If you feel overwhelmed by

the utter nonsense that passes as discourse in politics and in the most of media to day – then this book is the antidote.

I feel academics have had their chance to have a discussion with the American people, but apart from the literati – few appear to be listening.

Now is the time to perhaps break the traditional mold and tell a story by keeping issues very simple, visual, blending outrage with humor. The reader will have the option to dig deeper if they so choose, find facts, studies and videos’ if they choose. Minimally this book could be a resource to reach out to wavering friends – providing easy access to source material.

1500 hyperlinks to source material.
50 (“Rusty Red”) links to Video’s usually humorous – funny or just sad.
400 Images including
50 cartoons
100 graphs
Two retained artists –

Chapter Summary

1) It’s not me, it’s them

The name stupidparty came from Jindal, and various other well-known prognosticators ran with it. It is an idea whose time has arrived.

2) Thoughts of the Founding Fathers

Lists some of the sillier things said by various leaders or supporters of the GOP.

3) The Disciples and being scared of your own shadow

Illustrates extensively what percentage of Stupidparty voters are not capable of critical thinking. Discusses belief in Evolution Internationally drilled down specific segments in the USA. Discusses who and why certain people are able to be so easily led astray. Explains how common sense can loses to non-sense.

4) The base, where they are strong and weak

Illustrates the reddest and bluest states and links to the importance of Religion. Explains why a properly functioning Democracy is a threat to the Stupidparty -links with race and gender. Explains why SP’s would like to, and indeed need to live in the past.

5) How is it working out for ya?

Poverty, Education and Quality of Life, Various benchmarks of health, plus divorce, laziness, porn – sometimes including International benchmarks drilled down to Red/Blue States

6) Stupidparty (SP) takes over the House

Discusses the inactivity, obstruction, and the sheer pointlessness of the present day Congress (House). Discusses and. Illustrates Gerrymandering – how, why and where. Explains why anyone concerned about Voter Fraud is wrong and how this confusion is used to undermine Democracy.

7) Consequences of being misled

Lists what happens when SP is unleashed, charts healthcare – international comparisons, drilling down to Blue State, Red State (Red/Blue) – dispatches numerous healthcare Myths (not specifically ACA related)

8) Who are the 47% moochers?

Illustrates which states need the Government most Red/Blue, Why 47% is actually closer to 5%, why SP supporters actually unwittingly love Government, quick lesson about spending cuts. Put the record straight regarding common misconceptions about the US Postal. Illustrates who has been responsible debt increases, provides brief lesson in orthodox economic theory and the role of Government in increasing Economic activity.

9) Jobs and the economy, is it so difficult?

Brief history lesson: tying in the great depression with the great recession. Discusses the SP economic plan, eviscerates every aspect of the Mitt Romney 5-7 point economic plan from 2012. Discusses the proposed Romney tax cuts and the probable impact of Ryan’s proposed austerity plan. Charts Income discrepancy, the trends and relates it to improved productivity. Compares how the US performs regarding various benefit benchmarks. Allows a fact checked Bill Clinton Speech from the 2012 convention to put various issues/Myths into perspective. Lists various comments made by SP Reps illustrating their infantile economic notions.

10) Do you get to have an opinion on the climate?

Illustrates that facts about climate change. Can Joe Barton be that stupid or is there another explanation. Now we start getting into the corrupting power of money.

11) Environmental stewardship = better capitalism

Factory Farming, Soil erosion, the High plains aquifer, start getting into Asset Stripping, and the longer term consequences for society – as the theme of money starts getting more traction (in the book), starts laying the groundwork for how rural workers and other members of the “struggling” class are being duped.

12) In the company of racism

Where it is most intense, demonstrable benchmarks of Racism, lists comments made by SP reps, reverse racism is discussed.

13) Confused about religion

International Comparisons linking Religion to poverty, and then drilling down to Red/Blue. Jesus Christ and how his agenda compares to SP voters. Joseph Smith as a prophet compared to Jesus. Discussion about Pat Robertson, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee and their divine notions. Michelle Bachman and doomsday. The Old Testament and its relevance to SP values.

14) “Freedoms” is Slavery

International incarceration rates, drilled down to Red/Blue. International life expectancy rates, drilled down to Red/Blue. List of misunderstood “freedoms”, of which we explore several in more detail. Freedom to be put to death in Red states. Freedom to lie us into a war, freedom to invent family values, the Bible is pro-choice, freedom to torture, torture children, torture livestock, enslave coal miners, freedom to rape, to tear up the Constitution and so on.

15) Guns and shooting yourself in the foot

International Gun ownership, Gun violence charts, drilled down to Red /Blue state comparisons. Rapes, safety, Red /Blue state comparisons. Eviscerates various gun lobby myths. Gun control farce, why Sandy Hook happened. American School shootings put into perspective. Comments made by SP reps. To figure out who is responsible, I drill down until we are down to nine individuals. By drilling down we see the answers and find out who is responsible.

16) The Benefactors are the Asset Strippers

What Asset strippers do. How do they get the power? International (money) compared to the US and the inferred impact on the democratic process. A day in the life of a UK politician. A day in the life of a US Congressman.

Where does the money come from? I illustrate how you can drill down to virtually any corner of the corrupting process. The super pacs broken down, How congressman secure extra financial support from the people they are regulating. The biggest individual donors. Comparing Soros to Adelson. Buying the Presidency. The Koch web. Is Palm Beach the best or worst place in America?

17) What sound does a Fox make?

Who is responsible for Fox being what it is, and why Murdoch cannot do much about it. Charts how the more you watch Fox, the less informed you get. Why Fox personalities are trapped by their own success. Strategies Fox uses to misinform. I explain why the mainstream media does not have a liberal bias.

18) False equivalency destroys reality

Provide various examples. Chart the numbers of lies by party and the relative seriousness of such lies.

19) The quest for Ignorance-based humor

Demonstrates that SP humor does not exist and then explains why.

20) Postpartum uplift or letdown?

After running for the highest office or after being President – what happens is instructive about the different parties.

21) Strutting the States for Silly Stupidparty Stratagems

Assortments of SP absurdities from the around the states.

22) How far down the rabbit hole have you been led?

Test that can be self-administered to check that you still live in a fact based universe

23) Time for the 33.3333% to stand up and be counted.

The closing argument, against an apocalyptic background, targeting those individuals who vote SP, but who should really know better.