President Obama: This Is An Attack On All Of Humanity

Please welcome our latest ally in the fight against all round misinformation. The Newscorpse website that focuses on the the Murdoch media empire of an Australian oligarch  who has done more harm to America in the last twenty years than any other person that I can think of. GO USA!  So ironic. As I try and get to grips with why  there is so much absurdity and outright bigotry in society today -clearly the media shares a great deal of the blame. The main culprit is obviously Fox, but really they are all at it. I believe that about 85% of the Media are owned by  six large Companies—but even supposed independents such as the New York Times can sometimes do a lousy job. There is no left wing bias in the media – there is just the right wing media and then the crazy right wing media -who basically have virtually no real journalists working for them. If you recieve your pay check from Roger Ailes – I truly do not understand how you can be considered a professional journalsist. Any way I have devoted a section of my website to such misinformation – but when it comes to  News Corp—no body does it better than News Corpse

Guest post by Mark NC from News Corpse:

The world watches stunned as yet another horrific act of terrorism is carried out that senselessly takes the lives of innocent people. The city of Paris is in shock as it struggles to recover and to understand the nature of a lethal and elusory enemy. And decent people worldwide are united in sympathy, concern, and determination to prevail over evil.

President Obama expressed the condolences of the American people in statement (video below) that was heartfelt while recognizing the difficulties of the tasks that lie ahead. He said that “This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.”

The truth of that statement is reflected in the nearly unanimous agreement from national leaders around the world such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel who said that this “Attack on freedom was not only meant for Paris, it is against all of us.” Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Jaber Ansari condemned attacks saying that “Those terrorist groups that committed the Paris crimes do not believe in ethical principles and they are not loyal to any type of divine religions — including Islam.”

There was, however, a notable exception. Rupert Murdoch, the CEO and Chairman of the parent corporation of Fox News, explicitly contradicted the President and others in a tweet saying that the “Paris outrage not an attack on all humanity, but an attack on us. ie, Western civilisation!”

Rupert Murdoch does not view the Paris attacks as an attack on all of humanity, as is understood by virtually all world leaders, but on Western civilization

Paris Bombings: Now the Penny Is Dropping, a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

This will serve as an update to what I wrote back in October:

The days of ISIS (in terms of holding territory and securing funds from those territories) are numbered – they are on the fast track to their final destination. Speaking of which, please vote in our poll (right column) to help mankind determine the location of such destination: Poll pending – will be up soon.

Where should the ISIS Caliphate be located? Here are 4 ideas.

So having gotten that off my chest, here is what is happening right now

  1. The Russian campaign lost it’s glitter. But they are on the ground and have slightly strengthened Assad, which I was indicating would happen, and I believed was a necessary interim measure in order to checkmate ISIS.
  2. The Kurd’s have successfully advanced in Syria cutting off a major supply road.
  3. The Allies have been bombing locations to make it far harder for ISIS to raise revenues.
  4. Drones have taken out various top ISIS leaders.
  5. Russian futility creates an interesting dynamic for Putin: a) his strategy is not working, as predicted by Obama; but b) he cannot afford to lose face and c) Russia simply does not have the money (as discussed below) to achieve Putin’s original intentions.
  6. Russian airliner taken down by ISIS.
  7. Beirut bombing by ISIS.
  8. French bombings by ISIS.

So out of the above tragedies we have a tremendous opportunity. I can never remember, in the history of warfare, when 99.99% of the world’s population had the opportunity to come together on a single cause. Now we have such an opportunity to create something special. All we have to do is to allow critical thinking to run its course and to ignore Stupidparty talk and its divisiveness at a time when unity, to an extent never witnessed before, is now with in our grasp. The ISIS problem can be as unifying to mankind as the threat of a cataclysmic Earth bound asteroid. The US had an opportunity almost as great back in 2001, but the Bush team was more interested in behaving like war criminals than in actually conducting a war against terrorism. As a result, they created the mess we find ourselves in today.

Diagram of terrorists relative to total Muslim population of 1.6 billion.

It looks like the penny is dropping


“Antalya (Turkey) (AFP) – US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on Sunday on the need for UN-sponsored peace talks and a ceasefire to resolve years of war in Syria, a White House official said. The two leaders spoke during a short and unannounced summit meeting over a coffee table on the margins of a G20 summit in the Turkish resort of Antalya. “President Obama and President Putin agreed on the need for a Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political transition, which would be preceded by UN-mediated negotiations between the Syrian opposition and regime as well a ceasefire,” the official told reporters after the meeting.”

The pieces of the puzzle gradually fitting into place:



The one thing we must not do:


But while these mental midgets try and arouse the stupid with in us -the actual pieces of the real puzzle carry on falling into place:



This is what I wrote back on Oct 17th wherein I provided a road map—the moment that I felt that I had spotted a light at the end of the tunnel. Below I refer to the Iranians, Russians et al. taking Aleppo. This may no longer be a necessity assuming Obama and Putin can have a constructive dialogue.

ISIS You Lose. What should the Punishment be?

This will soon be hitting the news media. I have made it quite plain for the last months, more stridently in the last few weeks, that ISIS is doomed—that they will be meeting their maker a bit faster than even I have been predicting. My most recent absolute prediction and explanation was posted just the other day here. If you are an ISIS fighter in Syria, it is time to shave off your beard and play dumber. Tough I know, but no one will be shedding any tears.

Putin has clearly planned for this event meticulously and he has a morally free hand (by not being moral or answerable for his lack of morality) but he is also in financial handcuffs. So Putin will win initially, but he will lose the slightly longer game vis-a-vis his imperialistic ambitions. Obama has him cornered.

ISIS is now surrounded by all those who oppose it.

The Background:

So this is the game: ISIS is hated by everyone, they have conquered mainly desert and some desperate communities, using resources and skills handed to them by the Bush regime, having not only disenfranchised the Iraqi Sunni Military leaders, but exposing them to the determinedly anti-Sunni Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki. Since this Bush era miscalculation (leaving a side that the Iraq War was illegal, based upon deception), Obama was finally able to use the meltdown in Iraq to oust Maliki. If you want the best explanation of how we arrived at this point—well as it happens I have it—I would like to thank Khalid Nurredin, Las Vegas singer/songwriter and political blogger, for this brilliantly poignant, concise, and educational explanation:

OK, people, Here’s the big thing most people miss about ISIS; prior to the invasion, they were just a bunch of goat herders with AK47s, preaching the Wahabist gospel. Then Bush/Cheney had the bright idea of disbanding the Iraq army, firing all the Sunni officers, denying them their pensions, banning the Sunni Baath party from the elections, and telling them they couldn’t even vote. Then Bush/Cheney hand-picked idiot Maliki, who kicked all the Jews, Sunnis, Kurds, Agnostics, and Atheists out of the government, hiring only Shiites. Then he tells Obama that any remaining American troops will have to operate under Sharia, and Obama says no. Meanwhile, the Iran/Iraq/Syria oil pipeline is announced, with financial backing from Russia, China, and South Korea.

The Sunni monarchies hire ISIS, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda to topple Assad, whom they consider the weakest link in the Shiite pipeline. The Qataris purchase Khadafy’s weaponry and ship it to ISIS. ISIS starts killing Christians, Jews, Sunnis, and religious minorities in Syria, Assad breaks out the WMDs, and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda quit the fight, saying ISIS is NUTS. ISIS flees to Iraq, where all those unemployed Sunni officers and government employees take the monarchies’ money and train ISIS into a real fighting force: 800 ISIS fighters defeat 5,000 Shiite Iraqi troops and take all the equipment we gave them when the Shiites run in terror . . . which brings us back to where we are today. You can’t blame this mess on anyone but Bush/Cheney.

The Battleground Today:

So, as we speak, Iranian and Hezbollah troops are on the ground and will soon take Aleppo. This, Syria’s largest city and its commercial center is presently held by the rebels. From Russia and Iran’s perspective you can not expect to get progress in the region until Assad’s regime has first been strengthened. The West should quietly accept that efforts to remove Assad have not only failed but helped create not only the quagmire, but also the refugee crisis.  Assad however remains a war criminal and efforts to remove him will not have to cease, but should be postponed. For three reasons, the Russians can probably be persuaded to deal with Assad later. 1) the West accepting that Syria will remain a Russian ally and 2) with the application of future sanctions on Syria combined with 3) a lessening of sanctions on Russia, as Russia also starts backing down on Ukraine. The reasons for Russia’s acquiescence were discussed in my prior blog. Thus, the Russian bombings have not only cleared the path, by weakening the rebel positions—but will allow the Assad forces to advance in sync with the Iranians and with Hezbollah (who are based in Lebanon and allied with the Iranians.)  Meanwhile about sixty other countries are assisting American, UN and now Russian coordinated efforts including virtually all the Arab Counties, whether they be Sunni or Shiite, including the Turks and the Kurds. When has there ever been such a overwhelming loathing for such a truly loathable group.

Virtually every country is against the threat of ISIS

Victory Ground:

Personally I feel that fighters returning to their home countries should have their citizenship revoked and returned a new ISIS homeland—a few thousand acres in the middle of the Sahara, with water and basics and certain textbooks flown in, depending on exam results. This to last until they realize that prayer will not set them free—only critical thinking can. So until they can get a degree in one of the sciences they will be stuck at their desks basking in the desert. If this strategy works we can bring the same concept into the red states, the Stupidparty States, as a pre-condition to receiving further  federal government subsidies to state governments that wantonly torpedo their economies to make childish and incorrect assertions. Government does not have to be bad – trickle down is far less effective than trickle up. Ignorance and bigotry harm the economy and blue states should stop subsidizing this madness.

But sadly, we have a chicken and egg situation, for unless Stupidparty disciples can be encouraged to realize that they are also devoid of critical thinking, it makes it that much harder to impose such remedies. Since we in the US accept mythical thinking, we can not really lecture others—therefore many of these fleeing ISIS fighters will find themselves thrust back into modern society, but remain un-remorseful, because modern society is far from rational itself—because evidently every one is allowed to have an opinion, even when such opinion can be proved wrong, can be shown to lead to massive unnecessary poverty, disease, misery and death. Stupidity, myopic myth based cultures begets terrorism.

ISIS will be pushed out under pressure from Russia, the U.S. and the U.N.

Terror in Paris: Time to Think, & Sit Down, Shutup to the Ideologues

As this historic terrorist attack unfolds, France, Europe, the West, and the Middle East need to really think about what they’ve been doing and what they are about to do before doing it.  This is a time to be smart, but it is also a time to marginalize unhelpful, myopic voices, be they those of bigots or those who would justify and excuse the terrorists.  In short, the Paris attacks present significant political risk for a wide range of actors and parties, and cooler heads must lead us forward.


By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981) November 14th, 2015

Thibault Camus/Associated Press

TEL AVIV — In what is clearly one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of the Western world, as I write this Paris is under assault by apparently Islamic terrorists.  Scores—over 150 so far—have been killed, many more wounded, and a hostage situation turned into a bloody mess in a series of coordinated, bloody attacks, (suicide?) bombings, shootings, grenade attacks; the military has been called in, and France’s borders sealed. The attacks are clearly professional, and not amateur. Paris resembles scenes from the trailer for London Has Fallen, with even the French President having to be evacuated from the scene of the attack at the soccer stadium. You can find more details about this from the above links. I’m not here to give a blow by blow. I’m here to help us take a breath and think about some important things here.

This is more just my informal thoughts, not a linked research piece.

Yes, the usual fools will cry their inane positions, either using this as justification for a totally overblown response embracing bigotry and racism, painting an entire group or religion as terrorists, or for making excuses for the horrific (“The terrorists are bad, but hey, blame drone strikes…”). Moderation, even when bold and forceful action is called for, must guide the response. We absolutely must avoid lashing out at an entire group of people, an entire religion. We also must absolutely acknowledge that this is not a group of disaffected farmers from Switzerland, that there is a particular religious faith and particular groups of people that carry out such attacks with far more regularity than other groups today (though not always throughout history). We must not fall victim to the usual platitudes that religion is not part of the problem, that Islam has nothing to do with such an attack, and admit that Islam, currently (though not for much of its history) has a particular issue with its extremists and how they practice violence, as do religious extremists in general in comparison to other militants. Anyone not acknowledging any of the complex thoughts I just expressed, going to harshly or too leniently from what I stated, whether being tolerant or intolerant past what is appropriate, must be firmly and politely cast aside from the public discourse and informed that they are part of the problem, not the solution, that they are wither encouraging policies that make such attacks far more likely (but not in any even slight way providing justification for such attacks) or making excuses and providing justification for those committing the attacks when no such excuses or justifications exist.

Such attacks do not absolve the West from its own bloody, repressive, murderous history; but when terrorist attacks occur in 2015, I’m simply going to label you as ridiculous if you want to talk about this being justified because of Hiroshima in 1945 or French action in Algeria in the 1950s. Nothing will excuse the past sins of the West; but, using the same logic, we cannot cite the past sins of the West asexcuses for the deliberate, specific murder of civilians in the streets of Paris tonight, or any other similar attack. War is ugly; and Western governments are too quick to label as “cowardly” and “barbaric” attacks that target their militaries when such militaries are engaged in combat operations. But these attacks were not at France’s ministry of defense, they were not targeting soldiers; they were, among other civilian targets, outside a soccer stadium during a live match, at a restaurant, at a theater during a concert. For those who bring up drone attacks, as if they are some sort of moral equivalent. Drones involve precision weapons, and strikes target those are terrorists or involved in terrorism. There are civilian deaths in these attacks quite often, but with no evidence to the contrary we cannot legitimately make the claim that those civilians are the intended targets and that there is not a legitimate intended target, even if intelligence and our own carelessness sometimes fail us and far too many civilians are killed. I’m sorry, but no matter what you say, no matter how much you hate Western policies and colonialism and imperialism, you are simply wrong if you equate drone strikes with the deliberate killing of civilians in a theater with those killings being the very end target of such an attack. You simply should go back to school and work on your similes and metaphors before inflicting your lack of erudition on others.

To the militant pro-Snowden anti-NSA crusaders: I’m not going to tell you that what Snowden did had no positive effect; it clearly did. But there are also negative effects when someone like Snowden does not behave like a true whistleblower and releases far more information than is required to make the relevant points about civil liberty and abuse of power; furthermore, as a South Park episode brilliantly pointed out, chill out with your narcissism: the U.S. government does not give a damn about your personal quirky secrets; our NSA is primarily concerned with preventing attacks like this one in Paris, not your porn tastes, political inclinations, or that you’re a closet Jane Austen fanatic. Yes, the power existed to such a degree that we needed and still need to talk about and ensure safeguards; yet as Paris should remind us, there are very real, very good reasonswhy we need the ability to monitor electronic communication because we often don’t know who will do horrible things until they do. Not only Islamic terrorism, but also domestic terrorism, often involving white American mass shooters, can also be prevented with programs like the one Snowden sabotaged; thus, let it be remembered that Snowden has made it harder for security professionals to stop attacks just like the ones which occurred in Paris, and the issue of surveillance is far more complicated than the documentary Citizenfour would have you believe.

To those who think the only solution to this is simply more use of force and would blame Obama for not invading Syria and Iraq today like Bush invaded Iraq in 2003, please, just go away and stop talking. There are many complex factors in play.  France in particular has serious problems with how it treats its Muslims and immigrants, problems that were not unrelated to the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Terrorism is the way to achieve the political goals by threatening the people living in the society. The terrorists should be punished by the police and the government base on the law of action. So, that the terrorist’s count will get reduced in the society. Terrorism is an offense and the latest incident happened in Syria is the best example of terrorism. We can see the full details by doing a quick search.

Europe in general has similar problems, too. But let us not for one second think that because some groups might be marginalized and maltreated that they are, in response, entitled to slaughter civilians. And there are many long-term problems in the Middle East and other Islamic countries that are certainly related to the issues of terrorism, not least the issues of how minorities are treated, how religious extremism is promoted and perpetuated, how women and sexuality are repressed. We must also be careful in the West of how we manage our military-industrial complex and our own tendency to overreact to terrorism that, in the long run, actually creates more terrorism by generating more hate, destabilization, terrorist recruits, and by playing right into the terrorists’ playbook.

As France and the world decide how to react to this horrific terrorist attack—one following on the verily likely terrorist downing of a Russian airliner in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula—it is important to take a breath. This could very well lead to massive escalation in Syria by France (and maybe Russia, in relation to the airliner attack) and maybe even by others if it turns out ISIS had something to do with it; Yemen could be a focus if the attack involves the al-Qaeda affiliate operating there. Whatever moves are made, it is important to keep a clear head and ask what the likely results are to be of any such escalation, whether such moves will be more productive or more counterproductive for the concerned party’s interests and for the people of the region where the escalation occurs.  The Middle East, its regimes and its people, will also need to consider how miserable a failure their policies and mentalities have been in general, and to consider how much these failures can and have shaped their global perception and relationship with the West, as well as attacks like the ones in Paris tonight.

Perhaps most importantly, European leaders are going to have to manage a public outcry. Even before these attacks in Paris tonight, many parts of Europe have been experiencing a massive rightward lurch politically, in both elections and in public sentiment, driven in large part by anti-immigrant sentiment. This is at a time when the EU is fighting to stay together, whether with the UK or Greece, and when the whole continent is facing a massive refugee crisis; this attack presents new challenges to the EU at a time when it is more fragile than it has been for some time. While it is difficult to predict what will happen as far as EU unity, it is not difficult to predict that there will almost certainly be a massive reduction in the number of Syrian refugees that will be able to enter Europe and major delays in the processing of those who are lucky enough to be let in. The sad truth is that even as some European leaders will valiantly fight on behalf of the refugees (e.g.,Germany’s Angela Merkel), the more they do so, the more their political opposition opposing such moves will be empowered. The biggest losers, ironically, of these attacks besides the victims and their families are going to be the very people fleeing the Middle East from the same type of violence. Europe’s best bet—and it will be a longshot—will be a coordinated public relations effort aimed at empowering calmer heads and fighting anti-immigrant sentiment, racism, and Islamophobia. However, at best they will likely only be able to mitigate such effects, as it seems the France and European public will almost certainly move even further to the right after this event.

These attacks in Paris are more than an attack: it is a moment where there must absolutely be reflection on what is to come and an effort to make sure that what we do now does not make things worse and cause Europe to make regrettable moves either in the same vein as the U.S. did after 9/11 or that brings far-rightists much more power in one of the world’s oases of tolerance and multiculturalism. The risks this situation present to France, Europe, the Western World, Syria, Iraq, the Middle East in general, Syrian refugees, and world stability in general are significant and must be considered. This is a moment with great peril not just for the West but also the whole world; those watching our reaction not least will be the terrorists themselves.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is the Greatest Man of them All

Breaking news: China’s most popular Daily Newspaper, The Chinese Daily, has scored a sensational scoop, literally scooping up a draft version of Trumps planned 2016 acceptance speech— from a remote coastal Island off mainland China.

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This speech was clearly written on the assumption that his victory was inevitable. These papers appear to include some bracing policy ideas and brilliant political moves, including his choice of running mate, designed, in his mind, to at least double his popularity from his present 53% poll numbers.  Then we can see his plan to reduce unemployment to Zero, that is sure to raise some eyebrows, yet gain enthusiastic plaudits from his most devoted followers. But one embarrassing aspect might be the unintended revelation of his actual place of birth. The Chinese journalist who secured this scoop, said that he had been hunting for these papers for three weeks, having heard some Chinese fisherman saying that they had spotted Trumps private Jet, TRUMP 2, discarding bags of trash into the China Sea -on it’s way to Shanghai. A full translation of these soggy papers is provided below.


Trumps planned 2016 acceptance Speech: The Chinese Daily paid a Mexican to translate the pages and are not liable for any errors in translation.

“Today America, it can now be our America. Today I will outline how you can become as great as me. We are a great Country, the greatest country—but we can become so much greater. If you can love me as much as I have learned to love myself then all will be great. I love great Americans with all my heart, but I have to be honest, I must tell you that some Americans are losers, many are just over rated, low energy, ugly losers. Even worse, some are total losers. Then we have those rapists who trespass into our great Country, they look at our great genes and just cannot control themselves — we cannot waste our greatness on such haters and losers and deviants.Picture

I love my Vice Presidential pick –he is an amazing guy, a special guy and a great friend.  He is a bit short, but I love short people, short people are great. I speak down to him all the time, but he loves it, he loves me and has always looked up to me. I respect that in a man. Then there is my press secretary, I have chosen Matt Drudge –you will love him, a fantastic guy, a great friend –I talk to him all the time. He loves golf you know. Loves my courses best of all. You have to respect some one who has great taste. Picture

Economic Policy

I shall cut everyone’s taxes.  I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. It will be great.  Anyone who needs a job can come and work for me, where I will provide free food and beverages. I will provide tents for my workers who need housing. The tax cuts that I provide will mean that all of my friends in Palm Beach will  also be able to promote my ground breaking “Work Is Just Great” program. If you need a job, just give me a call at 1-800 YOU LOSER, I will call one of my Wall Street friends, I know them all, I run into them all the time, they are all really great guys and they are always looking for staff.  If you get sick,  we will have a great deal for that too, many of my employees would have spent years in the medical community before their jobs were downsized –they will be dying to help.

Yes of course revenues will fall short of expenses – but bankruptcy is not failure, it is a sign of success, proof that my brilliance is working. Bankruptcy can be a fantastic deal. Once China realizes that we will not pay them back, then I will just offer them a deal.  I am an amazing negotiator. They will love it, we will love it –everyone will be a winner – other countries will be kicking them selves for not negotiating with me first.

Foreign Policy

America is the biggest and the best. But our new greatness will soon become fantastically great. ISIS, they are an awful terrorist group and they are going to be in such trouble when I become President. We have huge bombs, absolutely brilliant made in America bombs. As a strong and great leader I be exporting these amazing bombs to Syria, just so everyone can see just how amazing they are.   I’m going take ISIS and other haters and losers off the face of the planet and then we shall do the same to Assad. This should also solve global warming and prove that it was a hoax.





Putin is a great guy, we are going to have an amazing friendship – he loves golf as you know. Having reasserted our greatness, Putin will happily agree to withdraw all his forces to within his own boarders. We will enforce no fly zones where ever we need them. China has a great wall -you can see it from space, but I would build a greater wall and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me. And I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall. “I’m not saying they’re stupid, the Chinese I mean— I like China, I just sold an apartment for $15 million. But let’s face it, with a face like that how could you trust them.  I will have the Chinese leaders fly into Washington, they can use my private jet, and I will tell them to stop. I will tell them face to face –because I will be a strong leader, the greatest leader. I will tell them that if they carry on being un-American that I will use our vast free labor force to compete against their labor force and all business will relocate back to America, to take advantage of our “Working Is Just Great” program, thus destroying China’s economy. It will be a great victory.

Social Policy

I love the Bible, it is an incredible book, it has sold almost as many copies as The Art of the Deal. I love women, they are great. They are so great that owning just one is just not enough. I have many gay friends, gays are great. If they want to marry, that is great. I have many devoted admirers who do not like gays, and they are great and they have every right to try and make gay marriage illegal. I said they could marry, just not to another man. Women can, marry each other, because that’s hot. If any women as hot as my daughter married my daughter …I love women, I know numerous  women, I talk to them all the time. Many of my devoted followers say that Obama is a black man and I say that is great, who am I to judge. Many of my adoring fans say that Obama is a Muslim man and I say that is great, who am I to judge. Many of my congregants say that Obama is not an American and I say that is great and that is right-Obama is not an American.

To any who is smart enough to agree to vote for me , I  shall give each and every one of you a really fantastic smart card. If you agree with the mission statement on the front of the Card, all you need to do is sign the back of the Card. Become a Trump Elite supporter and join my special rewards system. See the back of the card for all the absolutely amazing benefits:


Earn 25,000 Trump Elite bonus points after voting and then more points for every vote after that.

Earn 20,000 Trump Elite bonus points after making $100 in donations within the first 3 months of account opening.

Free Food and Beverage at any Trump voting location Elite lounge and bring up to four voting companions with you at the same location..

Enjoy Standing in line privileges at all participating voting locations. Don’t be loser, never wait in line again

25% savings on eligible dates–at all Trump Hotels, resorts and Golf courses

Preferred Status to participate in the groundbreaking “work is just great” program

Purchase Rate 13.99% – 21.99% variable APR based on your creditworthiness.



Bringing Pain To The Stupidparty, One Incontrovertible Fact At A Time


Did you know that SEVERE DYSLEXIA  spelt backwards reads  STUPIDPARTY. Well stay with me a moment.

Every now and again I get the itch to get personal.

The thoughts of a Stupidparty disciple are rarely inspiring. Ignorance, stupidity and bigotry does not make for thoughts that stand the test of time -that would explain why Stupidparty humor never reaches a broader audience and would totally confuse any normal human being. But that does not mean that these character flaws are not easily converted into humor by professional comedians, who might otherwise tend to suicide rather have to spend their lives pulling out their hair at the tortuous and vile claptrap that comes out of the various orifices of Stupidparty disciples. Every now and then I get confronted with stupidity that is particularly transparent and irksome. I have taken such character to the woodshed here, here and here. So onto #4  we must now go – so that we can get into their heads and explore their world; a world that requires a suspension of disbelief.

Now consider the title of this little exercise, “Did You Know that SEVERE DYSLEXIA spelt backwards reads  STUPIDPARTY” — so let’s time it and figure out how long it takes a Stupidparty disciple to get the point?  Or here is another one. Did you know a Stupidparty brain is like the brain of a tree?

How long  will it take for a stupidparty disciple to “twig it” (get it?) and figure out that tree’s do not have brains, and having figured that out, give themselves a pat on the back for their superior knowledge. Well, as it happens, we have found our guinea pig, our lamb to the slaughter—meet David Steber. For it is time to take this Hoki Hoki Hoki turkey to the place that Sarah Palin worships:


Now David Steber considers himself a patriot.  But the Stupidparty notions of a patriot, these are just an embarrassment to the country that they profess to love. He clearly admires Gene Simmons, the lead guitarist of KISS. This adulation would appear to based off Gene Simmons two dimensional and infantile interpretation of  2003 Iraq War. Simmons being a supporter of the foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration.

David Steber is a team leader for Brownie education center. He wants to serve the same school where he was in the past. He takes one to one tutoring and a facilitator for the after-school program. He loves to be with children and loves to see them smile. Their smile brings a smile on his face. To know more about him click straight from the source

He supported the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, writing on his website: “I’m ashamed to be surrounded by people calling themselves liberal who are, in my opinion, spitting on the graves of brave American soldiers who gave their life to fight a war that wasn’t theirs…in a country they’ve never been to… simply to liberate the people therein. He was also harking back to the Second World War against Hitler’s Germany.  It is not like Gene Simmons would consider himself a great American -he would appear to channeling the likely next leader of Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer, when it comes to were his real loyalties lie—he still feels that he is an Israeli: “I’m Israeli. I’m a stranger in America. I’m an outsider.”


I was fascinated as to why this guy would be held up as a great American, when many  appear to think that he is a bit of an a*shole. Speaking of which Gene Simmons not only has little tolerance for homosexuals but for people who are suffering from depression (often made depressed I suspect by either voluntarily of involuntarily being exposed to Fox news and hate radio) and this intolerance (for the gay community) will be seen to be especially ironic by the time I am done.  In the meantime, this is what David Steber (who I also suspect of being  homophobic, for reasons that will become apparent) has to say on about Gene Simmons:


So why does David Steber eulogize this man? This above quote would appear to dovetail with Davis Steber’s historical understandings. But we quickly see that this piggy backed  knowledge of Nazi Germany is cartoonish, just like Netanyahu recently gave Hitler a pass – in order to make an opportunistic  and historically unsubstantiated claim that Hitler was merely planning to deport the Jews until the most brilliant debater on the planet, a Palestinian no less, somehow convinced Hitler that deportation just would not cut it. By the way deportation was never going to be an option. As it happened Germany, fully supported by American and German business interests loved the concept of 0% regulations and 100% free labor –various American business men loved this model so much that they planned a coup in 1933 – to over through the Roosevelt administration in order to install these fascist concepts permanently upon Americans.

Steber does much the same as Netanyahu by being one of those morons who like to equate everything they do not understand  with Hitler. Hence in his world view as seen below he calls the former first lady, later senator , later secretary of state— Hitlery Clintongue. I guess the second word is some sort of secret humor code -only accessible to the brain dead.


My god those Jews back in Auschwitz would have really suffered it they had had access to food stamps, healthcare, minimum wage legislation, voting rights protections, and less ignorance and bigotry. Luckily for them the Germans had no time for such moochers.

But let us try and fill in some holes in the history in which Gene Simmons’s mother was so lucky to escape with her life. I have already pointed out American conservative (Stupidparty) support for Hitler and fascism. The 2nd World War began in 1939. America had to be tricked into declaring War against Germany in 1942. Now the American military had a minor role fighting the Italians in 1942-43 –but did not do anything significant until the D-day landings in June 1944. But how come D-day was a success –how did the allies avoid destruction at the hands of Germany’s best general – Rommel? Well there were a few minor details that allowed for the successful outcome that day. First the Russians, suffered 26,000,000 deaths compared to Americans fighting Germany – 100,000? (The number might be 200,000?  But I read 100,000 American died “bombing Europe” and this  just makes no sense, I will give $10 to the first person that an explain that number to me – so I will just leave the precise number in the air.) This Russian sacrifice had the impact of wearing down the Germans and stretching them too thin. By June 1944 the Germans were losing. But it was of course not just the Russians, it was Montgomery taking down the Germans in Africa, it was the battle of Britain preventing the UK from being invaded—but most important it was intelligence, the fact that no one knew until very recently that a gay man by the name of Alan Turing had invented the first real computer, and with this computer  he had cracked German military codes, all of them –not even Churchill knew this –and historians calculate that this feat shortened the War against Germany by two years –thus saving the life of Gene Simmons’s mother.

So now that I have gotten that off my chest—we shall move on in our search for a tree with a brain or a heart. David Steber posted this.


This is a twelve year old girl –who on the face of it might have some type of learning disability – the sort of individual who would not do so well in Nazi Germany or in Stupidparty land. This child has dyslexia. Now since it is Stupidparty disciples like David Steber who actually have learning disabilities—I thought I would provide a helpful tool:


So it turns out that intellectually this 12 year old girl is in better shape than her antagonist.

So why does Steber launch this hateful attack, on such an innocent child. Well look at all the terrible things this child has done:

  1. She has two Dads.
  2. She is happy about gay marriage laws.
  3. She wrote to Hitlery.
  4. Some third party described the child as a feminist.
  5. A child with dyslexia has some difficulty in spelling.
  6. She uses happy faces and appears to be full of love

Here is the letter in full. Read it and then ask yourself how a decent human being might react to this letter:


“Hitlery” responds like any good fascist:


The really ironic point here, beyond the juxtaposition between a decent human being and a rotten one, is the irony. Alan Turing committed suicide after the war because of the discrimination he confronted. If he had done this before the War, David Steber’s hero Gene Simmons and fellow bigot, would not even exist.

So what do ghastly human beings say –what substance do they have?




So as we begin our futile vigil, hopelessly awaiting signs of intelligent life –let’s take a peek into David Steber’s fact devoid world,  a world that will lead to people dying. But since he is so full of hate –I doubt that he will lose any sleep. Tree brains do not have a conscience, and cannot be woken.

As it turns out Hitlery is actually worse than Hitler. Do you know how David Steber has figured this out? Actually it is quite brilliant —for a tree.


David Steber is a Gundermenalist:


The notion that Guns make you safer is total poppy cock. I am happy to prove this fact –which I do here. Also I have written various other fact based pieces on gun culture which can be found on my website. No facts that I have presented have been refuted. Now Muslims have an irritating belief. They believe that people who have never been introduced to the teachings of Mohammad will not go to hell. Now this irritates me – because to my mind any Muslim who approaches me in order to convert me is dooming me to hell, as I am not really interested in buying what they are selling. I do not regard such a solicitation as a benign act.  But what the hell, David Steber seems to be an odious fool – thus I do not feel  guilty burdening him with the same fate. So I will come right out and say it —David Steber I do hereby give you the facts about US gun culture, by ignoring these facts you are facilitating a culture of death. If you do not educate yourself, you will go to hell.  Well why not – the conservative brain tends to react to fear.

Here is another one . How would an idiot exhibit their economic prowess. Now here is the the thing -Bernie Sanders main plank, his main concern is that 158 families have pretty much bought American Democracy. These families have more contempt for David Steber than I. You see David Steber in their eyes is one of those sheep you see above. The have invested a fortune in people like David Steber. They know that Steber is so brain dead that he does not understand the implications of the destruction of democracy -because unless David Steber is extremely wealthy no one is listening to him, politicians only listen to people who give them money and to this end they spend about six hours a day trying to raise money -and you know what – they are not calling David Steber -or me. But this is too complex for our friend. Now I do not want to imply that I am especially smart, I know plenty of people way smarter than I. But one needs to have some degree of intelligence and introspection to recognize ones intellectual short comings. I am smarter than David Steber, but that is nothing to be particularly proud about, because we are discussing such a low benchmark. I raise this point because I would like to compare how a stupidparty person might analyze Bernie Sanders, compared to someone to a critical thinker.

Thus if a Tree did have tincy wincy brain  -this is how it might see Bernie Sanders:


Yet some with a more normal functioning brain might actually look at Denmark, Scandinavia -actually virtually all other developed nations to figure out why the US is so screwed up in virtually every metric except for the military and the lifestyles of those 158 families that effectively run the Country. But then one realizes that so many people with out passports who also have a very limited intellectual horizon, why they might struggle to even find Denmark on the map or struggle to figure out why 45 countries have a better healthcare system than the USA. So I figured a way round this and how to directly link such issues to Bernie Sanders. Why not compare Vermont to all American States and see how it stacks up compared to Stupidparty land?

Vermont is the most “intelligent” overall state in the USA. You do not believe me –you would like the proof –well eat your hearts out. In this Chart –the higher the number –the more Stupidparty/destitute the state is. Red bars = Stupidparty states. Blue = Democrat states.  These numbers will be explained in the second chart below.


Here are the supporting Criteria,  every state ranked 1-50 (there being 50 States) on twenty different metrics.


Mississippi is the worst state in the country – but the above table does not mean that Texas and Kansas are the second and third worst states, there will be other red states that do worse -I just happened to be doing an exercise on those three red states and just happened to notice that Vermont was the best state in the country, about 400% better than Mississippi. Red Font numbers are not real numbers (lack of data, or in Kansas’s case I just got bored, and went with a pattern – except for race issues,  where I could not see any pattern,  so I gave Kansas the benefit of the doubt) thus red font numbers are guestimates. Note that I do give Vermont a pretty high (probably unfairly high) guestimate on racism –I could not find any data, but was aware of a couple of police enforcement issues. I am not aware of any notable pattern of racism in Vermont.

So David Steber evidently does have question for what he describes as Democrats – but what I think he means, is normally functioning human beings. Take it away David:



The answer a) Taxes are not at 100% or anywhere close and b)  is that Obama has reduced taxes for every single person, unless you happen to be a prolific smoker or addictive user of sunbeds. In terms of  how high taxes should be – that rather depends on what is considered wise to cut back on or invest in. So here is part c) of the answer

Stupidparty disciples simply cannot fathom how little scope there is for cutting, especially if they do not want to cut their own throats. So how does one cut down the government in a way that actually helps Stupidparty disciples? Let’s look at the options, bearing in mind that only 30% of the federal budget is discretionary. Here is the pie chart for that 30%.



Who in Stupidparty land is really against the Military’s 57% of 30, Public Education’s 6% of 30%, and the Veterans’ 6% of 30%. Now we are left with about 30% of 30% = i.e., about 10%.

But what do we get from the governments for this?

  1. Clean air, clean water, safe food
  2. Housing to keep people off the streets.
  3. Public transportation, easing congestion, mobilizing workers, & job seekers
  4. Business regulations that prevent insurance companies from reckless investments and profiteering—so that your claims can be paid. Or bank regulations to prevent people from walking away with all your assets, or job-retraining programs, etc.
  5. Investments in scientific research. Example -virtually everything smart in the smart phone was actually invented by the government.

Putting investments in science aside for the moment, that leaves the favorite Stupidparty targets:

  1. Foreign aid? 3%.

Okay, let’s cut that. Let China bribe themselves into the hearts and minds, furthering their trade and security interests. Or let’s start by cutting the security of overseas representatives; you can always blame someone  (Hitlery) for Benghazi.

2. The post office.

Actually  the post offices only appears to be losing money as a result of congressional sleight of hand. It should be noted that the finances of the post office are misrepresented and generally misunderstood: 1) reforms are hampered by Congress, 2) losses are in fact being reduced, and before even thinking about closing down the service, 3) retirees should be shifted to Medicare and 4) other healthcare economies made. The least cost effective post offices would be in rural areas -so once again Stupidparty disciples are attempting to cut their own throats.

So when I ask for substance from these Stupidparty disciples – I really mean it. But they have no substance and they have to resort mythical nonsense and hateful ignorance and bigotry -because once you shine a light in their caves, you understand that not even a tree can grow in the dark. You don’t like food-stamps -well get the facts, you don’t like moochers well get the facts.

You don’t like humanity? Well “jump! You f*cker, jump!” because there should be no safety blanket for individuals who are so devoid of humanity.

The Republican Brain works Just like a Tree’s brain

So we have just sat through 11 hours of Stupidparty prosecuting Hillary. Once again they showed their hand, and once again they literally had nothing.

There will be nothing in your hand when you rely on some unverified platforms and software for your financial improvements; as the overhead charges will be more than what is returned. You may see the advantage of this online platform here, which will give you returns more than your investment and at no extra costs.

They were literally making stuff up with no coherent purpose other than to look good to the morons who voted for them. These are the Stupidparty reps handpicked by Boehner and able spend $5m -$20 and counting, to find ways to embarrass Hillary Clinton.Picture

Then I got to thinking. How does a stupidparty disciple brain actually work –and when I say disciple, I am really thinking about the people who voted for these new seven pillars of stupidparty.

So let us start at the beginning. How did we get a brain in the first place and why do we even need one? I mean plenty of living organisms get by fine without a brain. Well there are two theories;  either God gave us a brain or our brains evolved. If one accepts the first answer, then I would ask why would God be upset when Eve ate the apple –because if she had demurred, then why would one need a brain in the first place.

Now if we have a brain as a result of evolution – then the question would be why. Trees do not have brains. Did you know that there are three trillion trees on the planet?

An Alaska red cedar can live up to 3,500 years. Giant sequoias can last over 3,000 years and at least one Bristlecone pine is estimated to be almost 5,000 years old. If you look very carefully through this multi trillion haystack you may happen to come across one or two of the mere six billion human inhabitants who have an average life span of a mere 71 years.Picture

So why is it that Trees do not need a brain? Well they have one big advantage – to thrive they do not need to move. They can drink all the nutrients they need through their roots, they can procreate by dropping seeds and letting the wind or other naturally occurring event, do all the heavy lifting. They can thrive by staying planted –not moving. I think that much can be said for most other brainless organisms–like bushes, flowers, vegetables fruits and weeds.

Now let us look at the words that tend to describe those people who are not Conservative. Independent means free to wander around in numerous directions. Liberal –means free to move around. Progressive — the  need to get from Point A to Point B. Socialist—free to mingle, Communist —free to mingle as long as each person can mingle to precisely the same degree— and even Libertarian— freedom for the powerful to create a fascist  society.

So that would leave us with our conservative friends. conservative means to conserve, to maintain the status quo (or an idealized historical version of it). conservatives have an overwhelming need to stay planted. They plant their roots in caves (with Fox news and or hate radio zones in the basements or in their cars). Why have passports, why travel outside their tribal forest –their three foot high intellectual horizon, can never peek above their self imposed canopy to see the sky. So they are planted –spoon fed, bible sacred bread, State is Red, easily led, early to bed, next to gun shed—brain dead.

So yes conservatives are born with a brain. Either God wanted them to have a brain for the purpose of using it , i.e. any such God has the same fundamental requirement as evolution – to use the brain to get nutrients (information) and procreate –outside of the tribe (healthy DNA). So however one actually got ones brains –the rule is, use it lose or lose it.  An un exercised brain will atrophy and lead to thoughts so shallow that all one needs is a bumper sticker to be able to share them with totally disinterested strangers – as one listens to hate radio on a final trip to hell.

So why has this not always been a fairly obvious observation. The fact of the matter is that since the mid 1990’s the Stupidparty brain has shrunk by 50% -by a lack  of use. How do we know this? Well here is just one example – take the selfish, cowardly, ill informed notion that having a gun makes you safer. The reverse is true – guns actually make the owner and every one they come into contact with less safe, the neighborhood less safe—but that is another story. Once you believe gundermentalist gibberish, it is only a short irrational leap to conclude that more than one gun will make you even safer. Perhaps twice as safe? So having established that – we can now understand the meaning of the below graphic.



Dear Media: Rape Is A Thing

Dear Media: Rape Is A Thing:

The Mean Progressive is a writer on the far left whose focus is primarily the Stupidparty (who she calls Regressives).  Here Angie tackles the sexist coverage of MSNBC -who are supposedly to the “left” of the political spectrum, and thus expected to nail basic issues -but yet are often a dead loss.  Our guest blogger takes on Joe Scarborough and his subservient co-host Mika Brzezinski who has an unattractive habit  of allowing herself to be bullied by a team of Misogynists -led by Joe. At the end of this piece I will post an additional video that will confirm that Joe Scarborough is a misogynist and that Brzezinski seems to have some type of 50 grades of confusion thing going on. She is doing all women a disservice.

Fox has a right-wing cable channel with the word ‘news’ in its title and demands it has no political bias. This is laughable to every single person in the country who knows the definition of the word ‘bias’ (which obviously excludes their audience). The left has MSNBC. They never try to dismiss allegations that their commentary comes from the left, however they maintain credibility because they never contend to be something other than they are or make stories out of thin air to create and perpetuate hate or fear in their audience. For some reason, MSNBC feels the need to alienate their audience and offer us a regressive perspective for their morning show, Morning Joe. Its host, Joe Scarborough, is a former Congressman from Florida and his co-host, Mika Brzezinski, is supposed to offer us a perspective from the left.Sadly, as with my previous condemnations of ABC, MSNBC has gone out of its way to offer American women an unhealthy representation of strong women. They often bring in Nicolle Wallace to banter about nonsense and we are supposed to take her seriously, I suppose, as a pundit, because she was brilliant enough to offer us Sarah Palin as a viable candidate for Vice President on the ticket in 2008.

Brzezinski, however, is decidedly worse. She is adamant about being a leader for women. She recently wrote a book called “Know Your Value” and started a nationwide tour to teach American women just how to rise and be strong. Meanwhile, every morning she shows us a woman with no backbone who seems quite content with her place as the nodding head next to its superstar from the Regressive Party. She calls herself a feminist while giggling to the boys and literally defining women as the subordinate creatures we were meant to be in the 50s where the men on the show ignore her cutesy little remarks when she tries to speak about politics as if its adorable that she thinks she knows what is going on.

In July, in a long series of unsettling opportunities Brzezinski has taken to rally with the host and any guests about myriad unfounded (later proven to be untrue) rumors about Secretary Clinton, she gave a disgusted and dismissive start to a discussion about the recently released rape allegations against Donald Trump by the Daily Beast. She didn’t want to hear about it.

The question of the rape, itself, was not relevant for discussion on Morning Joe. The story the crew offered us was about the reply from Trump’s attorney where he literally said that “by the very definition, you can’t rape your spouse.” (I suppose in their dark world, when a man is married he can pretty much do whatever he wants to his wife and she has no say in it). He then threatened the author of the piece (a woman) in a manner so crude that no feminist or human being should consider lightly, and ended in a sentence which actually sounded like a threat of rape to her. The whole thing was ridiculous to Brzezinski. She passionately feigned disgust when the co-author and editor, Tim Mak of the Daily Beast, came on and then she rolled her eyes while shaking her head. Scarborough even pointed out that he would protect the editor from Mika, because she was so pissed about the fact that rape allegations would be offered about Trump.

Mak pointed out that the reply from Trumps attorney said that spousal rape isn’t illegal and Brzezinski literally dismissed him and cut him off saying,”Great. Thank you.” Hey Mika, kindly never tell your audience that you want women to know their value while you refuse to hear the story and refuse to take the opportunity to remind your audience that in fact, spousal rape is a thing. And that it is not only deplorable, but illegal. That discussion concluded with Scarborough explaining to America that the reason many good people don’t run for political positions is because they are afraid of terrible lies like these coming out about them.

The Morning Joe team never even discussed the actual allegations of the story and why they are incredibly important for Americans to hear. Thankfully, MSNBC was good enough to offer its audience an interview with the author of the piece, Brandy Zadrozny, the night before where she explained the relevance of the story on The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell. O’Donnell was uncharacteristically offensive, however, because he was looking for reasons to remind his audience that the victim in the case, Ivana Trump, still has a friendship with Donald Trump all of these years later. He reminded us that when many marriages end the spouses can still get along for the sake of the children. Thanks for the reminder, Lawrence. That happens with a lot of survivors who are just glad to get out of the cross hairs of bullies. Trump has proudly offered us proof that he is a bully. He tells us that he goes out of his way to be nice to people who are nice to him. Exactly. Bullies often do that. They also, as Trump does, remind us about what happens when they are crossed. Trump makes sure we know that. He had a television show where the objective was for him to be a bully. No woman who left a man like that, with the status and power that he has, would dare speak out about him.

If Trump has shown us anything in the last several months it is that he will absolutely not abide any betrayal (either real or imagined) and if anyone spends a moment of their time thinking he wouldn’t do whatever he could to bury this story, they are living in a world completely devoid of reality. Only the article, which no one seems interested in discussing, and O’Donnells show in July offered us insight into what that bully is capable of.

The only time that Ivana Trump testified under oath about the event she called it rape. The entire scene was violent. He yanked fistfuls of hair from her head. The testimony from her friends that O’Donnell couldn’t even say on the air was “He tore off her clothes and unzipped his pants. ‘Then he jams his penis inside her for the first time in more than sixteen months.’” When she later recanted (through Trumps attorney) this was the statement:

“During a deposition given by me in connection with my matrimonial case, I stated that my husband had raped me,” the Ivana Trump statement said. “[O]n one occasion during 1989, Mr. Trump and I had marital relations in which he behaved very differently toward me than he had during our marriage. As a woman, I felt violated, as the love and tenderness, which he normally exhibited towards me, was absent. I referred to this as a ‘rape,’ but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.”

As with terrorism when the actor is neither foreign nor a Muslim, the media is really desperate to find new words to define rape. Both the word rape in the initial testimony and the account above is offensive and demands further scrutiny. If no one can admit that this updated account sounds like an attempt to minimize rape, they have no business calling themselves a journalist whose sole responsibility is to inform their audience, regardless of who is going to get pissed after you do. Finally, the divorce was granted on the grounds of Donald Trump’s “cruel and inhuman treatment’ of Ivana. That should trigger someone into thinking deeply about both his respect for women and the possibility of his being their President.

After the divorce, when she was finally away from him and was under a gag order, she changed her story to say that it was an emotional rape. And no one wants to discuss the fact that every single thing she said the week that the story broke in July to defend Trump had to actually be approved by him because of the gag order. What moron believes he, or the attorney above who would be the one to review it, would allow a response that would put the bully in a negative light?

Is it any wonder that the women’s movement has been so unsuccessful? Is it remotely curious that in 2015 we still have not been able to get the ERA passed?

We allow for those in our media culture to negate accusations of 40+ women who give undeniably similar stories about Bill Cosby raping them. We allow them to do so even though we have evidence of his having admitted under oath to drugging them beforehand. But we accept a noted celebrity, Whoopi Goldberg, condemning us for believing these women. We have a self-proclaimed feminist on MSNBC refusing to hear an accusation of rape in a desperate attempt to protect the reputation of the man accused, who we all know to be a bully.

Again, I remind my reader, (for whites) there are two laws in our country where it is absolutely justifiable, and maybe even expected, to first be skeptical or dismiss allegations and, in turn, accept that the victim is lying. Those two laws are, of course, rape and domestic violence. If our media can’t be held accountable for offering us perspectives in the dismissal of women and their obvious subjugation in the most extreme cases, what type of society are we accepting?

This is where we are in our women’s movement: We have a very serious chance of getting our first female President. All news outlets, including the one which is supposed to lean left, offer supposition for every rumor that comes up (they’ve been giving us rumors for over 20 years now, has no one yet determined they should vet their sources before reporting?), but when serious allegations come out about the rage and danger of a man who is running for the same office, those allegations are dismissed with obvious and extreme prejudice. And the discussion about the dangers of spousal rape are minimized in order to literally promote the character of a bully.

In short, I guess we are fucked. That’s where we are. And the media refuses to see their complicity in that fact.

Postscript by Patrick Andendall: This below clip is about Mitt Romney, part of Mormon royalty, a religion so misogynistic that it  makes the Catholic church look enlightened, and Romney’s infamous binder full of women comment. Unless you are tone deaf, unless you know nothing about Romney’s past—unless you are a misogynist, this “slip” by Romney confirmed what we all knew. When it comes to equality of sexes -Romney is not on board. Joe Scarboro is not on board. MSNBC is not on board -and their chosen voice of progressivism needs to show a lot less submissivism in standing  up to her co workers chauvinism. So Mika, stop apologizing, take off your gloves and get into the ring. Bullies scare easy.


Obama V Putin: Game Over? Absolutely—Look at the Math!

I had already discussed how Obama had outplayed Putin in the game of chess. This is an achievement that few have recognized. But now there have been developments that even fewer have spotted that indicate we are in the end game—and both players know how it is going to turn out. The next twelve months are very predictable.

Putin is playing a losing game of chess against Obama at the expense of his campaigns in the Ukraine and Syria.

It really is exasperating how slow the media is to figure stuff out, how absurd the standard narrative is. Today it appears that Putin is basking in imperialistic glory, his armed forces achieving spectacular results—yet the reality is the exact opposite of standard perceptions.

I was getting my hair cut the other day and had to endure a fellow patron’s discussion with his barber. This guy had just returned from London, and was saying people in Britain were scared by Putin, by Obama’s ineffectiveness—and the soon there would be a World War as a result.

I bit my lip—hearing a Stupidparty disciples take on British public opinion made me quite nauseous. First and most important is that virtually all of Europe supports Obama, not America. Europeans are delighted to be dealing with a very smart and honest man of principle—rather than a rather silly, yet very dangerous war criminal. The British have pretty much accepted that Blair is a war criminal and it is time for Americans to accept the same realities.

But here is the thing: Putin has actually been beaten by Obama, and the proof is already beginning to materialize in not so subtle forms. This is why Putin has lost everything bar the public relations game—and by the way Putin “losing�? is not such a bad thing for Russia as it gives them a huge opportunity, a second bite at the cherry.

The Russians are trapped by the following combination of events:

  1. Expensive imperialistic adventures. Crimea, Ukraine and Syria—a 2015 military budget about to be exhausted.Russia's oil revenues have been shrinking and will not allow Putin to continue his imperialistic endeavors.
  2. 2015 GDP shrinkage of up to 4%
  3. Collapsing oil revenues. No end in sight.
  4. Chinese economic contraction.
  5. Western sanctions, long term impact far greater than generally understood. Inability to fund long term capital projects necessary to maintain levels of energy production, knee capping domestic projects.
  6. Hosting the World Cup soccer tournament in 2018.

The Crimean annexation was costly on many levels, not least of which the expectations of the people who supposedly greeted the Russians as liberators from a free society. Crimean tourism is down 70% and Putin has taken to busing in Russian tourists. Of Russia’s eighty three regions, sixty are in crisis mode and some are speculating that a bunch of regions may already be defaulting on their debts. Wages are down 8.5% as inflation heads to 15%. However you slice that, there will be no way round reduced consumer spending, spurring the recessionary environment. With interest rates still needing to be held high (around 11%) to protect the ruble from further collapse (causing more inflation), cheap money can not be used to bailout the economy, which was the trick used to save the American economy, that could borrow virtually unlimited money for next to 0%. The concept of borrowing for virtually nothing is a concept too complex for Stupidparty.

Before proving my point, let us deal with the big red herring in the room: Syria. I am going to say what few will acknowledge and what the West cannot acknowledge. The worst outcome in Syria would be for the Assad Regime to collapse and the void being filled by radical Islam.  Secondly a continued stalemate exacerbating the refugee crisis, potentially spreading disaffected radicalism into more corners of the planet. Everyone knows this, Arab nations know this. But the West cannot face the thought of supporting a man who has used chemical weapons on his own people—in short, the West cannot support a war criminal. Having morals can have catastrophic consequences, but that does not mean one should not have morals.

Putin is not constrained by such niceties. But let us be clear here: American and Russian interests are aligned. Yes there is a downside for Western interests in that Russia gets to bolster its only ally and they will get prestige. Yes they are not targeting ISIS and thus ISIS will make temporary gains at the expense of the rebels. But the game is up for ISIS—they will be beaten. Russia has as much reason to detest ISIS as anyone. ISIS’s  transparently sick ideology and for Islam their highly embarrassing execution of such ideology, combined with the fact that every superpower and power in the region has had enough spells the end for ISIS. These will be the glory days of Russian involvement, but then the early days of all such interventions by superpowers are always glorious; until the butcher’s bill has to be paid. So Putin is doing what the West cannot do, plus he is footing the bill.

ISIS is neither a friend to Obama nor Putin—or the rest of the superpowers at that.

So in this hour of glory, what is Putin confronting and what must he do about it? It is quite simple; the Russian economy cannot withstand the forces it is up against over the long haul. Of all the conditions listed above, there is only one item that Putin can actually influence, that being western sanctions. It is the nature of these sanctions that few really understand. The long term implications are massive. By way of example, on Sept 15th, 2015 a Russian energy official announced that they now do not expect Arctic sea drilling until 2020 at the earliest, Exxon-Mobil having been forced to pull out of the project.

Sanctions inhibit the ability to secure the technology needed for shale oil and gas development. Natural gas facilities are barred from using long-term dollar denominated loans. Alternative Chinese financing is now less available and more costly. Russia is therefore not only facing falling oil prices, but also falling production. With clean energy making great strides, Scotland now getting 98% of its energy needs from wind and other countries executing aggressive clean energy strategies, Iran likely having its sanctions lifted, the long term prognosis for oil prices is that oil is likely to under-perform projections. The argument that cheap oil makes clean energy less worth investing in is less relevant today that it has ever been.

Such western sanctions are also impacting Russia’s financial system. As the ruble has collapsed, so has Russia’s willingness to use up its reserves—reserves it badly needs if the economic environment takes another turn for the worse. Finally Russia really cannot reciprocate such sanctions without cutting its own throat.

So as usual, the answer lies in the math—the very basic math.

So what will happens now?

  • Do not expect to see significant Russian boots on the ground in Syria. That would have immediate dire budgetary implications.
  • The Ukraine situation will be resolved peacefully with Ukraine getting back most if not all of its territories whilst conceding some influence of the most easterly eastern parts of Ukraine to Russian sensibilities. Key proponents of the Ukrainian separatist movement are presently being silenced, as is the separatist artillery.
  • The Russians will tone down their hostilities to the USA and look to be seen as cooperating with the West in various parts of the world including Iran, Syria and North Korea.
  • Obama and Putin will likely meet in a constructive manner before the end of Obama’s term. Putin has been very anxious for such a meeting for quite some time.
  • Sanctions will likely be lifted in time for the 2018 World Cup—a huge showcase event, an event that will require considerable infrastructure investment, an event that will seek to position Russia as being a positive force, rather than a force that shoots down commercial airliners and gets to deny it.

So what would Obama have achieved?

  • A peaceful outcome in the Ukraine without even using military threats.
  • The ultimate end of ISIS, without having to support a war criminal, and without having to be the world’s policeman.
  • Greater stability in the in Middle East with counties such as Russia, Iran, Turkey, the Kurds (I like calling them a country, as it irritates Turkey), Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and dozens of other countries cooperating against ISIS.
  • Patient use of Western sanctions (and the ability to humiliate Russia over the FIFA scandal) to get Putin to realize than his antagonistic policies were not financially sustainable.
  • A face to face meeting with Putin on his own terms.

So much for that Stupidparty forecast of World War. Stupidity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But as of today, the Stupidparty does not control the Presidency. The USA has a highly intelligent Commander in Chief, a person of such character that he can happily outsmart the so called grand master Putin, a person of such character that he will one more time, win the peace—without ever receiving the public acclaim. Winning the peace is just so much less flashy than “shock and awe.�? It would be like going to a fireworks display without any fireworks, and instead being advised to simply enjoy the nightly stars, and our place in the cosmos.  Only those who have time to step back and smell the reality would appreciate the difference.  Such acclaim will come after he leaves office—as history gets to be the judge, not the famously lame-stream media, who couldn’t  figure out the easiest of mathematical puzzles unless their ratings depended upon it.

ISIS will ultimately fail in Syria, despite Russia's involvement.

As a final note to this story, never ever let anyone say falling oil prices are a bad thing. It is a bad thing only to bad people, who happen to be very powerful both in the US and around the world.  The fact that oil interests have been running US foreign policy since 1953, explains why the Middle East is a mess today, and the lack of domestic spending on infrastructure, education and health that has led to the US’s dismal standings in international standings in virtually every metric. By not promoting energy conservation, by not having a meaning full gas tax, (such tax increased to offset falling oil prices, in an unrelenting virtuous circle) this has led to increasing demand for oil, such pricing hurting consumers, enriching the interests of powers aligned against the West—not to mention the horrendous impact on the environment. Oil is our enemy, oil corrupts, oil is unnecessary, and when oil prices plummet we are better  positioned to execute intelligent foreign policy, and invest in vital domestic needs—rather than suffer the horrific consequences of Stupidparty foreign policy.

American interests in Iran's oil have been maintained since 1953's CIA coup.


The Dumbing Down of America -Who Lit the Fuse? October 13, 2015 By Patrick Andendall

I often engage with Stupidparty disciples on Twitter or Facebook and occasionally even on this website. Very quickly a pattern emerges. They post some thought that can usually be put on a bumper sticker. I ask for substance, some evidence of intelligent thinking. 99% of the time, in spite of thrice repeated appeals, nothing is forthcoming—they literally have nothing -no substance, no intellect and ultimately once stripped bare it can be seen that they have lost all decency, their humanity and if there is such a thing— their very soul.Picture

I will soon be posting a explanation of how to achieve a checkmate against any stupidparty disciple in five moves—check mate being declared once the disciple’s arguments have devolved to such a point that they reveal some form of outed bigotry, intolerant hate, revealing a soulless individual—a wraith.

But how did we get to this point- of almost half the country falling into a cult of hate, or if not hate, then a total loss of critical thinking. We debate with facts, they retort with slogans. They literally have nothing. Hence the horrendous quality of Stupidparty presidential candidates in 2012 and now 2016. Its gotten so bad that stupidparty chumps are wantonly economically cutting their own throats by trying to eradicate healthcare, social Security, education—all in order to further enrich the top 158 families that now control democracy itself. It has gotten so bad that even though each stupidparty conspiracy theory not only gets nailed, but the perpetrators consistently get caught with their pants down -whether this be the Benghazi “Wally World” road trip, the IRS emails, Kim Davis and the Pope, the Pope’s Christian values- all in a short time frame -but few bother to connect the dots. The Stupidparty is a scam, it is a pyramid scheme.

Now we must know that brain washing people en mass is not so tough. 50% of Utah are Mormon, 80% of Evangelicals voted for Romney, an asset stripping, serial lying misogynist, the polar opposite of Jesus, Hitler captured the hearts and minds of the people, in China they still honor the memory of Mao – the Russian people love the bare chested barbaric actions of Putin, the genocide of the Serbians, the Hutu, ISIS—all being totally liberated from the pain of actual thinking, the pain of knowledge, what better than the bliss of a good old fashioned manly massacre of your imagined enemies. The conservative brain (yes it is always the conservative brain -yes that includes incorrectly supposed communists Stalin and Mao) is pre-programmed to act in this way, all it needs is some one to light the fuse.

So how did this happen with the US political process? How did so many people get so badly brainwashed—who lit the fuse?

“Many of us understand the damage that has been done by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, FOX News, and Hate Media. You can hear the promotion of blatant racism, homophobia, misogyny and bigotry just by turning on the TV, radio or computer. Malicious lies are perpetuated until they are believed, by those who have been sucked in and who now use right-wing media as their only source of ‘news’. Jen Senko is a filmmaker who watched the transformation of her father as he slowly came to believe the extreme right-wing propaganda. Senko is now making a documentary about it called The Brainwashing Of My Dad.”

Kevin McCarthy Reveals that Benghazi is a Salem Witch-Hunt

The Republican Party’s scramble to find a new Speaker—the Orange Man is going on a long hiatus to fist pump the beat with Pauly D from Jersey Shore—has unearthed some very revealing information.

Information is wealth says many!! Its true to the core, if you have a good to great information about any one particular topic or concept and have in-depth details too, then nothing can beat you! well, wondering if you can make money even without knowledge in this world? Yes, you can; see this for more info and better understanding.

Just last week, as the Republicans were courting Kevin McCarthy (an “educated man” that doesn’t know the difference between the words “band” and “ban”) to be Speaker, McCarthy appeared on Fox News and dropped the following bombshell:

“Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened, had we not fought.”

Wait, what? So, Benghazi was nothing more than a political witch-hunt that pales in comparison to The Crucible? (Duh!) McCarthy just revealed the Republican Party’s true intentions behind the Benghazi non-scandal: construct a select committee on the Benghazi tragedy to derail Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid. These conniving little suckers have spent over $14 million dollars to discover nothing.

Check out these stats on the Benghazi Investigation:GowdyBenghazi

1) Ten Congressional Committees have participated in the investigation.
2) There are 171 witnesses that have testified.
3) There are 10 published reports.
4) Fifty-four hours have been dedicated to public hearings.
5) Over 2,780 question have been asked.
6) There are 769 published pages on the Benghazi Tragedy.

But, despite all the taxpayer money spent trying to impede Clinton’s political momentum, there have been 0 investigations that have found any wrong doing relating to Benghazi and 0 investigations that have discovered intelligence failure. Those are the facts.

And then there are those “pesky” emails, which Republicans claim contains valuable information relating to the non-scandal in Benghazi. The assumption being: the classified emails that were found on her private server include a revelation that would highlight her failure as Secretary of State of preventing the tragedy in Benghazi. And while it’s true that the FBI is currently investigating the subject matter of the emails, this investigation shouldn’t presume guilt on her part. What kind of legal reasoning is that? Can you believe that some of these Republicans went to law school? (They probably attended Devry Law online.) What’s more, her use of a private server wasn’t technically illegal according to the Federal Records Act:

“A State Department spokeswoman says Hillary Clinton did not break any rules by relying solely on her personal email account. Federal law allows government officials to use personal email so long as relevant documents are preserved for history.”

benghazi-commettiieeThe only time that it would have been illegal for Clinton to use her personal accounts was after the Federal Records Act was amended in 2014, which at the time of the change, she was no longer serving as Secretary of State. From a legal standpoint, Clinton didn’t violate the language of the statute.

On the heels of McCarthy’s statement, Democrats on the Select Committee sent a scathing letter on the Benghazi investigation directly to Republican Trey Gowdy, who is commonly known as the Benghazi ringleader. The letter itself casts doubt on the intentions of the entire investigation as it presents compelling evidence that counters Republican Fox News talking points. For simplicity’s sake, let’s go over the key aspects of the letter one by one.

Republican Claim #1: Nine-hour interview with former State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills was classified information.

After Cheryl Mills was interviewed, the Republicans committee members deemed the interview to be classified (even though Mills requested the interview to be unclassified at the beginning of the hearing). However, as soon as the interview had concluded, Republicans were cherry-picking pieces of Mill’s testimony to place guilt on the State Department’s response to Benghazi. And some even disclosed the classified details on national television. These same Republicans who have been calling out Clinton for sending classified documents on her private email sever, sent the classified Mill’s interview over a private server to the Democrats on the Select Committee. Talk about the dictionary definition of hypocrisy. Incidentally, the interview itself didn’t contain any specific details of a cover-up.

Republican Claim #2: State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills was trying to alter Accountability Review Board’s (ARB) findings on Benghazi.

The Inspector General mentioned the following in regards to Cheryl Mills allegedly attempting to alter the trajectory of the investigation:

“ARB members were conscious of the need to protect their impartiality by limiting their contact with senior managers of the Department during the process. Former members unanimously told OIG team that the encountered no attempts to impede, influence, or interfere with their work at any time or on any level.”

It’s clear: Mills never interfered with the investigation. Furthermore, Ambassador Pickering, the chairman of the ARB, only further substantiated the Inspector General’s statement as he said that Mill’s didn’t once try to interfere with the investigation. Most important, Mill’s sworn testimony only corroborated what both the Inspector General and Ambassador Pickering said:

“Q: Did you ever, in the process, attempt to exert influence over the direction of the ARB’s investigation?

Mills: No.”

Republican claim #3: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to “stand down.”

This claim stems from Representative Jason Chaffez’s unsubstantiated assumption that Clinton told Panetta to stand down:

“The administration including (Defense) Secretary (Leon) Panetta were very crystal clear, there were no military assets, but I got to tell you, we had proximity, we had capability, we had four individuals in Libya armed, ready to go, dressed about to get into the car to go in the airport to go help their fellow countrymen who were dying and being killed and under attack in Benghazi and they were told to stand down.”

benghazi-dead-horse-350But this statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. After Ambassador Stevens and Officer Sean Smith were killed at the American Consulate around 9:45 PM, the remaining survivors drove a couple miles to a CIA annex at 11:30 PM. The seven-person security team from Tripoli that was sent couldn’t reach Benghazi until 5:00 AM, around the time of the second attack (where the other two victims were killed in a mortar attack). The stand down order— i.e., Col. Gibson’s decision not to fly his men stationed in Tripoli to Benghazi due to not receiving proper authorization—wasn’t even mentioned until around 5:30 AM, which was after the second attack. Meaning, had Col. Gibson commanded his personnel to board the plane, they wouldn’t have landed in Benghazi until 7:30 AM, more than 2 hours after the second and final attack.

In addition, an excerpt from the State Department’s press release said “We continue to believe that there was nothing this group could have done had they arrived in Benghazi, and they performed superbly in Tripoli.” This was because the team’s mission changed from defending the compound to evacuating it—the second team stationed in Tripoli played a vital role in helping the wounded victims upon arriving in Tripoli.

It’s key to note that Clinton never directed a stand down order. In actuality, according to Mill’s testimony, she wanted the Department of Defense to do whatever possible to secure the Americans trapped in Benghazi, and that included deploying military assets if necessitated.

Republican Claim #4: Clinton didn’t care about the lives lost in the Benghazi attack.

First of all, this is one of the most bogus claims as there was no way the Republicans on the Select Committee could properly gauge Clinton’s feelings for the victims as they weren’t present on the night of the attack, nor even in the following few days. Mill’s description of Clinton’s post-attack behavior was that of pain and devastation. Even more revealing, Mill’s said that Clinton “felt very strongly about claiming all of them [the victims], even at a time where there was ambiguity about how that should or shouldn’t be done, but also in honoring their service and what they had done.” Clinton not only felt immense compassion for the victims, but she wanted to do all that was possible to console the victims’ families in the following days after the gruesome attack—a promise that she followed through with.

Ultimately, Benghazi is nothing more than a political witch-hunt aimed at destroying Clinton’s chances at winning the White House. Politicians, like Daryl Issa and Trey Gowdy, are nothing more than two-bit charlatans who want to drum up Stupidparty support for a nonexistent conspiracy. These3u1h80 idiots are wasting tax payer money by concocting grandiose lies in a time where the United States is facing numerous pressing issues. You may be wondering, why does Gowdy have such a sick fascination with the political ambitions of Clinton? Well, that’s because his second largest contributors are the Kochroaches, who are intent on halting the Clinton political machine before the Democratic Primaries have even begun.

This is yet another example of the negative consequences of big money in politics—an environment where the ultra-rich flood the political system with financial contributions to favor their own selfish interests. The Kochroaches primary desire is to turn this country into a society similar to that shown in Mad Max Fury Road; a place where Ayn Rand’s dream civilization comes to fruition.

The shocking revelation by Kevin McCarthy, the man with a negative integer IQ (which is amazing considering that it’s not even possible—but there’s a first for everything, well, at the quantum level at least), naively uttered the true intention of the Select Committee on Benghazi. Thankfully, the Democrats released the letter on the Select Committee’s interview with Cheryl Mills, which was only the first step in disbanding the Committee; Democrats forced a vote on whether or not to keep funding the contemporary Salem witch-hunt. Let me be clear, if the Republican Party wants to save face, it would be wise for them to go along with the Democrat’s proposal. But, as we know, the Stupidparty prioritizes petty, unsubstantiated accusations over serving the best interest of the American people. Conspiracies are just so more exciting for tin foil hat wearers.

Hey Trey Gowdy, you lose sucka!