIS and I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton. Co-founder, crooked Hillary Clinton. And that’s what it’s about.” As the crowd erupted into cheers and chants of “Lock her up,” Mr. Trump then smiled and basked in the crowd’s applause. Mr. Trump repeated the false charge on Thursday, saying he’d continue his inflammatory campaign, even if it meant losing in November.

Like a rabid bull in a China shop he just can not stop:

Like a rabid bull full of bull, there goes Trump in the China shop


Every morning I rush down the stairs, go to the spot where we should always have our 2016 Christmas tree to see what Santa has brought me (and every other little person in the whole of the USA). Each night I rest at ease, relax with a smile, say a little prayer, “thank you, Lord for your great abundance, I will not take your kindness for granted, but I do wonder why it took you so long.” I fall asleep, totally content, knowing that just like groundhog day, tomorrow will  produce more wonders—till we reach a point, where everyone will finally get the point and we can stop reliving stupid every day—for eternity.

Or the previous day: (Gundermentalists – go shoot Hillary, if you love America) “When Mr. Trump fans racist rage against the president, suggests that gun owners take up arms against Mrs. Clinton…

Or the day before that: (The Election will be rigged -so why bother with elections) “or speaks darkly of a “rigged” election, he is not trying to woo Republican skeptics, independents or undecided voters. He is appealing to the mob.”

Or the day before that: 70 more top Republicans ask the RNC st stop assisting Trump

Or the day before that: 50 top mainly GOP security experts write a letter confirming Trump is not fit to be President.

It's 2016 and every day is Christmas Day

How do I pass on all this joy?

As I write this I have already had well over 200 days of wonder and joy. I can not go over all the wonderful stuff that has happened on each one of these days, there is just too much. So instead I decided to keep 12 days of Christmas daily diary, each day I would proclaim the daily wonder—in the full knowledge that for the rest of 2016 such wonders shall not cease, rather just get exponentially better.

A typical 12 days of 2016 Christmas Joy – happening every 12 days throughout the year…

Wednesday, July 6th

I ran down the steps, not even having time to put on my dressing gown. I heard a carol in the background with lyrics that made me smile;

To finally admit we are born alone
and that your only one’s got another robot to take the throne.
Heartless of the world deny the king is dead.
F**k, the king is dead.
Heartless with your burning eyes.
The king is dead.
F**k, the king is dead.

And then this was what I found under the Christmas tree:

Ailes' history of rampant sexism exposed as new allegations emergeIt was so beautifully wrapped—and as I unwrapped this blonde bombshell I could not stop humming to myself.

Hark! The blonde angels sing,
Glory to the dead-born King…

We all know how vile that Jabba the Hut creature, who liked to play with his blondes, really is. The worst person in the world—the creator of StupidParty. Please let there be more. This is a clarion call to all Fox blonde bombshells—you can come out of the closet now. We feel your pain. Roger Ailes creates the  climate of suffocating sexism and misogyny on Fox. Leave Fox, pursue Fox and become a Journalist—because if you receive a paycheck from Roger Ailes, you lose your right to call yourself a journalist.

Barely were the words out of my mouth before God responded with another Christmas cracker…

In the wee hours since the lawsuit was announced, “at least ten” other women have contacted Gretchen’s law firm, wanting to speak about Ailes’ treatment, according to a spokesman for the firm.

Thursday, July 7th

I ran down the steps, not even having time to put on my dressing gown. I heard a Carol in the background with lyrics that made me smile;

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
but the fire is so delightful.
And since we’ve no place to go
This fire can not be put out with snow

This was what I found under the Christmas tree: Darrell Issa was so upset about the Republican FBI  Director James Comey’s efforts to slander Hillary—that Comey would not actually reach the levels of actually breaking the law by prosecuting someone for purely political reasons—that Issa demanded an investigation which would only put Comey on the defensive, allowing Democrats to set the record straight about how underwhelming and unclear these supposed breaches of classified information were (all within the context that up to 90% of classified information should never have been classified in the first place).

The irony of Issa demanding another investigation of anyone other than Darrell Issa—one of the most corrupt politicians in congress, who has wasted about $100m of taxpayer money on his politically inspired witch hunts—well, it’s just too delicious to ignore. Plus it allowed me to set the record straight.

Let’s Investigate the lack of investigation of an Investigator that loves to instigate numerous investigations wherein such investigations keep coming up empty handed—leaving the taxpayers to fork the bill for his endless charades. How much money has been so wasted?

How much money has been wasted by Issa investigations?

A StupidParty Crook and his endless witch hunts: Salon reports:

“The only thing that makes Rep. Darrell Issa remotely qualified to chair the House Oversight Committee is his personal familiarity with the investigative process—on the receiving end. The man Republican House Speaker John Boehner put in charge of investigating government wrongdoing was himself indicted for stealing a car, accused of stealing at least one other car, arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, and twice suspected of insurance fraud—and once extensively investigated by authorities for arson, because his former business associates accused him, on the record, of burning down a building to collect the insurance payout.”

Is Darrell Issa a Crook? Clearly, this question must be asked. It must be asked because of the role the StupidParty decided to hand to him. You really would hope that an individual in charge of investigating the president should have a great deal of ethical credibility. So before listening to anything this man has to say, should you not evaluate the Darrell Issa’s veracity?

How Darrell Issa has blown up to around $100,000,000 of taxpayer money on invented scandals:

Darrell Issa granted a budget of $25,678,100 to pursue of fake scandals .

This figure does not account for the $14 million spent by the IRS answering voluminous and often duplicative subpoenas, the “millions” spent by the Department of Defense responding to inquiries about the attack in Benghazi, the budget of the Oversight Committee’s minority staff, nor the massive expenditure of resources by the dozens of other federal agencies that have come under the scrutiny of the Oversight Committee. By its conclusion Darrell Issa’s chairmanship could cost the U.S. Treasury well into the nine figures. From that astounding allocation of resources, Issa has unveiled no major corruption or gotten to the bottom of no significant scandal. By mistaking bureaucratic incompetence for scandal, ineptitude for criminality, and general stupidity on the part of low- and mid-level government employees for political conspiracy, Issa all but guarantees that only the most fervent partisans will trust any information that emerges from his committee. In that way he is perhaps the best Oversight chairman a Democratic administration could hope for—one whose investigations can simply be disregarded as partisan witch hunts and whose influence waned with each misstep…

Friday, July 8th

I ran down the steps, not even having time to put on my dressing gown. I heard a Carol in the background with lyrics that made me smile;

Said the little lamb to the shepherd boy
Do you hear what I hear
(do you hear what I hear)
Ringing through the sky shepherd boy 

We hear the sound of another Trumpeteer

Do you hear what I hear
(do hear what I hear)
A song, a song

It had barely been a day since long time loyal GOP stalwart, FBI director James Comey had tried to hand Hillary’s Clinton’s head to the pitchfork mob—for evidently being “extremely reckless” in sending a few classified emails. Notwithstanding the fact that no one has come close to showing what supposedly classified information may have been “recklessly” shared by the one person who would have a better grasp than anyone else about what material would actually be sensitive (like the actual person in charge of diplomacy, as opposed to some grunt simply calling everything classified just to cover their ass). Up to 90% of supposed classified material need not be deemed classified, so who better to make the call than the Secretary of State. It is, after all her job on the line, she has to do all the talking, the ultimate decision making, be responsible for every American life.

Yet she can not communicate?

Imprisoned, paralyzed with endless layers of foggy bureaucratic rules, made by bureaucrats terrified of being hauled up by politician lawyers who have a political agenda massively superseding any genuine interest or expertise in national security.  Worse and within this context, the Secretary of State is  expected to retroactively save lives (Libya). Perhaps Ambassador Stevens was in danger, but was that was too classified to discuss, just in case the Chinese got there first?  This is all too complex for StupidParty, Trump, and his Trumpeteers.

FBI director testifies over Clinton email probe

So having been handed Hillary’s head—what does StupidParty do? They scream at their own man for not prosecuting a case in which it is clear that no laws have been broken. This forces their own man to defend his decision and allow the Democrats to start to actually correct the record. First off, we can now deal with the absurd notion that Hillary’s actions were worse than General Petraeus’.

“Amazingly, amazingly, some Republicans who were praising you just days ago for your independence, for your integrity, and your honesty, instantly turned against you, because your recommendation conflicted with the predetermined outcome they wanted…”

“I give House Republicans credit,” Cummings said. “They are not shy about what they are doing. They have turned political investigations into an art form. If our concerns here today are with the proper treatment of classified information, then we should start with a review of our previous hearing on General David Petraeus, who pled guilty last year to intentionally and knowingly compromising highly classified information. The problem is, Mr. Director, we never had that hearing. This committee ignored that breach of national security because it did not match the political goals of House Republicans.”


By having this meeting they force Comey to confirm that Hillary was absolutely not guilty of gross negligence (something that could not  be said about Petraeus):

Comey specifically hit back against an argument put forward by some conservatives, including Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus, that Clinton committed “gross negligence.”

Comey said that since the statute making gross negligence a crime was passed in 1917, it has only been used by the Department of Justice once in a case of espionage. He said that at the time of the statute’s passage, there were concerns that the statute would “violate the American tradition of requiring that before you lock somebody up, you prove they knew they were doing something wrong.”

Since Trump and his Trumpeteers keep defending Petraeus (a one-time likely candidate  to run for President as a Republican) a quick summary of the facts are in order:

Petraeus’ case made him more legally vulnerable than Clinton. Petraeus knew that he was exposing confidential information and then lied to FBI investigators about it. Petraeus shared eight notebooks, called “black books,” with Broadwell that contained his own handwritten notes on classified matters.

But there is more:

FBI Director James B. Comey told lawmakers on Capitol Hill that Hillary Clinton’s private email server was likely created for convenience, not to conceal any communication or information from public record or Congress.

James Comey gets to destroy a bunch of conspiracy charges concerning the Bill Clinton /Loretta Lynch meeting and other nonsense put out by Donald Trump:

Comey on timing of decision not to prosecute Clinton: “The timing was entirely my own. Nobody knew I was going to do it, including the press…”

But it just keeps getting better, because Americans have such a simplistically confused notion about classified documents—and an education about this subject can only help Hillary. So this was probably not how people imagined classified documents are marked:

One can assume how classified documents are marked—or have someone explain it clearly

So as Laura Clawson a writer for The Daily Kos points out:

Why did Republicans think that going after an experienced prosecutor who they’d publicly said they respect as a man of great integrity was going to go well for them? Comey originally went out of his way, against usual protocol, to give them something to work with in attacking Clinton, and instead of thanking him, Republicans are attacking him and repeatedly inviting him to explain why it would be wrong to prosecute Clinton. It seems they just can’t keep themselves from overplaying their hand when it comes to Hillary Clinton.

Only 16% of Trump Voters Have Aptitude to Participate in a Democracy

When will the media get a grip and explain to the American people what is really happening? Could they please just explain precisely how Trump won the nomination. To be absolutely clear, his success had nothing to do “with the economy – stupid”. This assertion is all quantifiable, it is not an opinion. But today it has simply gotten much worse—quantifiably worse.

Only 16%? Well I had already proven (see bottom of this story, that 67% of GOP voters are some combination of sheer ignorance and bigotry, but the pied piper of bullshit and hate, Donald Trump, is successfully separating the gullible wheat from the hateful chaff. Trump has now created a whole new category of stupid—a sort of super duper category where only 16% of the 67% of GOP voters who were always going to vote for the most absurd nasty candidate (hence the final showdown between Trump and Ted Cruz), where only 16% of these voters have the foggiest notion of right vs. wrong, fact vs. falsehood, math vs. myth.

You may know a Trumpeteer—how do you spot them?

Apologies to Sam Cooke:

There were only sixteen, only sixteen
But we can see them just so
They are still too stuck to fall out of love
With America’s absurdist Foe

Why did they give their hearts so fast
Will it ever will happen again
But this rueful band of  sixteen
their brains are shrinking  in pain

Only 16% of Trump voters think that if Hillary Clinton wins the election, it will be because she got more votes than Trump. More specifically, 69% of Trump voters think that if Hillary Clinton wins the election it will be because it was rigged,

Only 16%  of Trump voters think that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not responsible for  Humayun Khan’s death.

48% of Trump voters think that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton deserve the blame for Humayun Khan’s death too.

 Only 11% of Trump have a positive opinion of the Khan family.

42% who disagree with the sentiment that Hillary is the Devil and 17% who aren’t sure one way or the other.

40% of Trump voters think that ACORN (which hasn’t existed in years) will steal the election for Clinton. That shows the long staying power of GOP conspiracy theories.

47% of his voters say they saw the video of Iran collecting 400 million dollars from the United States, even though Trump ended up admitting it didn’t exist.

The 67%

StupidParty Disciples.  The 67% who are Mooching off our brainsStupidparty Math v. Myth.

  1. 49% Believe Acorn stole 2012 election. PPP 2012.
    (With no funding, Acorn dissolved in 2010)
  2. 65% Believe higher taxes (on people earning >$400,000) impact them. (Pew Jan. 8, ’08)
  3. 68% Do not believe in evolution.
  4. 58% (creationists) Believe the planet to be less than, say, 10,000 years old. (Gallup)
  5. 69% Between 2009 and 2011 refused to believe that Global Warming had begun. *(Gallup)
  6. 58% Believe Global Warming is a hoax. (PPP 2013)
  7. 75% Believed Iraq was providing substantial support to al-Qaeda. Oct 21, ’04 (after 9/11 Commission Report)
  8. 70% Believed Saddam attacked on 9/11.
  9. 63% Believed—even in 2012—that Saddam had WMDs.
  10. 51% Are “birthers.”
  11. 57% Believe Obama is a Muslim
  12. 66% Believe Obama is a socialist.
  13. 24% Believe he may be the Antichrist.
  14. 71% Believed in poll “skewerism” before the 2012 election.
  15. 67% Believe video games are a bigger threat than guns.
  16. 84% Was their approval rating for G. W. Bush. (April 2013)
  17. 44% Believe armed insurrection might be necessary to protect their freedoms.  finds
  18. 72% Believed—as of the 2004 election—that Iraq had or was developing WMDs.*** 21, ’04 (after 9/11 Commission Report)
  19. 57% Believed the world supported G. W. Bush for reelection. *** 21, ’04 (after 9/11 Commission Report)
  20. 69% Believed G. W. Bush supported international nuclear-test-ban treaties. *** 21, 2004 (after 9/11 Commission Report)
  21. 87% Were unaware that Bush actively opposed labor and environmental standards in trade agreements. 21, 2004 (after 9/11 Commission Report)
  22. 62% In Ohio (not the silliest state) do not know whether Mitt deserved equal or more credit than Obama for Bin Laden’s death.
  23. 90% Are oblivious to the fact that 95% of the population had tax cuts at the time of the 2012 election.
  24. 22% In Mississippi believe in evolution, and 12% believe Obama is a Christian.
  25. 73% Believe raising the debt ceiling is for future expenditures; 54% Believe the debt ceiling is no big deal.
  26. Who do Louisiana Republicans say was to blame for the poor handling of Katrina (and/or believe Hurricane Katrina occurred after Obama became president)?

29% Obama / 28% Bush / 44% Do not know (PPP poll 8/21/2013).**  katrina_n_3790612.html

  1. Only 22% percent of SP disciples believe Ferguson raises important racial questions.
  2. 68% of StupidParty voters believe the President should be impeached for????* see below diagram for various reasons –
  3. 57% of Republicans want to dismantle the Constitution, and establish Christianity as the official national Religion, and only 30% oppose making Christianity the national religion.
    A Public Policy Polling (PPP) national survey conducted between February 20th and February 22nd
  4. Only 11% of SP disciples believe Obama loves America. This is a reaction to Giuliani’s sad statements and pitiful record regarding his own “family values”—a man who has many lessons to learn from Obama in that regard.
  5. 62% believe Obama is secretly trying to take away everyone’s guns.
  6. 44% of SP disciples believe that Obama is secretly trying to figure out a way to stay in office beyond 2017.
  7. News alert, Obama invading Texas: only 40% of Texas StupidParty disciples are not seriously insane morons–the few who do not fear an imminent Government takeover.
  8. 53 % of SP disciples believe that the unemployment rate today (2015) is worse than when Obama took office.
  9. 67% of SP disciples have a favorable impression of Ben Carson in spite of the fact that the following information is easily available to anyone.
  10. 65% of SP disciples would ban Muslims from the Country.
  11. 75% of SP disciples think more Guns= More safety:

75% of SP Disciples are NOT thinking critically!

  1. 65% of SP disciples believe that Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen.
  2. 94 % of SP disciples, being constitutional experts, believed the healthcare mandate unconstitutional (although the Supreme Court begged to differ).
  3. 43% of SP disciples “would hypothetically support the military stepping in to take control from a civilian government which is beginning to violate the Constitution,” which is odd because of the small technicality that the military taking control of the government for “violating the Constitution” is, in fact, violating the Constitution.
  4. 63% of SP disciples say Obama has made race relations worse (compared with just 5% of white Democrats) because a Black person in the white house is just bad for race relations (I guess).

Stupidparty: Seven Actual Biblical Sins—not the Invented Stupidparty Values

Now I must address the real biblical values and see how these values fit into the soul of the StupidParty. Now it’s time for my Four Horseman to take on the sadly abused and misunderstood four horses of the apocalypse:

And I saw, and behold a white horse. And he that sat on him had calculated that he would forever be a ruler and would set forth and conquer Myth with the use of Math.

And there went out another horse, that was red. And power was given to him that sat thereon to take Science to mankind, and that he must prevent raging winds, hell’s furnace, and plagues by allowing research to inoculate against witchcraft.

And I beheld, and lo a black horse. And he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. On one side sat facts and on the other untruths, and never again would the two be held equivalent.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse. And his name that sat on him was Knowledge, and Ignorance followed behind. And as the power of Math, Science, and Facts was given to Knowledge, so he trampled over Ignorance, and deep into the earth this conquered beast did disperse.

For StupidParty have sinned, keep sinning, and their sins grow exponentially by the day. The day of Judgement is upon us:

For StupidParty have sinned, keep sinning, and their sins grow exponentially by the day.

  1. Lust:

Seven deadly sins - Lust


Seven deadly sins - Lust

  1. Gluttony

Seven deadly sins - Gluttony


Seven deadly sins - Greed

Seven deadly sins - So much greed

  1. Sloth

Seven deadly sins - Sloth


Seven deadly sins - and yet more sloth

  1. Wrath

Seven deadly sins - Wrath

Seven deadly sins - Yerp, more envy6. Envy



  1. Pride

Seven deadly sins - and for some reason...pride

Why do we only hear from the faux Christians?

Does it not strike you as odd that the type of people we see lecturing us about Christianity are the very last people who should be lecturing us about Christianity: Pat Robertson, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Alan Keyes, Billy Graham’s son, Glen Beck (Mormon), the StupidParty-loving evangelicals, various misogynist old white fart Roman Catholic bishops.

Where are the Catholic nuns, where is Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Desmond Tutu? How about the archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Episcopalian Church? Why do we never hear from the good guys, the good Christians, Christians who can actually identify with Jesus Christ, speak his words, and live his actions?

It is all down to money. Money wants you to listen to the first category, to the bigot Christians—because these “Christians” help drive the agenda of the Benefactors. War, Arms and Guns, Guns, Guns. Asset Stripping the Citizens,  Asset Stripping natural resources, enriching those that control the political process, that control “democracy.” Christianity in America has become nothing but an embarrassment, because Christians that actually give a damn have virtually no voice in the public domain.

 The End of Times

It's cold out...

 Religion in the wrong hands can be really dangerous. Religion in the hands of StupidParty becomes stupidly dangerous. Progressives tend to feel that it is tough to get into the hearts and minds of people—but when it comes to certain StupidParty leaders, I am not so convinced, because really if you had to wade through their deepest thoughts, you would barely get your ankles wet.

In addition to this, they leave just too many clues, and these clues leave us with no choice but to connect the dots. Take House Intelligence Committee member Michele Bachman, who simply cannot contain her outbursts of verbal diarrhea. But these people have power, and thus it is no laughing matter. Many scientists and mathematicians agree that humanity will be quite lucky to survive the next hundred years. We have the technology to blow ourselves up. We are also indulging in behaviors that increase our exposure to global pandemics. But our biggest threat is our own stupidity, and ironically StupidParty religious thinking could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So let’s roll the tape—Michele Bachman:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claims the end of days is near, and as proof the former Republican presidential candidate cited President Barack Obama’s decision to support Syrian rebels, which she calls al-Qaeda terrorists, with anti-chemical weapons gear and limited arms.

“This happened and as of today the United States is willingly, knowingly, intentionally sending arms to terrorists, now what this says to me, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, as I look at the End Times scripture, this says to me that the leaf is on the fig tree and we are to understand the signs of the times, which is your ministry, we are to understand where we are in God’s end times history,” Bachmann told Jan Markell, radio host of “Understanding the Times,” on Saturday.

We were warned!

“Rather than seeing this as a negative, we need to rejoice, Maranatha Come Lord Jesus, His day is at hand,” Bachmann added later. “And so when we see up is down and right is called wrong, when this is happening, we were told this; that these days would be as the days of Noah. We are seeing that in our time. Yes it gives us fear in some respects because we want the retirement that our parents enjoyed. Well they will, if they know Jesus Christ.”

How are the angels fighting in this political climate?

Yes, we are at risk; we are threatened by Religious fundamentalists gaining the levers of powers, voting at elections, threatening the planet by myopic Asset Stripping; uncontrolled populations living unsustainable lives and deciding foreign policy based on myth. As George Bush Jr. would say, when asked if he should seek the advice of his dad before invading Iraq, I do not need to, “There is a higher father that I appeal to.” If you vote StupidParty, you own this.

Perhaps we need to demand more from Fundamentalists:

At the very least, it is not just the end of times that should concern them. Let Deuteronomy separate the fundamentalist wheat from the chaff.

Deuteronomy (23:1–2). God declared that any man with damaged or missing genitals, as well as any man who doesn’t know the names of his ancestors going back ten generations, cannot enter into religious congregations.

 Farming Tips.

Deuteronomy (22:10). God also doesn’t want you to plow a field with an ox and a donkey on the same yoke

Help in the Kitchen.

Deuteronomy (14:21). If you’re planning to boil a young goat in milk, please note that

God doesn’t want anyone to boil a young goat in its mother’s milk

 Fashion Tips.

(Leviticus 19:19). We are told to wear a piece of clothing made of more than one fabric.

(Exodus 28:31–35). God will kill Aaron if he goes to minister without wearing a golden bell and blue pomegranates.

Genesis says no to those Carnivorous Dinosaurs of 5000 BC.

(Genesis 1:30). In the beginning, when God allegedly created the animals, they were designed to consume plants rather than meat.

Beware while hiking the Appalachian Trail.

(Isaiah 14:29). The prophet Isaiah informs us that a cockatrice, a mythical creature able to kill its victim with a casual glance, will arise from a serpent.

Dr. Doolittle.

(Numbers 22:27–30). Man has full-blown conversation with his talking donkey—as they debate why he keeps flogging the donkey.

Better get circumcised.

(Exodus 4:24–26). God has intentions to murder Moses’ son because he wasn’t circumcised,

The Cure for Leprosy.

(Leviticus 14). God says that we can cure leprosy by killing a bird, putting the bird’s blood on another bird, killing a lamb, wiping the lamb blood on the leper, and killing two doves.

Just consider the following—80% of US evangelicals voted for Mitt Romney, an asset stripping, serial lying misogynist Mormon, the same number will likely vote for Donald Trump a Serial lying, asset stripping, misogynistic narcissistic racist, a nationalistic fascist. These fake Christians, these enablers of hate, these idiotic ignorant killers of people’s around the world (see below) vote for, worship, people like Trump or Cruz or nice old Romney,  who are the polar opposite of Jesus Christ -they support the anti-Christ, and thus by their own belief system they have simply bought their very own one way ticket to hell. Their only salvation might be a reintroduction to the real Jesus Christ.


There’s Something Going on” with Election 2016 & It’s Cyberwarfare & Maybe Worse

A close look at the tangled web of relationships involving Trump, his Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, his campaign in general, Putin, Russia, and WikiLeaks in light of the DNC and Clinton-aimed related hacking is not reassuring.

Trump is fond of using the phrase: “There’s something going on!” when he wants to imply a scandal without going into detail.

Well, “There’s something going on” here and we will go into detail in this in-depth special report, more than any single article you will find anywhere, period.  Here is the one article to read on Trump, Putin, the Russian hacks, and political cyber warfare in election 2016.

By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedInFacebookTwitter @bfry1981) MAJOR UPDATE  with bombshell information on Manafort’s dealings in Ukraine and also updated August 8th to note Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein’s participation in the Moscow RT gala alongside Lt. Gen. Flynn)

There's "something" going on.

Andrew Harnik/AP; Reuters; The Washington Post

AMMAN — When it comes to President Obama, Donald Trump is very fond of saying“There’s something going on!”, often in relation to the president’s views on, responses to, and efforts to fight Islamic terrorism, and most recently, regarding his body language…

Well, we can return Donald the courtesy: there’s something going on with Trump, Putin, Russia, WikLeaks, the DNC/Clinton hack/reveal, and the 2016 election, up to an including the possibility of some kind of secret deal between Putin and Trump or between some of their people, though Putin acting without coordination with Trump’s campaign—trying to undermine America and weaken America’s global standing and its position with its allies, most notably NATO allies—is also very much a possibility; so is some sort of combination of these.

Maybe this sounds ridiculous, and it should. But the facts of Trump and his associates’ ties to Putin and Russia are what are most disturbing of all.

As with any complicated situation, the best place to begin is the beginning…

Trump’s Business History with Russia & Russians: There’s Something Going On!

Starting in the 1980s, Trump began both seeking business opportunities in Russia, including a 1987 trip to Moscow and Leningrad, and began taking money from Russian investors, to the degree that, by 2008 his, one of his sons, Donald Jr., was able to remark to a business conference that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our [the Trump Organization’s] assets,” and that “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”  Trump made numerous other trips to Russia since his first in 1987, as did Donald Jr., to pursue business interests there, exploring a variety of ventures.  Trump’s business partners in one deal went to Moscow to sell Russian investors condos in 2006, and in 2008 Trump sold Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev a Palm Beach mansion for $95 million.  Donald Jr. alone made over a half dozen trips during the financial and sub-prime mortgage crises that began in 2008, when Russia was on the Trump Organization’s “A-list” for potential real estate deals.

Around this time, Trump also went into a deal structured to deprive the U.S. government of tens of millions of dollars in legitimate tax revenue that involved the construction and financing of Trump’s marquee SoHo property in New York City. The main partner driving this project way Bayrock, was a company run by Tevfik Arif, a man who in the Soviet-era was an economic official for the USSR. His point man for the deal, Felix Sater, was a convicted Russian mobster; financing involved money from an Iceland firm known for drawing money from Putin-linked Russians, as well as from a financier hailing from the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan named Alexander Mashkevich, who had been charged in a corruption case but settled in exchange for not having to admit any wrongdoing. Trump recalled only light, possible interaction with Sater, but evidence shows that Sater worked closely with Trump on the deal, as did Arif, who personally set trump up with Russian investors.  The other major partner in the deal was from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

The deal did not go well.  Trump was sued for defrauding buyers of condo units in the SoHo because he and his children Ivanka and Eric had falsely inflated the level of buyer interest, and settled late in 2011, refunding 90% of $3.16 million in deposits on condos, though not admitting that he or the Trump Organization had done anything wrong. Arif was later arrested in Turkey, charged with running a prostitution ring from a yacht in a situation that involved Mashkevich, but was later acquitted, though the details of the case remain murky. As for Sater, he was later brought into the Trump Organization, being given a business card that named him a “Senior Advisor to Donald Trump,” years after Trump is publicly said to have been aware of his earlier criminal record.

Perhaps most famously, in 2013, Trump even brought his Miss Universe beauty pageant to Moscow, invited Russian President Vladimir to the pageant, and publicly speculated on a new friendship between himself and the Russian president should Putin attend. A meeting was set up for the two men, and though Putin canceled just before the meeting, he sent a Trump a traditional Russian gift with a “warm” written message.  In attendance of both the pageant and afterparty at a Moscow nightclub were many of Russia’s notorious business oligarchs, mingling with Trump, discussing potential future deals.

He Said, He Said: There’s Something Going On!

Fast forward two years later, to when Trump announced his candidacy for the U.S. presidency, and Putin and Trump have had something of a lovefest: neither has opted to criticize the other, instead choosing to hurl compliments at each other from opposite sides of the world:

Trump on Putin:

Trump remarked last September that: “I will tell you that, in terms of leadership, he’s getting an “A” and our president is not doing so well.”

Trump also said: “I think that I would probably get along with him [Putin] very well. And I don’t think you’d be having the kind of problems that you’re having right now.”

Trump also released a statement praising Putin as “a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond” and that “I have always felt that Russia and the United States should be able to work well with each other towards defeating terrorism and restoring world peace, not to mention trade and all of the other benefits derived from mutual respect.”

When Putin said nice things about Trump, Trump said those compliments were an “honor.”

Trump also said he would not denounce Putin: “A guy calls me a genius, and I’m going to renounce?” and that “I’m not going to renounce him.”

Putin on Trump:

Putin recently said of Trump that “He is a bright and talented person without any doubt” and “an outstanding and talented personality.”

In response to Trump’s stated desire to improve U.S.-Russian relations, Putin remarked “What else can we do but to welcome it? Certainly, we welcome it.”

Putin also referred to Trump as “the absolute leader of the presidential race.”

When pushed on his compliments on Trump, Putin slyly doubled down and reiterated them.

Russian Press on Putin

But it’s not just Putin saying nice things about Trump: Putin’s massive mediapropaganda machine now seems to have swung solidly behind Trump and his candidacyas well, lavishing praise on him across the board while it clearly does not favor Clintonand demonizes her.

Putin’s choice in 2016 is clear: he dislikes Clinton and prefers Trump.

Trump’s Positions More Favorable to Russia than Any Other Candidate: There’s Something Going On!

In addition, Trump has put forward policies closer to the Kremlin’s policies than any other major candidate for the presidency.  Notably:

Trump wants the U.S. to defer to Russia in Syria and let it “fight ISIS” there, and agreed with Putin’s backing of Syrian’s murderous President Bashar al-Assad.

Trump is against the U.S. taking a large role in helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression, and his campaign people also aggressively saw to it that language calling for the U.S. government to supply arms to the Ukrainian government to help it defend itself against “Russia’s ongoing military aggression in Ukraine” and expressing American “admiration and support” for Ukraine in this struggle was removed from the 2016 Republican Party platform, shortly before the Republican National Convention, removing stances that virtually all Republican national security and foreign policy leaders shared; factoring in that the Trump campaign was pretty agnostic when it came to the platform in general, this is indeed curious (Trump’s people have distinctly avoidedgoing into detailed or adequate explanations for this decision).  Trump also just recently said at a press conference that he is considering lifting sanctions on Russia and recognizing its annexation of Crimea.

Trump also doesn’t think that there is enough evidence to blame Russia for the downing of MH17.

Trump defended Putin against accusations that he was behind the murders of numerous Russian journalists critical of Putin.

Most recently, Trump signaled less-than-enthusiastic, vague, and conditional support for NATO and has called it “obsolete,” while the weakening of NATO is a chief aim of Putin.


But ties to Russia in the Trump campaign don’t end with Trump and his family.

How Paul Manafort, Agent of Despots, Gave Ukraine to Putin, & Manafort’s Other Russian Ties: There’s Something Going On!

Paul Manafort, Agent of Despots, Gave Ukraine to Putin, & Manafort's Other Russian Ties: There’s Something Going On!

The Daily Beast

Trump’s Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, is a notorious spin doctor for Third World dictators, a leader of the “torturer’s lobby” who represented and lobbied for a true rogue’s gallery, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (then Zaire’s) Mobutu Sese Seko, the Philippines’ Ferdinand Marcos, Somalia’s Siad Barre, SaniAbacha of Nigeria, and Kenya’s Daniel arap Moi; other clients include Jonas Savimbi, the leader of the Angolan human-rights-abusing rebel guerilla group UNITA, and the Kashmiri American Council: a front for the terrorist-dealing Pakistani government intelligence service ISI that had helped create the Taliban, among other nefarious dealings.

Manafort has also had dealings with Russian business oligarch and Putin ally Oleg Deripaska going back to 2005 on a project to help Montenegro secure independence from Serbia, a move that would help Deripaska economically but also advance Russian interests in extending Russian influence into Montenegro, which has coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.  UPDATE 8/15: Another deal was later put together by Manafort and Deripaska using offshore accounts for almost $19 million, set up to launder money personally to Yanukovch’s and his closest associates to enable them to live like ostentatious royalty.  This was the only deal the shell company they set up for it ever orchestrated.   Later, Deripaska claimed in 2014 in a Cayman Islands court that Manafort, along with Manafort partner Richard Gates, took that almost $19 million that was supposed to be invested jointly with Deripaska, but which disappeared without a trace, much like Manafort did at the time; Deripaska, even with the aid of private investigators, was unable to track down Manafort in the years before today, when Manafort emerged to work for Donald Trump.  Deripaska is still seeking the money, which he has asked to be returned for eight years running now.  Gates also works for Trump’s presidential campaign, and, incidentally, it was Gates whose ultimate responsibility it was to vet and approve Melania Trump’s now infamously plagiarized speech.  UPDATE 8/15: Deripaska has also been denied a U.S. entry visa by the State Department on suspicion of being linked to the Russian mob.

Perhaps the most intense story of Manafort’s saga are his business dealings in Ukraine. Manfort’s Ukrainian career officially began over a decade ago when Manafort arrived to serve the interests of Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, then Ukraine’s richest businessman.  Akhmetov was a close ally of Viktor Yanukovych, then the country’s prime minister, who was a close ally of Vladimir Putin in a Ukraine whose political fault lines very much ran (and still run) along the ethnic Ukrainian and ethnic Russian divide within Ukraine, with Yanukovych allying with the ethnic Russian camp that feels strongly tied to Russia.  Russian President Vladimir Putin in particular has a history of trying to manipulate, strong-arm, and dominate Ukrainian politics, with Yanukovych acting as key agent for advancing Russian interests in Ukraine.

Behind the scenes and unofficially, Manafort worked as a campaign consultant for Yanukovych, already surrounded by a cloud of corruption at this time, who was running for Ukraine’s presidency against Viktor Yushchenko in 2004; Yanukovych was running in part on a campaign to stay close with Russia, while Yushchenko was running in part on bringing Ukraine closer to the West.  During the campaign, Yushchenko was even poisoned with dioxin and was incredibly lucky to live; the sitting president and Yanukovych colluded to falsify the election’s results, which in reality were a victory for Yushchenko, to hand the win to Yanukovych, who was quickly congratulated by Putin.

But the people roared to the street and independent observers cried fraud, and the Orange Revolution began, in which the Ukrainian Supreme Court sided with Yushchenko, a redo of the election was ordered, and Yushchenko rode a people-powered revolution over the course of about a month to victory (much to Putin’s chagrin).  Paul Manafort had worked on behalf of Yanukovych, against democracy, against the overall will of the Ukrainian people.

But Manafort stuck around, helping to resurrect Yanukovych’s career over the course of the following years, sometimes working in direct opposition to express American interests and engineering Yanukovych’s 2010 comeback victory in Ukraine’s presidential election.  Manafort even brought in Tad Devine, who would be one of the top senior staffers on Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign, to aid with Yanukovych’s 2010 election campaign, among other people.  Manafort also helped to shape the strategy of Yanukovych’s political party, the pro-Russian Party of Regions.

UPDATE 8/15: Evidence from Ukraine has emerged that the Party of Regions set aside unreported payments for Manafort for $12.7 million from 2007-2012.  The evidence comes from a series of secret handwritten accounting ledgers (the “black ledger”) detailing illegal dealings with political overtones and include Ukrainian political officials.  Just for one six-month period in 2012, the payments to all parties reached $66 million.  Said one former leader in the Party: “This was our cash…They had it on the table, stacks of money, and they had lists of who to pay.” 

Overall, Manafort seems to have been one of the main driving forces behind the overall political reversal in Ukraine and return of Yanukovych to power.

Concurrent with much of his work for Yanukovych, Manafort also linked up closely with Ukranian power-broker Dmitry Firtash, who worked closely with Seymon Mogilevich, a godfather of the Russian Mafia.  But, even more importantly, Firtash was one of Putin’s top agents in Ukraine: Russia’s state-owned gas giant, Gazprom, would sell Firtash huge amounts of gas at a discounted rate, who would then sell that gas to Ukraine for a sizable profit, profit that Firtash funneled to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, including—yes—Yanukovych.

On top of this, Firtash used millions out of the billions he made from this scam to partner with Manafort and “a longtime Trump family aide” to hatch an elaborate business venture on prime real estate on New York’s Park Avenue, investing $25 million into the project in 2008; he also set up a $100 million investment fund, which Manafort and his associates were paid $1.5 million to run (that same year, Manafort was considered for the role of McCain’s campaign convention chair, but was not chosen because of these very relationships).  This was at a time when Yulia Tymoshenko, who was a partner of Yushchenko during the Orange Revolution and was appointed as the Prime Minister under President Yushchenko, had herself recently returned to power again as Prime Minister, before Yanukovych’s 2010 comeback; Tymoshenko, who had first risen to prominence as a gas tycoon herself, moved to seize Firtash’s gas business assets and cut him out of the gas loop and thus cut off a source of Russian influence in Ukrainian politics.  It should, thus, be no surprise that Firtash was such enthusiastic a supporter of Yanukovych.  Once Yanukovych came to power on the back of Manafort’s years of consulting and rehabilitating him, Tymoshenko was imprisoned as a result of a controversial, politically motivated trial.

(UPDATE 8/15: a trial and imprisonment that Manafort helped Yanukovych’s team publicly defend amid the controversy) while Firtash was awarded back $3 billion in gas assets, also reopening the Kremlin’s gas-scheme line to dominating Ukrainian politics at the expense of Ukrainian interests and sovereignty.  In many ways, this set the stage for the 2014 Maidan protests that erupted into the current Ukrainian mess.

Tymoshenko could sense a money laundering scheme in that Park Avenue New York real estate deal, the end state of which never came to be and with much of the money going back to Ukraine, exactly what her government’s actions were trying to prevent; after she was imprisoned, she sued Firtash, Manafort, Mogilevich, and others in New York for racketeering whose proceeds had been used to persecute her, but the suit was dismissed on questions of procedure and jurisdiction; still, the U.S. District Court ruling acknowledged that foul play was indeed going on, that “the Court accepts as true the allegation that some of the money that passed through the U.S. Enterprise was “funneled back to Ukraine” — albeit by unidentified actors — and somehow used as “‘financing’” for Tymoshenko’s “persecution.””  Manafort also helped Yanukovych’s team publicly defend its controversial prosecution and imprisonment of Tymoshenko.  (As for Firtash, there is currently a U.S. arrest warrant out for him on bribery charges, and as a result, he is living in Austria in exile from Ukraine).

As Yanukovych became ever closer to Putin and tried to steer Ukraine closer to Russia, Manafort’s role was kept quiet and confidentiality agreements were signed and he profited handsomely from this work (UPDATE 8/15), further made clear by this newNew York Times story showing at least $12.7 million in authorized payments.  His role in Ukrainian politics over the last few years is even cloudier.  UPDATE 8/15: Some of Manafort’s subordinates were still operating in Ukraine even in 2016, and no evidence has come to light that Manafort has formally closed up shop there. But what is clear is that, fed up with the stagnation, corruption, and cronyism of President Yanukovych’s government, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets early in 2014 after he went back on pledges to increase ties to the EU, culminating with Yanukovych fleeing the country with Russian help and a new, more pro-Western government being formed.  In response, Yanukovych, in exile in Russia and facing charges in Ukraine, requested Putin intervene militarily in Ukraine.  Russia soon invaded, annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region and directly and indirectly assisting separatist rebels in eastern parts of Ukraine, where a state of civil war still exists today.

None of the above lines up with Manafort’s terse explanations and contentions that he was working to push Ukraine to orient itself more democratically and more with Western interests.

Both before and after the seismic recent events in Ukraine, Manafort maintained minimal contacts with his American friends and colleagues and avoided responding to media inquiries; for years his location and activities were not known with specificity.  One of these colleagues, Roger Stone, a former Nixon advisor and close confidante of Donald Trump, sent an email to other mutual colleagues in the midst Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea early in March 2014 titled “Where is Paul Manafort?”  The e-mail then included some options for answers to this question: A.) “Was seen chauffeuring Yanukovych around Moscow,” B.) “Was seen loading gold bullion on an Army Transport plane from a remote airstrip outside Kiev and taking off seconds before a mob arrived at the site,” and C.) “Is playing Golf in Palm Beach.”


If that was exhausting to go through, remember: that was just one person.

The Trump Campaign’s Additional Russian Relationships: There’s Something Going On!

Yes, there are others around Trump with ties to Russia.

Michael Caputo, a leader of Trump’s New York Republican primary campaign, lived in Russia and worked as a political consultant there in the 1990s, where he at least once butted heads with the U.S. State Department for working against U.S. interests there. When he came back to the U.S. at the end of the decade, he founded a PR firm and, through that firm, helped to lead an effort to improve the then-recently-newly-elected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s public image in the U.S. at a time when he was coming under criticism from the U.S. government for attacking free press in Russia.  He has expressed regret for that work for Putin.

Then there is retired General and former Defense Intelligence Agency head Michael Flynn, a foreign policy advisor to Trump who gave an intense pep-rally-style speech at the recent Republican National Convention.  In December 2015, he sat near Putin at a Moscow dinner celebrating Russia Today (RT), the international Russian TV network and website funded by the Russian government that is a notorious anti-U.S. propaganda machine advancing Putin’s agenda.  His appearance raised eyebrows, and he was invited to address the dinner, and both RT and Flynn at first declined to answer if he was paid for his speech, though Flynn later deflectively and evasively confirmed that he was.  Gen. Flynn has also been a repeat guest on RT’s programming.  He is a true hawk when it comes to ISIS and Islamic extremist terrorism, and has issued blistering criticism of the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism strategy for not emphasizing the Islamic nature of the threat (to do so would actually be a very counterproductive move), among other reasons.  His strong stance against Islamic terrorism may be a posture that he feels he shares with Putin, and Gen. Flynn is on record advocating closer U.S. ties with Russia, in particular on the issues of Syria and terrorism.  August 8th update: interestingly, the Green Party’s candidate for president for 2016, Dr. Jill Stein, also attended the RT gala dinner and proudly advertised this fact on her campaign website, addressed an RT-organized panel before the dinner (begging the question if she was paid by RT for this), and sat at Putin’s table along with Gen. Flynn.  She recently suggested Clinton could be worse than Trump and has also been featured heavily on RT, and while in Moscow she very pointedly and extensively criticized U.S. foreign policy, “American exceptionalism” (similar to Putin’s views on this subject), and U.S. human rights abuses while only offer relatively very muted criticism on the same issues of Russia, if at all.

On to Carter Page, who is another Trump foreign policy advisor.  Page used to be the head of Merrill Lynch’s Moscow branch for three years, beginning in 2004, helping to advise the Russian state-run gas behemoth Gazprom.  Gazprom was active at this time in Firtash’s political laundering scheme, funneling money to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, and throughout this period Firtash was working with Paul Manafort, raising the possibility that Manafort and Page might have connected during this period, even worked together on the Gazprom scheme (such a possibility surely deserves investigative scrutiny).

Today, Page is still an investor in Gazprom and attends its annual investor meeting, and seems to lament the effects of U.S. sanctions on Russia enacted in response to Putin’s invasive military moves in Ukraine.  And just this month in Moscow, Page gave a speech heavily criticizing U.S. policy towards Russia that would have been completely in line with the editorial slant of RT,  excoriating American “hypocrisy,” actions directed at regime change, and criticism of Russia for corruption, a corruption level that he opined was not any worse than corruption in the U.S.  When asked by a Russian student if he really believed that America was a liberal democracy, Page noted with a smile that “I surround the word ‘liberal’ with quotes,” and that ”I tend to agree with you that it’s not always as liberal as it may seem,” concluding with an “I’m with you.”

Shortage of Big U.S. Investors for Trump = Opening for Russian Investment?There’s Something Going On!

Then there is the issue of Trump’s relationships with the banking industry.

Many major U.S. bank won’t lend to Trump anymore; after doing business with him throughout the 1980s and 1990s, today Wall St. banks have “pulled back in part due to frustration with his business practices but also because he moved away from real-estate projects that required financing, according to bank officials,” to quote The Wall Street Journal; these banks include Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley.  Additionally, one Goldman Sachs executive noted that its people “know better than to pitch” any deals with the Trump name on them.

One of the banks with which Trump has one of his largest relationships is the German giant Deutsche Bank, which has loaned Trump billions ($2.5 billion in loans and $1 billion in loan guarantees to Trump/Trump-affiliated companies), but executives there, too, have found him difficult to deal with and the relationship has been rockier of late.  Deutsche Bank, is, in fact, the only Wall Street bank of a larger scale that still loans to Trump, and overall, he owes “at least” $250 million to banks, mostly small banks.

But it should be noted that Deutsche Bank seems to have had a huge problem when it came to dealing with Russian transactions of an illegal or suspect nature: between 2012 and 2014, some $10 billion was found to have passed through Deutsche Bank from Russia fitting a “suspected money-laundering pattern” due to “systemic” failures of internal safeguards, and it was revealed that bank officials “ignored” or “dismissed” warning signs for a whole year.  Included among the people whose money is being scrutinized are several close associates of Vladimir Putin, who, as the Panama Papers recently made abundantly clear (among other investigations), is hardly new to money laundering.  The bank is currently under U.S. investigation.  And, without access in recent years to major U.S. banks, the move by Trump to seek shadier investment from shadier sources, as with the SoHo deal, is not surprising, given Trump’s long history of flirting with and courting business with and in Russia and with Russians.


Individually, these aspects might raise an eyebrow but not more.  But all of this taken together?  Is it possible “there’s something going on, as Trump is fond of saying?  It seems reasonable to believe that, yes, “there’s something going on.”

But wait, this is even without going into the hacking…

The Other Democratic E-mail Scandal: There’s Something Going On!

This mid-June, the Democratic National Committee (DNC)—the national leadership and brain trust of the Democratic Party—and the cybersecurity company CrowdStrikeannounced that two different groups of Russian hackers working for two different Russian government intelligence agencies had been successfully hacking the DNC’s servers.  A week later, it was announced that the same Russians seemed to have penetrated the Clinton Foundation’s network.

The first group planted spying software on DNC servers last summer in June, giving it full access to DNC communication passing through DNC servers for almost a whole year.  The DNC eventually suspected it had been hacked and called in CrowdStrike early in May of this year to assess the situation.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, also seemed to have been attacked but without a clear picture as to if data was stolen.  Crowdstrike was able to drive out the hackers from the DNC servers earlier that June.  The DNC only seems to have had “standard cyberprotections” wholly incapable of protecting against focused and persistent hackers acting with the support of foreign governments and intelligence agencies.  This first hacking group has been nicknamed Cozy Bear by CrowdStrike and is also known as APT 29, and seems to be the one that had previously hacked into unclassified e-mail systems of the White House and State Department; the cleansing process for the State Department infection resulted in a few shutdowns throughout 2014 and 2015, at the height of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program and international sanctions.  This group is tied to the F.S.B., the modern version of the K.G.B., from which Putin emerged years ago,and is thought to be the better of the two hacking groups.  The other group, labeled Fancy Bear and also known as APT 28, apparently hacked the DNC this April; it is thought to be run by Russia’s military intelligence service, the G.R.U., and has hacked aerospace and military installations in the West (including in the U.S.), Japan, and South Korea.  The two hacking groups do not appear to have coordinated their efforts.  Among the many pieces of information stolen by the hackers was the DNC’s opposition research on Trump, stole in the second April hack.

The story basically faded from the public consciousness until a few days before the Democratic National Convention began and one day after the Republican National Convention ended; on that Friday, the quixotic activist organization known as WikiLeaks posted nearly 20,000 e-mails taken from the DNC servers.  As is normal with WikiLeaks, the organization and it controversial founder and leader, Julian Assange, decline to offer any details on how they obtained the information, but experts suspect the Russian hackers were the ones who handed them over to WikiLeaks.  The e-mails contained information that showed controversial hostility to Bernie Sanders and discussions as to how to put Sanders on the defensive on the part of seven DNC staffers, including some senior ones (one staffer whose comments were felt to be the most offensive offered an apology).  While no evidence was found on the e-mails that demonstrated a concerted DNC policy of working actively against Sanders in a material way (as one old college friend summed up the incident on social media: “so, lemme get this straight: some staffers from a national political committee expressed personal political opinions on their work email? ok, gotcha.”), the revelations nevertheless led to a massive outrage, especially with Bernie Sanders’ supporters, a group already prone to conspiracy theories and victimized thinking and that often feeds off of outrage.

Almost lost in the scandal about the DNC’s impartiality coming into question was the issue of the timing of the leaks and who orchestrated then.  Obviously, releasing this information the day after Trump’s Republican National Convention ended and just at the beginning of the weekend before Clinton’s Democratic National Convention is designed to provide maximum benefit to Donald Trump and the Republican Party while inflicting massive harm and embarrassment upon Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.  Especially after the embarrassment and disorganization of the divided and divisive Republican National Convention, Clinton and the Democrats were poised to begin their convention in a particularly strong position; with the e-mail leak dominating the headlines all weekend and even Monday as the Democrats’ convention began, focus was driven away from Clinton’s announcement of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Bernie Sanders supporters began to stew in a rage that fomented and grew and boiled over the weekend and on Monday before the evening’s Convention proceedings.

Because of the leak, the Democratic Party’s raw wound was reopened and was in danger of becoming seriously infected at the very moment when it was the most important time to project Party unity.  The scandal threatened to blow up and ruin the Democratic National Convention, and possibly Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency, and only some furious and frantic last-minute scrambling on the part of both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, as well as their campaigns and the staff of the DNC, including the new interim DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile who had taken over only on Monday, averted what could have been a historic disaster for Clinton.

The first and only tangible casualty thus far was DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a congresswoman from Florida, who tenure of late was marred by difficulty; this DNC e-mail leak was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back, and Sunday, not even 48 hours after the WikiLeaks release and on the day before the Convention, it was announced that she would be stepping down from her position at the DNC, but onlyafter the Convention.  This did little to assuage the concerns of Democrats, the Clinton campaign, and especially Bernie Sanders supporters, especially as Wasserman Schultz made clear she still planned to gavel-in and gavel-out the Convention and publicly address it while in session.

Reality seemed to set in Monday, when both Rep. Wasserman Schultz and Sen. Bernie Sanders were booed loudly and continuously during dayime meetings, making clear the reality that more had to be done.  Within a few hours, all talk of Rep. Wasserman Schultz gaveling and appearing at the convention disappeared and she agreed to stay away from the Convention; as a face-saving gesture for her long years of hard work on behalf of the Democratic Party, the Clinton campaign named her an honorary chair of the campaign’s “50-state program,” a move that failed to placate some and was seen by many in and of itself as a controversial mistake.  Only deft political maneuvering, both behind the scenes and on the convention floor during the actual convention throughout the convention, up to and including Clinton’s culminating acceptance speech on Thursday, prevented far worse damage that might have resulted in a spectacle of sustained chaos and potentially ruined the Convention and Clinton’s candidacy, as the capacity of Bernie Sanders supporters for disruption had been well demonstrated several months earlier at Nevada’s Democratic Convention, which was closed out amid security forcing an end to the events as concerns for safety passed a red line.

Also on Monday as the Democratic National Convention’s first day unfolded, it was learned that government investigators had tried to warn the DNC of a possible intrusionmonths before the DNC took substantive action to address it, raising questions as to how competently the hacking problem was handled, and that the FBI was now investigating the hack.

In just a short period of time, WikiLeaks was able to do real damage to the Democratic Party and nearly succeeded in doing far more damage.  Was this all in the name transparency and fairness?

Questioning WikiLeaks Motives: There’s Something Going On!

As for WikiLeaks, its leader Julian Assange has made it abundantly clear that he harbors a great animus, both personal and professional, for Clinton, describing her and her policies in strident language—saying that a vote for Clinton is “a vote for endless, stupid war”—and making it clear that he deliberately timed the release of the DNC e-mails just before the Democratic National Convention to harm Clinton and her candidacy.

But beyond that, there are serious questions as to if WikiLeaks has a relationship with the Russian government.  For starters, after Assange took up residence in the Ecuadorian Embassy to the UK in London to avoid arrest, the state-funded Russia Today (RT) network gave Assange a TV show for a time, which was extremely critical of the U.S. even as it praised the founder of Hezbollah.  On one of this shows, Assange quite hypocritically supported the crackdown on Ecuador’s free media by the Ecuadorian president, who is increasing his ties to Russia.  There was also an incident that saw documents in the possession of WikiLeaks given by a WikiLeaks staffer to the government of the pro-Putin dictator of Belarus, which it used to arrest and suppress Belarusian pro-democracy activists.  Since Assange was close to that staffer, that staffer apparently was not criticized or reprimanded for this act.

It may very be that WikiLeaks is unwittingly playing into serving Russia’s interests, rather than in a spirit of collusion, but the picture is murky and either way, it does not look good; either way, it seems Russia has “weaponized” WikiLeaks for its own anti-American purposes.  But this also fits what seems to be Assange’s agenda, which is more anti-American and anti-Western than anything else; Assange even criticized the Panama Papers leaks, which detailed a lot of embarrassing information about Putin’s private fortune and those of Russian elites, as serving American interests.  Assange had promised to reveal information embarrassing for and damaging to Russia in 2010, but never did (perhaps because of thinly veiled F.S.B. threats from Russia?  Perhaps he’s been intimidated and/or coopted into serving Russian interests?  We may never know for sure.  Notably, he threatened to release that info before he was given his Russian TV show).  Oh, and contrary to the many other sources agreeing that Russia is behind the DNC hacking, Assange claims there is “no proof” of that…

On a disturbing side note, the WikiLeaks DNC release was not very discriminating,including Social Security and credit card numbers of DNC donors, certainly violating their right to privacy, with even Edward Snowden (who has been helped greatly by WikiLeaks, especially in his getting asylum in Russia) criticizing this aspect of the leak.

The DNC Hacks: Putin Penetration? There’s Something Going On!

As the political drama around the hacks faded away with the fading away of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, more oxygen was given to the other aspects of the hack, which pundits seemed to miss the significance of at first, but slowly (at least in terms of a 2016 24-hour news cycle) it began to dawn on them: an outside force was trying to alter the outcome of a U.S. election, tipping the scales in favor of Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton, in a clear, substantive, and indisputable way.

So people started caring again about who had hacked the DNC servers.

Wait, didn’t people say that it was the Russian government?  Does that mean Russia and Putin are messing with an American election?  Is this cyberwarfare??

At first, that suggestion seemed conspiratorial and the media and public seemed reluctant to embrace it, as if that narrative was perhaps mostly a plot by Democrats to divert attention away from their internal scandal, another “he said/she said” in a long war of words between Trump and Clinton.  Maybe the delay was in part because the story broke over the weekend, maybe it just seemed too fantastical for people to take seriously.  But as expert opinion began weighing in, and it seemed to be consistently unanimous when it came to those with direct knowledge of the hack, it became clear that it is very likely that Russia and Putin are messing with the current U.S. election, with American intelligence reaching a consensus with “high confidence” that Russia was the culprit of the crime.

It could be that they are out “to stir the pot” and destabilize the U.S. political landscape; it could also be that they are trying to get Donald Trump elected (many would argue that that itself is tantamount to destabilization).

How are almost certain it’s Russia?

The details pointing to Russia are numerous and clear.  The initial findings by CrowdStrike, citing the Russian government-backed hacking groups APT 28 and APT 29, were later confirmed by two other private-sector cybersecurity firms.  Relative to other similar cases, the evidence linking the hacking to these two groups was significantly more compelling.  Apt 28 often uses a tactic of setting up a domain spelled very similarly to the actual domain in a bid to get users to unknowingly disclose their usernames and passwords.  For the DNC hack, APT created (as opposed to, to confuse staff at MIS Department, which managed the DNC’s network.  And previous hacks by the group has used the same IP address and malware software, a discovery that helped to point to patterns.  This process “sometimes included unique security or encryption keys, a kind of digital fingerprint,” a fingerprint found in other significant attacks, which both government intelligence and private sector experts believe are also tied to APT 28.

Both hacking groups use also approaches and technology “consistent with nation-state level capabilities” and choose foreign military entities and military contractors in a way that “closely mirrors the strategic interests of the Russian government,” according to a CrowdStrike report and echoed by other reports.  Another firm noted that the hackers seemed to operate during the Moscow and St. Petersburg time zone business hours and to take holidays during official Russian holidays.

Within on day of the DNC disclosing to The Washington Post in mid-June, a person styling himself Guccifer 2.0 began a WordPress blog and claimed that he, and only he, was behind the hack, and to back up his claim, he posted DNC documents on the blog and leaked others to the press and to WikiLeaks.  He chose the name Guccifer to honor an imprisoned Romanian hacker of that same name, who earned; the original Guccifer claims to have hacked Clinton’s private e-mail server that has consumed American politics for the last year, but this claim has not been verified.  However, we know Guccifer did hack Clinton friend and confidante Sidney Blumenthal’s e-mail, which, in turn, revealed the existence of Clinton’s oft-criticized private e-mail server to congressional investigators in the first place.

Kind of crazy how all this ties together, right?

While Guccifer 2.0 claimed Russia had nothing to do with the hackings, his very actions provided investigators with evidence backing up the initial claims that Russia was behind the hackings: metadata from the information he posted had Russian digital signatures and showed that systems running on Russian language setups had accessed the files; one document had been modified by a user named Felix Edmundovich, the letters spelled out in Cyrillic and an obvious homage to Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Soviet Union’s secret police.  This information was exposed by a researcher on security issues operating under the Twitter handle @pwnallthethings, who also exposed the fact that error messages in the documents were in Russian; all these imprints were made before WikiLeaks obtained the files.  The aforementioned points were echoed by another analyst writing for Ars Technica soon after.

Other telling evidence indicated that Guccifer 2.0 might be little more than a Russian public relations smoke-and-mirrors operation: Guccifer 2.0 made himself accessible to the media for interviews, a rarity for criminal hackers who tend to be paranoid of being caught and therefore reclusive; he strongly asserted that Russia had never penetrated the DNC, but that is something that he would be incapable of knowing as an independent hacker, as he claimed to be; he claimed to be Romanian, but then seemed unable to converse in Romanian without using only short statements and making repeated grammatical mistakes as noted by native Romanian speakers; metadata in his e-mails indicated he sent them from Russian networks, and some evidence even pointed to the use of the same or similar networks used by APT 28.  It seems Guccifer 2.0 was concocted by Russian intelligence right after The Washington Post reported that DNC officials and investigators suspected Russia, a tactic of “deception and disinformation” or “denial and deception” that is standard operating procedure for Russia and codified officially in Russian military doctrine.  A few such examples were noted in a just-released RAND report:

“Russian propagandists have been caught hiring actors to portray victims of manufactured atrocities or crimes for news reports (as was the case when Viktoria Schmidt pretended to have been attacked by Syrian refugees in Germany for Russia’s Zvezda TV network), or faking on-scene news reporting (as shown in a leaked video in which “reporter” Maria Katasonova is revealed to be in a darkened room with explosion sounds playing in the background rather than on a battlefield in Donetsk when a light is switched on during the recording).”

The Rand Report notes how incredibly common and prolific these propaganda efforts have become since at least Russia’s 2008 war with Georgia and how current, traditional counterpropaganda efforts are falling short in correcting this “firehose  of falsehood.”  All this just points even more strongly to the Russians being behind the DNC hack.

Hacking and Political Warfare: Russia’s Newest Weapons System, Eagerly Deployed: There’s Something Going On!

Hacking and cyberwarfare are also certainly part of the new Russian way of foreign policy and hybrid warfare, including (mis/dis)information and propaganda operations like those noted above.  But another major aspect of Russian policy involves trying to meddle with foreign elections and politics, and the hackings of the DNC can be seen to be part of just such a larger effort.  In fact, Paul Manafort can even be thought of as a (indirect?) mercenary general in this exact type of political warfare, where he was on the front lines of Putin’s operations in Ukraine from the Orange Revolution until (and possibly even after) Yanukovych’s 2014 overthrow.

But such operations were hardly limited to Ukraine, as there are other examples in Eastern Europe; lately, Putin has actually been funding right-wing, pro-Russian parties and demagogues all over Europe, helping to fuel an ongoing continental right-ward drift.  Perhaps most notably, this Russian support has been a factor in France, which is lurching even more rightward in the wake of recent terrorist attacks like the one in Nice and where Putin’s chosen candidate, Marine Le Pen, may very well win France’s 2017 presidential election, but Putin has also been trying to destabilize German politics using the issue of refugees to weaken Chancellor Angela Merkel and empower German extremists.

Another factor that must be acknowledged is that Putin is still simmering over Western expansion of NATO, over two Western military interventions against Russian ally Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia in 1990s, against support for Kosovo’s independence from Serbia.  Putin also seen the U.S. as having orchestrated the “color revolutions” of the last decade rather than viewing them a natural expression of post-Soviet peoples’ desires to be free from Russian domination and to not be ruled by Putin’s corrupt puppets; Putin similarly blames the U.S. for the 2014 overthrow of Yanukovych.  The Russian president also in particular blames the U.S. for massive demonstrations in Russia in 2011 that erupted after fraudulent parliamentary elections.  In fact, at the time,he specifically blamed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Seen in this context, the hacking of the DNC, the DCCC, and the voter database used by Clinton’s presidential campaign serve multiple purposes: in the eyes of Putin and many Russians, this is revenge for U.S. support for democracy in former Soviet republics and the continued post-Cold War expansion of NATO, for perceived U.S. aggressive roles in countering Russian interests, and against Hillary Clinton specifically, who enraged Putin when she called him out on Russian election fraud in 2011.

Conclusion: There’s Something Going On!

There is "something" going on, with Putin and Trump

Arnau Busquets Guàrdia/POLITICO (Source images by Getty Images)

Interference in U.S. elections and politics would not be unprecedented: the UK intelligence at Churchill’s direction interfered to try to empower Roosevelt against Republican isolationists; South Vietnam played with peace talks to give Nixon an edge in 1968 after it negotiated secretly with Nixon’s campaign; Iran’s ayatollahs may have conspired with Reagan in 1980; and Israel worked to undercut the Obama Administration’s standing in the U.S in 2012 and 2015 over the Iran issue.  Russia evenseems to be supporting a secessionist movement in Texas that is still sizable while also only being a fringe minority.

Of course, Russia has categorically denied any involvement in the recent hacks.

As for Trump, he has a lot of questions to answer about Russia, both in terms of him and his family but also about his associates.  Trump’s taxes may or may not yieldinformation about his business ties to Russia, and for now, the Trump team denies it has any ties to Russia, but provides no evidence to support this, only repeated assertions.

Even now as I write some of this, Trump is baselessly speculating at a press conference that the entity behind the hacking is “probably not Russia, nobody knows if it’s Russia,” contrary to all the expert analysis given.  At this same press conference, he seemed to actually invite Russia to hack Hillary Clinton, even tweeting that call in writingon his Twitter account soon after (and later unconvincingly claiming he was being “sarcastic” after massive shock and outrage ensued).

Since then, just yesterday, one week after the WikiLeaks DNC release, we learned thatthere were new hacks, likely by Fancy Bear/APT 28, of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a congressional fundraising group for Democrats, and of a voter information database used by the Clinton campaign and other Democratic organizations.  The U.S. is trying to determine how to respond to these cyberattacks as the FBI and Department of Justice investigate.  And there are likely to be more hacks, with WikiLeaks’ Assange promising are more “a lot more” information on American politics coming from files he already has.

To be sure, hacking a U.S. political party’s central leadership organization at the height a presidential election cycle is dangerous, unsettling new territory for an already fraught American-Russian relationship.  If Congress is to even retain an ounce of non-partisan credibility, a major investigation must be undertaken as soon as possible, and Republicans must put as much zeal into it as they put into their Benghazi “investigations.”

What we do know is that Trump and his family tried to do business for many years in Russia; that he sought to have a relationship with Putin; that both men have been publicly supporting each other as Trump seeks the American presidency; that Trump is by far the most pro-Russian, pro-Putin of the major presidential candidates of this entire election cycle; that he did business with Russian nationals (some of ill repute) and took massive amounts of money coming from Russia; that his Campaign Chairman has a sordid history of helping Putin allies of ill repute to the detriment both of Western interests and, more specifically, of democracy in Ukraine, help that helped precipitate bloodshed and war; that other Trump campaign staff and advisors have questionable links to Russia; that Russia has a pattern of hacking America and others for political purposes; that Russia has a pattern of interfering in elections; that Putin clearly prefers Trump over Clinton; that all the evidence points towards the hacks being committed by the Russian government; that the Russian government, along with WikiLeaks, had the means and motive to harm Clinton and the U.S. and have thus far acted to do so; and that Russia and WikiLeaks have a suspect relationship.

Thus, taken together, there does seem to be some sort of relationship between Trump, his confidantes, and his presidential campaign on one side, and Putin, Putin-linked Russian operatives, and key Putin-and/or-Russian-oriented business and political operatives on another.  It remains to be seen how direct, conscious, and centralized these relationship are, and while the sheer number of connections all but rules out sheer coincidence, the likely relationship can range from direct coordination between Putin and Trump themselves at the top, to between low-level staffers working directly or indirectly for both parties with no knowledge of or approval on the part of higher-ups; the intent, also, can range from conspiring to tilt an election and to work in the interests of Russia to simple personal enrichment on the part individuals.